Now and Later: Thinking About Your Library’s Future

by Anna YackleNow and Later: Thinking About Your Library's Future, a blog post by Anna Yackle, Membership Coordinator, Illinois Heartland Library System, IHLS Membership Coordinator
published 6/26/20 4:16 PM CT

During the few months under the shelter-in-place order, it seemed that just making it through the day was an accomplishment. We were all following the governor’s executive orders, CDC announcements, local health departments assessment of the situation, and articles from a variety of sources. Weighing all this information and extracting nuggets of knowledge to assess your library’s readiness for reopening has been both exhausting and invigorating. When you feel that you are ready to look beyond the end of the week, consider how your community and library has changed. As you reopen, you might want to incorporate some of the changes to formats and services that have been popular with cardholders.  Some libraries have discovered that they need better internet service, need more e-books, or want to continue online book discussions. Thinking about what your library’s needs to achieve future goals can help position your library to be more prepared to pursue grant opportunities. 

Listed below are some articles from outside the usual sources. ALA’s Center for the Future of Libraries, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, Publisher’s Weekly, Bibliotheca, Atlantic, and Wired offer some different voices on the topic. Explore and enjoy.