TRANSCRIPT: IHLS Directors' Chat - March 31, 2022


Directors' Chat
Thursday, March 31, 2022



Anna Yackle IHLS:  Welcome and hello!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Saturday, April 2, 10:00 -  11:30 a.m.

Library Director Evaluation

One of the most important roles of the Board of Trustees is to hire the director and work with them to ensure that goals are met. Evaluating the director can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.​ Join a panel of library trustees from across the library landscape who have worked to develop processes that work for their boards and provide successful results. Evaluating the director is not a one-size fits all endeavor, and this program will give you a wide range of examples and options that you can take back to your library to use with confidence.

Speakers: Eric Corzine, Ela Area Public Library District; Joe Filapek, Aurora Public Library; Linda McDonnell, Six Mile Regional Library District; and Julian Westerhout, Bloomington Public Library

Moderator: Becky Spratford, RA for All and Trustee of the La Grange Public Library


Saturday, May 14, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Streamlining the Budget Process

Ever notice how easily a fish glides thro Anna Yackle IHLS:

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Trustee Forum Spring Workshops March 5, April 2, May 14 This year, the Library Trustee Forum is continuing its virtual Spring Workshops. Participants have the option of attending one, two, or all three sessions. Participants will be able to access the recordings following each session.


Registration Fees

ILA Institutional or Personal Member

All three webinars: $40

Individual webinars: $15


All three webinars: $50

Individual webinars: $20


To register, please email the following information:

Trustee name, trustee email address, library name and registration selection (all three webinars or individual webinar only). The deadline for registrations is the Friday before each event by 4 pm.


Twilla Coon-Mount Carmel Public Library:  Hi everyone

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Hi Twilla

Ellen POpit:  How is everybody?  Waiting for the  sun to come out?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I think everyone got rain yesterday with some areas getting high winds are everyone's buildings holding up.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Ellen, I don't think my emails are going through.  Is your email still

Christi-Glen Carbon:  We have some new leaky spots, but nothing bad.

Ellen POpit:  It is, Kathleen.  I'll call you after we're done with this chat.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Thanks!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I have a speaker planned for our June Members matter that will discuss troubleshooting and planning for facilities maintenance.

Carol, Ashley Public:  Getting a little mist of rain at Radom

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Mist is acceptable. It was raining so hard yesterday I could not see anything outside of the window.

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Anna Yesterday was fierce rain!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  What are people planning for summer reading? Who are your favorite performers?

mounds library/eunice mcclung:  Yes everything is good at Mounds library.  back to coolness today.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  Speaking of: Who do you have booked for the week of June 20-24? I need to book for Wednesday, June 22 and am hoping a performer someone is using that Tuesday or Thursday will be available.

Carol, Ashley Public:  Ashley Public Library having a gardening program next Tuesday at 7 p.m. by a U of I master gardener

Ellen POpit:  @Carol.  Nice!  I believe our board member, Karen Bounds (from Centralia) is a master gardener.  Perfect timing for that program!

Ellen POpit:  Let's throw Monica's question out there:  Who are you booking for summer reading this year?

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  not summer but we are doing "It's Raining Cats & Dogs" program April 8. Crafts n games n stuff about cats and dogs

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Ellen I think people will enjoy it.

Bill from Brehm Library:  We are planning on going back to in person programs for summer reading Carol, Ashley Public:  @Sara That sounds cool!

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  hope so

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  This year, a husband of one of our staff is doing a science program (with ice cream made using dry ice among other things!)  He is a retired chemistry professor from Greenville University.

Ellen POpit:  Anything with ice cream sounds good!

Sherry - Allerton PL:  a few I know we have coming  for SRP - Will Parker, White Rabbit Productions, The Normal Storyteller, Champaign County Forest Preserve

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Ellen - my thoughts exactly!

Debbie Greene:  I am interested to know where most of you buy your books?     

Christi-Glen Carbon:  We have in-person programs planned for outside, but we can move inside as needed.  We're having the World Bird Sanctuary, Chef Banana, Oh My Gosh Josh, Maxie Glamour, Swords & Roses, and Mad Science come.  Generally, something every Saturday through June and every other Saturday in July.  We're also trying to set up a series of storytimes featuring people in different fields.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Debbie - we use Baker & Taylor mostly

Ellen POpit:  I like the way Christi has her programs staggered through June and July---it makes lots of sense!

Bill from Brehm Library:  Ingram

Sherry - Allerton PL:  @Debbiie - we too use Baker & Taylor and also for children's books - MidAmerica and Penworthy

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Baker & Taylor, a few from MidAmerica and Penworthy for kids, Thorndike for large print

Christi-Glen Carbon:  Ingram, I finally learned to use their curated lists at PLA.  It makes things a lot easier!

Debbie Greene:  Thank you! 

Ginger - Athens:  I shop with Ingram. They're so fast. I can order and get the books next day sometimes.. and we're a rural town.

Ginger - Athens:  We're doing a couple SRP session with Macon County's nature conservation group. We're really leaning into camping for the theme. So frogs. snakes, and turtles you might see while camping. We have a guy teaching kids to make fishing lures at one point as well.

Ellen POpit:  @ginger----that's fun!

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Ginger - that sounds fun!  I love camping.

Ginger - Athens:  Everything else will be in-house. Crafts with outdoor theme, story hours dedicated to different parts of camping

Ginger - Athens:  We'll redecorate the entire kids area as a campsite too.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Hi everyone. Joining a little late.

Ellen POpit:  Ginger, that decorating will be lots of fun!

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  @Ginger If you are interested, I found an animal toss game on Amazon we will do as an activity to go with our camping theme decorations.

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  ingram and amazon have best deals. Love penworthy for library bound 8x8s

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  We're having a program July 16th with cryptid (big foot, Jersey Devil) hunters speaking, and a screening of the film Creature from Big Muddy: An Illinois Bigfoot Legend.  We happen to have a big foot hunter as a frequent patron and he has a group, plus connections to other groups.  We're expecting a very big crowd.  He's also going to do a program on camping for kids.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Sara. It's national pet week April 11th. I'm doing some pet related programming too but nothing big, just for regular programming.

Ellen POpit:  @Erin, I bet you get a HUGE crowd!

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @ shelley yes that is why we picked that date

Ginger - Athens:  Monica, I

Ginger - Athens:  m super interested.

Bill from Brehm Library:  If the Big Foot hunter guy does a good program I'd like to have him at my library. Does he travel?

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Jo. That sounds awesome! Dry ice stuff is so cool. I remember my chemistry teacher pouring some on the floor in our classroom and it made mist like those fog machines. It was so cool.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  @Ginger

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Debbie. I buy from Ingram and then sometimes Permabound in Jacksonville who rebind paperback books. The books are cheaper there than even from Ingram. But I only buy kids books from them because they cater to school libraries. That's how I discovered them from when I was a school librarian.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  Our patron is certain he has seen Big Foot creatures in Williamson County near his farm (and our library).  @Bill yes, he travels.  He did a program for us a few years ago and the place was packed.  He has a facebook page. Southern Illinois Monster Hunters.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Erin please send me info on your program. Aren't you also doing lIfe-size Candyland soon?

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  I have a quick question about Strategic Planning. For those of you that do that? Is your plan every 5 years and do you updated it as needed or wait to put new collection goals into the next plan.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  Yes.  Life Sized Candy Land is April 9th. 

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @ erin we want to do that too!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Erin we had a great time at Trivia and the IHLS Heartbreakers came in 2nd.

Carol, Ashley Public 2:  @Erin That sounds amazing!

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Sara We did it in the fall and it was loads of fun.  We figured some things and hope this one will be even better.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Anna thank you so much for coming to Trivia.  I was so sad to miss it. 

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  For pets, I saw a bone shaped stepping stone mold kit at Hobby Lobby with a circle in it to put a dog's picture. I think that might be a really good idea for our dog lovers.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Carol, I want to go to your Master Garner class too.  I have to check that I am not doing a board visit that night.

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @erin would love to get some details

Sandy West - RLCA:  @erin Did you make the life size candy land game yourself?

Carol, Ashley Public 2:  @Anna Would love to have you!

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Sara I'll make a note to email you  @Sandy we made things for the most part, but I also ordered some things from Shindigz.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Erin, enquiring minds want to know!  lol

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @erin thanks!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I want to go to all these programs. @Erin, I can believe there are Big Foots near your library. Maybe they can make a guest appearance at your new pavillion.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Erin, yes, we want to know details!  Sounds like fun!

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Erin, would you send it to me at, too please?

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  I have a board member who has costumes for most any occasion so we borrowed.  The staff and some friends dressed as the characters from the game.  My board  secretary was King Kandy.  He LOVED it.  I think he had as much fun as the kids.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Eric. I also love your life sized Candy Land event idea too. I think when I was in high school our after prom theme was candy land. They had cool life size decorations. I imagine your program to be something similar.

Ellen POpit:  Since Anna made a plug for the trustee trainings available, I can throw in a reminder that this year's Rural Library Conference will be September 14-17 in Chattanooga, TN.  Here's the link:

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  What kind of events or crafts will you have at the event Erin?

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Email me too Erin!   What a cute and fun idea!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  oh so this program already happened. Sounds wonderful or is this an annual thing?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Ellen, I really want to go to ARSL.  Now every time some one brings up ARSL i have the Chattanooga CHO CHO song in my head.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  When we did it in the fall, we had a pastel Jenga that matched the theme, we had coloring and activity sheets, a selfie station, a guess how many starbursts were in a jar, and lots of candy/ cookies.

Ellen POpit:  @Anna, I can hear the playlist now!

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Shelley we did it last fall, and we're repeating it 4/9

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Erin, it seems like you have a really engaged board and staff. I think King Kandy also read the questions at trivia night. He wore the crown.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Speaking of programs. We just did a Pokemon Party at the end of February. 176 attendees (113-116 were kids). It was awesome!

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  Yes, King Kandy read the Trivia Questions.  He's a hoot.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Shelley - WOW!

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  I would like to go to ARSL this year, but don't know if it will work out

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  I did a Harry Potter Anniversary Party two weeks ago.  We had a huge turnout and it was a ton of fun!!  Made glowstick broomsticks, balloon owls, a woven bookmark project, a sorting hat, a photobooth station, and Honeydukes Candy Shop set up with Pollyjuice Punch.  It was super FUN.

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Shelley!  That's amazing.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Erin. That's awesome. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Shelley Pokemon is huge. I never thought it would still be this popular all of these years later.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  What did the Pokemon party consist of?

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  I love Harry Potter parties! I tried one my first year but didn't go over well, I think because I was new and had a lot of work to make my library more family friendly. I think the pokemon turnout proves I've since achieved turning around my librarys reputation and being more family friendly.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Carrie. Glowstick Broomsticks!! That sounds hilarious and awesome! Did they run around at night outside with them. Would have LOVED to see that.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Shelley, congratulations.  @Carri that sounds like so much fun. I want a glowstick broomstick.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  I know.....right Anna!

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  We sent out mailed invitations to all of our SRP participants from last year and then also promoted to new patrons, so I had a good base of participants to start from.  I think the Owl Helium Balloons might have been the favorite activity....

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I love the creativity. These things are fun but it is a lot of work. How is everyone doing with staff and programming budgets?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Carrie that was very smart.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Pokemon Party consists of  - Station 1: Start Pokemon (Pokemon Card giveaway) , Station 2: Pokemon Scavenger Hunt "Catch Em All"  (find a pokemon card and turn it in for a matching figure!), Station 3: Pokemon Ball Design Challenge (Design Contest with pokemon prizes), Station 4: Pokedex Challenge (Scavenger Hunt by finding the pokemon on pokedex and crossing them off) and Station 5: Pokemon Bingo!!!!   It all was a HUGE hit. Especially for a small town, rural library

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna - never enough to do all I want ...

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  PS. My library now owns a Harry Potter Sorting Hat if anyone needs one at some point.  Trying to decide if I should sell it or keep it for another party or put a barcode on it (but then the thought of loaning out and head lice gave me the willies....)

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  we have a set of house robes and ties if anyone needs them

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Carrie, I would keep it.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  The Pokemon program is not as much work as it sounds if people want to know more email me at    The hardest part was matching pokemon figures to cards. Not sure I have a big enough stash to do that again, but everything else I could easily do again. That's the only activity I would have to change up if I did it again.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  @Shelley Thank you so much for the offer! I will be one of the ones hitting you up for that info!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Carrie. I would definitely keep it. But if you don't want it I'll take it.   I made my own sorting hat out of paper mache. It's still holding it up and it's awesome. Kids love that I made it out of paper mache and cereal boxes!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Sara. I may totally hit you up on borrowing those robes some day! Your library has such great ideas too.

Ellen POpit:  What else is on your plates this week?

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  A visit with Elsa from Frozen tonight!!!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Yay!

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  did anybody else's board members freak out over the Economic Interest Statements?

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  End of fiscal year and everything that entails.

Ellen POpit:  That entails quite a bit, Monica!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  they freaked out? :P   Mine all think it's silly and bogus and it sort of is. I feel they apply more to political campaigns than a lot of boards?

Erin Steinsultz -Crab Orchard Public Library:  @Sara.  Yes.  I thought I was going to lose a couple board members over the econ statements.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Ellen - gearing up for Library Month.  We are doing a display of staff favorite books and a little bio about each staff member.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Whhhhaaaaaaaaaattttt???? Why are people upset about it?

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  i had 2 board members who refused to sign. And a local school board member resigned

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  @Sara--Some of ours were a bit

Ellen POpit:  @jo, that's a nice idea!

Don, Philo:  I had one this morning say she felt it was intrusive and makes you think about not running.

Ellen POpit:  @Sara!  Wow!!!!!!

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  i don't think it should apply to volunteee, non-paid boards

Sherry - Allerton PL:  @Shelley - mine also don't understand why they need to fill it out. They all did and were very vague with their answers (if they answered at all).

Don, Philo:  She has been on the board for more than 8 years so she has filled it out before.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Oh my. Oh my my my. Wow!

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  our county clerk said no biggie if they didn't sign. Their name just gets on a list of "non compliant"

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @ Sherry... its just the  NEW first question that hit them hard. None of anybody's business. they said

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  My board president left down because of it.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  I just tell them its mandatory and they do it.  Most of my board members put NA and a lot of the questions because they don't really apply. No one has ever questioned them on us and I don't feel like they train people on how to best answer them either.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Sara. Oh really?   I thought it was mandatory? I didn't think they could be a board member if they don't do it. Isn't it a legal requirement?

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  county clerk also said it did not include personal homes, cars, 401Ks,. etc... but they still felt it was intrusive and nosey for a non-paid position. I can see why a PAID elected official may need to fill that out Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Sara. I agree with you that it does not really apply. Most my board members answer NA and no big deal.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  We have started a seed library.  So far we've given away close to 150 packets.  The economic interest statements are really for their protection.  So nobody can ever say they've profited off being on the board.  Wow.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  oh my goodness. I had no idea this was such a concern or big deal to people. Yikes.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  They have to fill it out because they are government officials, whether elected or appointed.  I want the people representing me and overseeing the funds and legal compliance of my local library filling it out.

Sherry - Allerton PL:  @Kathleen - where do you get the seeds?

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @Kathleen yes but they want to know what you "own" in whole or in part that has a value over $10K. Why is that their business?

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Kathleen. We will be starting our seed library back up again too. But I'm going to have a smaller offering this year. We were left with a lot of extra and had to pitch them and I found out seeds aren't really viable much past 1 year? Maybe 2 depending on what it is?

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @Anna and all of mine have every year. Until this new revised form came about.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  So nothing happens if non compliant? Just a slap on the wrist or nothing? Can they fine the library or board for not complying. I really thought it was a legal requirement.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  The Dixon Spring Agricultural Center gave us a lot, local people, and I asked Baker Creek Heirloom seeds for a donation. They gave us a $50 gift certificate and our Friends chipped in another $100.  They have seeds from all over the world!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  @Sara. I'm glad Sandy is so cool about stuff. She's pretty good. I have a lot of respect for her.

Bill from Brehm Library:  Another requirement by the state, another hoop to jump through

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  Does anyone ever check to see that they did them?  I handed mine out but didn't make sure they were turned in.  Is that my responsibility or the county clerk or the trustee?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I have to fill it out every year too. I get it but I also understand it comes with my job.  When I was on a board I also understood that was part of what I signed on for.

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @Bill yes and one that my board felt was intrusive Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Kathleen. That's cool they get seeds from all over the world. That's really neat!

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  @Carrie i don't think they go any further than the county clerk. He/She has to report who turned them in and who did not.

Sherry - Allerton PL:  @Carrie - I hand them out and collectively take them all after completed to the courthouse where they are stamped  - then I get a receipt.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  @Carrie  always collect them and send them in together. That way all the receipts come back to me and I can file them.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  "I" always collect them.

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  again, the old form was fine. This new $10K question through them for a loop. What do they, alone or in conjunction with their kids, own that has a value over $10k. Mine are 95% retired teachers. Pension anyone?

Bill from Brehm Library:  I usually do that @Diana but this year one of the board handed them in themselves so I don't have a reciept.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I was with a few boards recently who said they had trouble recruiting people because people want to be paid or they are not interested. Is this common?

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  Our county clerk said that question #1 did not apply to personal homes, cars, etc. 

Sara - LitchfieldPLD:  threw not through. autocorrect sucks lol

Ellen POpit:  It does indeed, Sara!

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Our county clerk sent out the same one as always.  Can't wait till they have to fill out the $10k one (eye roll)! lol

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I see it is that time again. Thank you for participating. See you all again nest week.

Ellen POpit:  Have a great week, everyone!

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  Thank you all for some wonderful new ideas!  I appreciate your sharing.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Thank everyone!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Have a great week . Good bye.

Vicki M Carr South Macon Public Library:  Goodbye have a great weekend everyone.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  Bye everyone. Interesting conversations. Hoping to get more program ideas in the future!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro):  I love talking programs. Thanks everyone for your ideas too!