Updating LibraryLearning (L2) Information

LibraryLearning (L2) serves as the official statewide directory of libraries and library staff members. We encourage library staff members and directors to review your library’s L2 account and make sure everything is up to date.


Library directors should look up their library building using Find Libraries, then check their library's record for accuracy. Directors should view the staff and trustee list to ensure everyone listed is still affiliated with their library as an employee or board member and that all information is correct.

IHLS views library trustees as vital members of our system and would like to reach out to them when we have information to share with them. Directors please make sure to list your board members’ current email addresses in L2.

While editing your library’s record in L2, please ensure the accuracy of your library’s hours, address, and website.


All library workers need to have a profile on L2 and should check it on a regular basis. Staff members are reminded not to create a new account when changing libraries. Not sure if you have an account? If you are not sure whether you already have an L2 account:

  • Go to www.librarylearning.info and click the "Sign In" link.
  • Click the Forgot Your Password? link.
  • Enter your email address and click Submit.

If you have an L2 account associated with that email address, you will receive a password reminder via email. Note: It is possible that an account would have been created with a previous email account, so you might check that address as well.

To edit your profile, log in to L2, then click on your name in the box in the upper right corner and then click on Edit Profile.


If you or your colleagues would like help with L2, please feel free to direct any questions to Ellen Popit (epopit@illinoisheartland.org | 618-985-3711 x 624).