The CMC Catalogs: Digitized Collection for Joliet Junior College Library

Published 6/25/2021 4:52 PM CT

Library staff from the Joliet Junior College Library (JJC) in Joliet, Illinois, asked the Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC) to catalog their digitized oral history collection. The CMC is currently cataloging the 89 digitized transcripts. In the 1970s, students from JJC interviewed local residents about the college, which was the first public community college in the United States, about the history of Joliet and the surrounding areas, home life, local businesses, and more. CMC staff are currently cataloging the written transcripts and will catalog the digitized audio of the interviews later.

Francis J. Miller, hardware store owner, was interviewed Feb. 11, 1976.

Margaret Horton, who owned Morton’s Meat Market with her husband, was interviewed Oct. 16, 1972.

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