Public Library Construction Act Grant

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Office of the Secretary of State and the Illinois State Library are charged with administering two public library construction programs: the Live and Learn Construction Grant Program, and the Public Library Construction Act Grant Program. Each program operates under a separate set of rules unique to the statutory charge of the program, and each is applied for individually. A library cannot apply for both programs in the same award year.

Public Library Construction Act Grant Program

  • Funded by the sale of state bonds.
  • Appropriate for libraries that are interested in major construction and remodeling projects.
  • Grant awards will be no greater than 75% and no less than 35% of the recognized eligible project costs as determined by the Illinois State Library.
  • These awards are based on each individual library‚Äôs Grant Index which is calculated using a mathematical formula included in the legislation.
  • The remaining project costs will be a local responsibility.
  • Legislation that authorized this program was P.A. 96-37.
  • Applications are due June 15 and must be submitted electronically to

For more information about this public library construction grant program, visit the Public Library Construction Act Grant Program website.