Google Application for Non-Profits and Libraries

Published 2/22/2022 2:22 PM CT

It has come to our attention that libraries that signed up for Google Apps using the free tier for libraries have received notice that Google Marketplace, the replacement product for Google Apps, will not honor the free tier that many libraries use today. Don’t worry! There is hope, a free option is still available; but for some libraries, it has been a little bit of a chore. We will walk you through the process and offer help, if needed.

Does this apply to your library?

It’s easy to know with this simple question: Do you log into Google mail using an email address that IS NOT

If yes, then these changes affect you. If you use a email address, you can stop reading now and enjoy your day. Also, if you get your email from somewhere other than Google, then this doesn’t affect you.


How to Apply for Google for Non-Profits

There are a few things you’ll need to proceed through this process:

  1. your library EIN number,
  2. a TechSoup Account (although you won’t need to log into it),
  3. contact information for the director of the library. Email and phone, and
  4. an account on Google with “Super Admin” rights.

Let's Get Started With the Application

  1. Start here:
    • ​​Log in with the “Super Admin” account. If you are unsure, you can check to see here: after you login. If you don’t have access to this area, you may need IHLS’s help in recovering the admin account.
  2. For the verification questions, click “Next.”

  3. Select "United States"

  4. Click "Begin"

  5. **VERY IMPORTANT** For "Do you have a TechSoup account?" choose: “No, I don’t think so."

  6. Proceed through the registration, entering your legal library name (hopefully it matches what’s in Tech Soup already).

  7. Enter all the details about your organization. If your library doesn’t have a “general email address,” use the director’s email address.

  8. When asked “What does your organization do?" We suggest choosing “Cultural, historic, related education” and subcategory “Library non-501(c)(3).”
    If you have a mission statement, paste it here. But it isn’t required.

  9. Enter the EIN of your library.

  10. Enter your contact information in case there are questions. This should be the director, preferably.

  11. Finally, agree to the terms and hit “Submit.”


  12. You will get a confirmation email immediately that they received your request and a link that you can check your status. Be on the lookout for emails from Google or TechSoup to verify your email account. It is very important that you respond to whatever is in the emails. In some cases, they may call you, but that is very rare.


That’s it for the application process. Once you get approved, there will be a link to “Get Started with Google Workplace.” Just follow the prompts to initiate the switch to the new products. It’s basically the exact same thing you have now. Just a new name. All your user accounts and settings will migrate over with no interruption.

If you’d like help from IHLS, we recommend first creating a new user in your Google account for IHLS and letting us know the login credentials. This new user will need to be assigned to the “Super Admin” role. We can walk you through it if you have issues. For additional help, contact Troy Brown or John Knirr.

Google for Nonprofits