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Feedback Requested on FY2021 IHLS Operational Plan and Budget(s)

As IHLS embarks on its 10th year as an organization, we move forward energized by the possibility of further refining our current member services and expanding our horizons. Areas of focus for FY2021 include additional opportunities for member networking and continuing education; focused advocacy messaging with support tools; and our unwavering commitment to the core services of resource sharing, delivery and library automation.

We propose our annual work plan in the FY2021 Budget(s) and Operational Plan, and before the final submission to the IHLS Board of Directors and the Illinois State Library we’d like to hear from you.  We are very aware that our efforts are always made better and stronger when done in conjunction with member input.

Please take a few minutes to look over the draft FY2021 Operational Plan and the draft FY2021 Budget(s) and Budget Narrative and let us know what you think.

Both documents will be available for comment through May 25, 2020.


Library Name: 
Pope County CUSD 1
I have looked over the drafts and have no comments to share. Looks ok to me.

Library Name: 
Lake Land College
I am extremely concerned about this budget proposal. To start with, the budget assumes a flat allocation relative to last year's funding. In another year, that might be a safe assumption - but this is anything but a typical year. The impact on the state economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be completely assessed. But it is safe to say that a sizeable amount of funds have been spent on the response to this that were not anticipated, meaning the state's financial position has worsened. And as revenue generation is hurt in various areas, so the state's expected income will likely be significant less. This is going to have a potentially broad impact across various agencies, and it appears that the proposed budget has not included calculations based on these factors. Having seen a number of comments from academic library directors regarding the anticipated effects upon FY2021 budgeting, I have yet to see a single one that does not anticipate budget reductions in higher education. While there are bound to be variations between higher education and municipal and state resources, I believe that it is as close to a near certainty that FY2021 will be a lean year in terms of expected revenues from state sources. I would strongly urge the Board to insist upon the development of contingency plans to be implemented to address potential responses to potentially significant shortfalls in state funding. Thank you.

Library Name: 
Bement Public Library
Both drafts are clear and make sense to me. Did we receive similar information for FY20? I find it easier to see a side-by-side comparison. Even better, highlighted changes in the drafts from FY20 to FY21 would be helpful.

Library Name: 
Illinois Heartland Library System
Under Cataloging Maintenance Center goal - we also are tasked with providing cataloging and bibliographic services to Chicago Public Library System , as well as RAILS and IHLS. Under Establish user access objective planned activities we generally do not set holdings in OCLC for libraries (I understand that we have on at least 1 occasion but that is not a regular activity). As of now we contribute 200 name authority records since we have 2 separate logins that require 100 names for each login.

Library Name: 
O'Fallon Township High School Library
Thank you for a wide sweeping recognition of school libraries and their unique needs throughout the operational plan.

Library Name: 
Groff Memorial Public Library
One specific thing that I think would be especially helpful in communicating the importance and value of IHLS to library boards would be a one or two page handout highlighting all of the services IHLS provides to member libraries. Something in lay person language that communicates just how much libraries depend on IHLS to "make the magic happen". I would like to see an outreach/marketing tool like this developed in the coming year.

Library Name: 
Shawneetown Public Library
I have looked over the drafts, along with one board member. We have nothing to comment on.

Library Name: 
Salem High School
Thank you for the opportunity to review this. I agree with an above comment that having contingency plans in place is important for this roller coaster of a year.

Library Name: 
Norris City Memorial Public Library District
After reading both drafts which I thought were well prepared, one of my concerns is with the effects the COVID-19 has had on libraries, and will these effects be addressed as to the libraries' probable changes in receiving funds from state and local revenues. Thank you for such wonderful assistance to us during this pandemic.

Library Name: 
Divernon Township Library
I have looked over the drafts and have no comments. Thank you for the opportunity to review.

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