Vernon Library Supplies

Vernon Library Supplies is pleased to offer the following discounts to IHLS member libraries:

  • 20% discount on all Level 2 items (consumable items) library supplies
  • 10% discount on Level 1 items (non-consumable items such as furniture, security systems, bar code scanners, etc.)

All discounts will be taken from their web catalog at:  All items on the web site are designated Level 1 or Level 2 so this should be helpful to identify the amount of the discount you will receive.


Orders can be placed via mail:  Vernon Library Supplies, Inc.  2851 Cole Court, Norcross, GA  30071; email:; phone- 800-878-0253 or online at:


Reference IHLS for discount.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Francine Kersh
Phone:  800-878-0253 ext 113
Email: or