Big Thanks for a Big Program

IHLS would like to send out a big thank you to Jamie Wratchford and Elaine Steingrubey of Morrison-Talbott Library, Tina Hubert of Six Mile Regional Library System, University of Nebraska-Omaha Library Science Professor, Erica Rose, and former Director of the American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read Foundation,  James LaRue. Their combined efforts helped 72 of our members to hear an amazing presentation on Intellectual Freedom and Professional Ethics.

Jamie Wratchford, Assistant Director of the Morrison-Talbott Library in Waterloo, as part of a final assignment before completing her bachelor’s degree in Library Science, arranged to have this presentation on Intellectual Freedom available for free for everyone in the state of Illinois.  Jamie, with the support of her Director, Elaine Steingrubey, shared her idea with Tina Hubert, Director of Six Mile Regional Library Director, and the staff of IHLS. Unable to pass up this wonderful opportunity, IHLS provided its facilities, technology and staff to make it happen. Both directors sent their staff to participate in person at the Edwardsville hub and Tina generously provided lunch for attendees there.

Jamie was further supported by her school, the University of Nebraska-Omaha, and her wonderful professor Erica Rose. Ms. Rose took fifteen minutes to describe the online Library Science program offered through her institution. She also led the small group break-out sessions, discussions and provided a presentation on Professional Ethics at the Edwardsville hub. Working further with Ms. Rose and using her own initiative, Ms. Wratchford secured the well-known speaker and recognized leader on the topic of Intellectual Freedom James LaRue CEO of Colorado based LaRue and Associates. One of the attendees loved his examples and said, “he made me look at things in a whole new way.” That comment alone makes the program a resounding success.

Thanks to the planners and all who participated by making this a meaningful learning event for all involved.