Board Action Summary (FY2019)

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January, 2019

  • Approved January 22, 2019 Consent Agenda
  • Accepted the Director & Staff Activity Report
  • Accepted November 2018 Bills
  • Accepted December 2018 Bills
  • Approved November/December Financial Reports
  • Approved the Staff Report
  • Approved the Marketing Coordinator Position Change to Full - Time
  • Approved Janet Howard to replace Merna Youngblood on the Nominating Committee
  • Approve Closed Session Minutes January 2018 – June 25, 2018 remain closed
  • Approve Destruction of Closed Minutes January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017

November, 2018

  • Approved Consent Agenda
  • Accepted October Bills
  • Approved October Financial Report
  • Approved Staff Report
  • Approved Nominating Committee Recommendations: Rachel Fuller, Chair (Urbana Free Library), Bobbi Perriman (Vespasian-Warner Public Library District), Jill Pifer (Fairview Heights Public Library), Theresa Tyner (Danville Public Library), Kathy West (Pinckneyville Public Library), Merna Youngblood (Frontier Community College)
  • Approved Membership Application for Potomac Public Library District

October, 2018

  • Approved Consent Agenda
  • Accepted September Bills
  • Approved September Financial Report
  • Approved Staff Report
  • Approved Secondary Employment
  • Leslie Bednar reported an increase in the Champaign building appraisal due to new roof and updates
  • Reviewed Member Day Report
  • Sara Zumwalt announced search for Nominating committee members
  • Approved Cleaning Contract for Champaign

September, 2018

  • Appointed Janet Jenkins to fill the vacant school representative seat
  • Approved Consent Agenda
  • Accepted August 2018 Bills
  • Accepted August Financial Report
  • Accepted FY2018 Audit
  • Approved Audit Narrative and Tabular Reports
  • Approved Staff Report
  • Approved Benefits Proposal for Part-Time Staff
  • Approved Space Planning Consultant

August, 2018

  • Approved Consent Agenda
  • Accepted July 2018 Bills
  • Accepted July Financial Report
  • Approved Secondary Employment
  • Approved a Salary Increase for the Executive Director
  • Approved Board Committee Appointments
  • Approved Geoff Bant and Gary Jones as the Ethics Commission
  • Approved Retaining Gary Denue as Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer
  • Approved Retaining Tina Hubert as Open Meetings Act (OMA) Officer

July 26, 2018

  • Accepted new board member Melanie Allen from Mt Zion CUSD #3 as school representative
  • Approved Sharon Yearwood to fill vacant seat for public library representative
  • Certified Election of Officers:
    • Sara Zumwalt, President
    • Stacey Carter, Vice-President
    • Sandy West, Secretary
    • Beverly Obert, Treasurer
  • Approved Consent Agenda
  • Accepted June 2018 Bills
  • Accepted Staff Report