The Meemic Foundation Monthly and Quarterly Grants

Education, Classroom Support, Professional Development

From the Meemic Foundation:

Since 1992, The Meemic Foundation for the Future of Education has been funding programs and other partnership initiatives to support educational excellence. The Meemic Foundation offers financial assistance to public, private, parochial and charter schools, and even colleges and universities.To apply for grants, educators must create a FREE Meemic Foundation Club account.

Meemic Foundation grant programs are offered year-round-monthly (also known asPopIn2Win) and quarterly. We’ve given out millions of dollars, awarding over 20,000 grants (that’s not a typo!!) since 2015. And did we mention that our grant applications have no questions (no kidding!)? Your time is valuable. A quick click after you log in to your Foundation Club account is all you need to quickly nominate yourself for one of our grant opportunities.

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