Membership Update - March 28, 2019


Thanks to all our member libraries for completing the annual two-step process of submitting the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Traffic Survey and Annual Library Certification. All the forms, instructions and data are stored on the Illinois State Library’s website and all the reminding for completion of the process falls to your Membership Team, Ellen Popit and Anna Yackle.

Just as a friendly reminder, this process for completing the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Traffic Survey covering FY 2019 (July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019) opens late August-early September. The Annual Library Certification Process starts January 2, 2020. There is no need to wait until the last week of March 2020 to get these done for next year. The Illinois State Library will be happy and that will make all of us very happy.

Thanks again for all your work on getting these completed this year.


On the Road

Anna Yackle made site visits to Sara Gentle at Maroa Public Library, Amanda Doherty at Mount Pulaski Public Library District, and Sarah Wilson at Elkhart Public Library District. These are three lovely libraries led by three relatively new directors.

Sara Gentle was herself painting the interior walls of the library an attractive shade of light gray as she was trying to figure out a better way to store material, get as much use out of her storage space and open more area up for member use when she took time out to talk. She is originally from Quincy, IL but her husband has deep roots in the Maroa area. These roots are entwined with the library as his mother was a previous director.

Mount Pulaski Library is housed in a solid brick structure built in 1953 with an interior of wall to wall knotty pine giving it a rustic feel. Amanda Doherty is a transplant to the area from southern Illinois and is trying to introduce new programming ideas and attract a more diverse cross section of her population. She too, is always looking at ways to maximize her library’s space.

The Elkhart Public Library is in a beautiful old building with solid old doors, retro screen doors and a welcoming environment. Sarah Wilson often works alone and was trying to get everything in order and set up for their book sale when I visited. She too is trying to work on bringing more people into the library and creating more programming. Sarah did not come from a library background but feels she has found her true calling in libraries. She is a big fan of K-pop and is trying to solve the mystery of why her library has a WW1 German canon in front of her library and how it got there.

If you are ever in the area visit these libraries and maybe arrange to have lunch with these directors at one of the unique restaurants in Elkhart and check out the interesting antique and tourist shops. Elkhart is on the Old Route 66 Trail so you can always follow it to one of our other libraries to explore even further.