TRANSCRIPT​: COVID-19 Director's Chat - Monday, March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Directors' Chat
Monday, March 23, 2020


Debby: Thanks, Anna.

Jo - Greenville Public Library: The sign also said that we didn't want the books back!

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Absolutely!

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: Unfortunately, we don't have a grocery store in our town; good idea though.

Debby: Jo, I like that idea, too.

Susan Colbert - Sparta Public Library: I, too, am grateful for the helpful information IHLS is putting out for us. Sharing it with my board.

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: That is a really good idea.

Julia - IHLS: A laundromat is another idea

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Would you like to share other ways in which IHLS can be helpful?

Amanda-Mt. Pulaski 2: I am going to see if our true value and gas station will let us...we don't have a grocery store either

Jo - Greenville Public Library: Or post office?

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: Perhaps the post offices will let us put something in the lobby; I will check.

Janet Cler: Anna-IHLS:  can you share the link for the multi page list to serve as a starting point that you mentioned in your recent email?

Rachel Miller - Forsyth Public Library: I have been very appreciative of you Ellen and Anna have been posting information on the list serve and through email.  It really makes a difference to have that sent to us.  Keep up the good work.  Any time you can share information like that, please continue to do so.

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: Yes to what Rachel Miller said!  I have found that it helps ME have some influence and teeth when I can say to my board, "IHLS recommends this" or "IHLS endorses that."  Same for ILA and other professional organizations.

Nichole (Millstadt): Do you all think it is still safe to distribute books to public places, EVEN if they keep them? I think its a great idea, but I don't know if it's safe.

Anna-IHLS: @Janet I shared it as an attachement to one of my message to the directors list. I will share it again.

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: So glad, Loretta.

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: Did IHLS share the results of the recent survey they conducted?  If so, I missed it.  That would also be useful to share with our boards.

Janet Cler: Thanks Anna!

Jo - Greenville Public Library: I figured that the paper would be torn off and thrown away.  Hopefully, they will follow CDC guidelines and wash their hands after opening it.  

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Loretta, watch for it in the next few days.  I'm sure we'll discuss that this afternoon.  We shut it down after the governor gave the executive order, but it did get a significant response.

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: I've been talking with my board president today and trying to decide if we will have our usual April board meeting.  I know several have said they won't be meeting any time soon.

Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial: Ellen,  Would it be possible for IHLS to draft a letter of some sort to our library boards similar to the email that came from IHLS with this subject line " COVID-19 Member Update: IL Shelter-at-Home Order ", please?  I'd love to see the same type of information directed to the board members that we could forward on to them.

Rachel Miller - Forsyth Public Library: I would be very interested in seeing from the survey what libraries are closed but continuing to pay their staff.  

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: Agreeed Kathleen!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Jo that's wonderful! Maybe I should do a children's giveaway! I'm doing a final weed of our children's collection right now. It won't be weeded again for another 3-5 years. So I have a lot I could giveaway. Great idea!

Jo - Greenville Public Library: Yes, we've included children's books.

Brenda Gilpatrick: Me too Kathleen! 

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: I have some board members who do not have internet at home and could never navigate Zoom or other electronic meeting even if they had internet.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Kathleen, are you still open?

Amanda-Mt. Pulaski 2: Great idea, Kathleen. I have a very stubborn board in most cases...but, they are actually being easy to work with currently.

Anna-IHLS: JUst to recap: you want IHLS to continue to share information, create a letter wherewenrecommend action, 

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: Yes, please, Anna, thank you!

Anna-IHLS: sorry hit send too soon and see results of survey

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): I have two questions.  1) How many of you directors are still going in every day (or how often? (Am I the only one lol).  2) Anyone know how to wash stuffed animals without ruining them. Thinking this might be a good time to give our toys a bath. (Not because of corona though)

Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial: No, but I am getting to work for the time being.  The rest of the staff is not.  It's up to our city council whether they'll be paid or not.  The library board unanimously recommended to them this morning that the other staff should get paid.  We'll see what happens with that.

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: I'm working a few hours M-F in the library.

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: I am going in every other day for the maintenance of the building, picking up mail, paying bills, etc.

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: We are closed and my assistant director and I are the only ones going in to check on things every couple of days.

Mahomet John H: I am not going in every day because we have been asked not to by the governor and public health officials.  I know it is probably low risk or risk free but still...

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: Definitely doing lots of work from home1

Teresa Pennington (Paris Public): I am working from home and checking the building occasionally. My board president actually told me to be sure to take some time to relax and rest.

Susan Colbert - Sparta Public Library: I'm still coming in every day. 

Sarah Isaacs: as a special library, we mail all our materials is booming for us.

Devin Black (Tuscola Public): I'm going in a couple of days a week, otherwise everyone is home and being paid.  Doing some work from home.

Kristi Auburn Public Library: I am working a few hours in the library and trying to work from home (the kids don't make it easy) each day

Sarah Isaacs: I am looking for guidelines for c

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Should we be going in every day? It doesn't seem like the order is a lockdown or marshall law yet from what I understand? 

Jo - Greenville Public Library: @Shelley 1)  Yes, both my head librarian and I are coming in M-F for a few hours.  2)  Most stuffed animals can be washed and dried.

Don Pippin, Philo: I am taking turns with one staff member going in, checking email, checking the building, and emptying dropbox.  We both live 4 blocks from the library.

Sarah Isaacs: cleansing books

Pam - West Frankfort Public: I will be working for a few hours everyday.

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: @Sarah - kids are the reason I'm working from the office :)

Debby: I am still going in everyday. 

Leslie, IHLS: Good afternoon, All! we will post the results (to date) of our survey very soon.

Anna-IHLS: Have any cases been reported in your areas

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville): Hi, there! We closed the public library survey early to make sure we were capturing data from BEFORE Pritzker's announcement was made on Friday. Here are the results:

Amanda-Mt. Pulaski 2: One of us is going in every other day to check the mail and the drop box...otherwise, i have the library phone forwarded to my personal cell

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): I feel like I'm the only one still doing every day and full hours. My board didn't see why I couldn't come in every day. I told them I can work for now here, but eventually i can do the rest of the work home or will run out of work here eventually depending on how long this lasts.

Tina - Six Mile RLD: At SMRLD - we are working remotely, no -one is going in every day / everyone is being paid regular hours (it's already budgeted). a few people are working at the library - one at a time - 10-2 M-F / 

Leslie, IHLS: wow-- how fast was that??

Sarah Isaacs: i am trying to time my visits into the library with material requests to be mailed.

Mahomet John H: I am confused maybe.  We are on shelter in place and are not considered essential (at least in the short term.)  And nearly everyone says that they are going in every day?

Tina - Six Mile RLD: we had an administrative meeting via Zoom this morning - it worked quite well!

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: @John - I live behind my library, so I don't go far and I am the only person here.

Kristi Auburn Public Library: Not going in to check on the library is hard!

Tina - Six Mile RLD: we had our mail held at the post office and one person picks it up on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: We are also having our mail held.

Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial: I'm going to work everyday, eight hours, for now.  No one else is in the building.  

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Smart, Tina, about the mail. We should probably do that too.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Thanks everyone. I was just curious. I don't mind working my usual hours. I'm just concerned that by driving every day i'm going to expose myself by going to the pump for gas eventually. 

Amanda-Mt. Pulaski 2: We are such a little town...our mail guy is putting it in our drop box.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Luckily no cases in my county! Phew! (Although i bet it's already here).

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: If our buildings sit  empty for weeks, things may start falling apart!  Sounds crazy, but it does not really take long.  I go in and flush the toilets and run the water for a bit.  Our HVAC has proplems a lot and I want to make sure it is working as it should be.

Tina - Six Mile RLD: tomorrow I and our accountant will meet at the library - keep ing the proper distance - to sign checks and make sure payroll happens (most staff get direct deposit)

Brenda Gilpatrick: I'm also going in a couple of times a week a opposed to every day last week.  Doing  some work from home and we are getting paid. 

Mahomet John H: My leadership team met via Zoom today and i am making phone calls.  

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: We also have a large aquarium and the fish have to be fed!

Diana_CentraliaRLD: @Shelley, you're not the only one. I'm right there with you. Did payroll today and updates to our webpage, renewing books, etc. I probably won't work my full 40 but....

Janet Cler: We are working remotely, grabbing the mail every few days, and have forwarded the calls to my cell during the hours of 10:00 am until 6:00 pm

Anna-IHLS: I don't know if you guys read the suggestions for basic building maintenance that I posted this morning but  someone should ago in just to run some water and flush toilets etc. 

Mahomet John H: So essentially, the shelter in place order does not apply to us?

Ellen Popit, IHLS: That was really interesting, Anna.

Mahomet John H: Thanks Anna that was good info.

Susan IHLS: Bloomingdale PL shared a facilities document that has some recommendations as to how to keep your building going for return. Let me see if I can find that.

Jo - Greenville Public Library: Yes, Anna.  That was very helpful.  Thank you

Susan IHLS: Oh, Anna, yes, that is what I am referring to.

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Susan, here: scroll down to "Sample Approaches from Public Libraries"

Brenda Gilpatrick: When I  go I I will be the only person in the building. 

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Mahomet John. I agree we are not considered essential (even though we think we are!). But my board told me to still go in. They had a problem with me working from home. That's where the issue is. But like I said I'm not complaining. But I did tell them if there are confirmed cases in the immediate area that I am not coming in.

Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial: We have drains in the floors of both bathrooms and maintenance room.  If the water evaporates, and it does, the stench is horrific., not to mention dangerous.  Someone has to come in and take care of that, so for now I might as well stay the entire day and get work done that is in piles on the desk.

Diana_CentraliaRLD: @Loretta, thanks for the reminder. I promised my youth librarian I would feed her fish!

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Diane Foote:  Thanks for sharing that link.

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: sure

Teresa Pennington (Paris Public): Shelter in Place is why we closed the dropbox and why I'm at home. Once a week to get mail from PO, pick up checks, and check building is one trip.

Nichole (Millstadt): I think the Shelter in Place is supposed to be adhered to. As much as I would love to go in every day, I do think anyone who feels that they can be an example and not go is fine. I'm only going once a week and working from home. Me and another librarian are doing virtual activities at home as well. The rest of the employees have been told to stay home. It only takes one germ and the more we can all do our part, the better. But, everyone has to do what they FEEL is the right thing to do!

Anna-IHLS: @Susan that is what I shared.It is from the ILA coroan page. Which I  recommend everyone look at. Diane shared it with us last time

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: We also closed our dropbox and told our patrons to hold on to everything until we reopen.

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Just re-shared it here, Bobbi. Glad it is helpful. Tina, I have Kendall researching the UV light thing!

Mahomet John H: Well, I guess I am grateful that I have a Board that supports us following the public health orders.  I will get productive work done this week at home, probably not 40 hours worth,but some.

Lora - Ogden Rose: I am the only one going in, and live nearby. I haven't been back in since Saturday, but I am sure that I will eventually to check on things. Also depends on if I can get remote access going!

Tina - Six Mile RLD: thanks Diane - I think I mentioned we have ozone machines we use for the restrooms and are using them in the other rooms as well 

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: If any of you have sample approaches you'd like ILA to list I will be happy to.

Rachel Miller - Forsyth Public Library: Thank you for sending that.  However, the world has changed since that information was gathered.  The mandated stay at home order has since gone into effect.  

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: As the director, I feel responsible that my buildings are still being looked to; when I go in, I am alone and I do not stay long. I believe the shelter in place order does have an exception for going in to work to pick up work related items or to check on things. 

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Rachel, you are right. I will add the stay at home order.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Mahomet John H. I think there's been some confusion. It's called "Stay at Home" order. They did not use the language "Shelter in Place." Though I suppose it's very similar. If you go back and read the order it is NOT a lockdown and is NOT marshall law at this point. 

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville): @Leslie, @Ellen, or @Diane, can you please clarify if the Shelter-at-Home order applies to public libraries? (re: Mahomet John, Nicole, Teresa, etc.)  I'm under the understanding that it does

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville): and about what Shelley just said?

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: There is a list of types of businesses that are EXEMPT and the law says others not on the list must "suspend operations." We JUST saw a legal opinion on it today and I am posting it to our FAQ today.

Anna-IHLS: I know one of my director friends fromup north is doing a deep clean during this time period. He was told that besides for all of the usual germs and the covid-19 irus it would also get rid of the hepatitis germs that are laying around. I had neer considered thise germsv

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): I could be wrong....but that's what the articles all say.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Maybe i'm the one confused. ha ha ha!\

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Not just "businesses." I will find the link.

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Eeew, hepatitis?!

Leslie, IHLS: @shandi, i look at the statement regarding everyting that is NOT listed. and libraries are not listed. oops @Diane is a much faster typist!

Leslie, IHLS: however, we all have some degree of "operations" that need tending to. the trick is to figrue the minimum necessary in your buildings and that will very by agency.

Scott - Lake Land College: Lake Land has a VERY small list of essential personnel, everyone else got the boot afetr last Friday to work from home. They are going to be sanitizing buildings one by one, and after a building is sanitized, no one goes in or out - not even campus police

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Leslie is right. And I'm only fast because I *just* fielded this question a few minutes ago!!!

Anna-IHLS: @Scott I wish we all had the money to do that. I would love to have my home sanitized.

Scott - Lake Land College: Well, it isn't all wine and roses. The Emergency Response Team is estimating expenses  for this and other response items at  somewhere between $100K - $200K

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: I know my board will want to sanitzie the building before we open again.

Diana_CentraliaRLD: We are getting our upholstered furniture and carpets cleaned and sanitized this week.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @ Scott----that figure of Lake Land College?

Scott - Lake Land College: So all budgets are now frozen.  FT staff will be paid at least through the end of semester. PT staff are anyone's guess.

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: This is long, but here it is, from Ancel, Glink,  The Governor's Executive Order prohibits business and other operations and activities unless they are expressly exempted in the order. Libraries are not identified as an essential government function or an essential business so they are not likely to be exempt from the shelter in place order. There may be certain minimum business operations that must be performed by certain library personnel (such as payroll, building maintenance, etc) so certain employees would likely need to report to work to deal specifically with those operations.

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: Under Minimum Basic Operations it says, "The minimum necessary activities to maintain the value of the business’s inventory, preserve the condition of the business’s physical plant and equipment, ensure security, process payroll and employee benefits, or for related functions."

Scott - Lake Land College: @Ellen - yes, that's just for us

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Wow!

Mahomet John H: Donna and Diane that is helpful

Rachel Miller - Forsyth Public Library: I"m uncomfortable by the expectation that library staff needs to be going into the library.  I understand that some live close to the building, but still ...  It seems to be skating around the intend of the order and makes it difficult for those of us that are trying to protect staff. 

Nichole (Millstadt): If anyone missed the latest Municpal Minute, it outlined the Shelter in Place quite well.

Anna-IHLS: all of this will shape our futures.

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: I'm not allowing staff to come in at this point.

Devin Black (Tuscola Public): I've had multiple staff ask to come into the library, check the book drop, and do other things, and I've had to tell them no.

Scott - Lake Land College: That's the whole campus, plus our extension center(s). A lot of ground to cover

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: I'm trying to figure out how to payroll and bills remotely. Typically, three of us are involved in the process.

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: I am not allowing staff to come in; just me and only to make sure that everything is all right with the buildings and to pay people and our bills.

Mahomet John H: Good job Devin

Ellen Popit, IHLS: You know, many folks have already said this, but if in three or four months, the impact of this virus will have been mitigated, it will be because we are all as cautious as we're being right now.  From our end, what we see are carefully thought out choice by library directors and boards.  You have a lot to be proud of!

Ashley - Caseyville Public Library District: Very well said Ellen! Thank you and I agree!

Nichole (Millstadt): Question, which is better for virtual meetings: Zoom or Skype?

Anna-IHLS: I agree with you Ellen. I am veery inspired by you all and your leadership in this time. We need to figure out more ways to support each other.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @Scott I just read a really scathing article about colleges and universities that have different expectations when it comes to faculty vs staff. Never thought about how the shutdown applies to FT vs. PT staff.

Mahomet John H: Zoom is working great for us.

Anna-IHLS: Does anyone know what they are doing in the way of cleaning the schools?

Nichole (Millstadt): Thanks @John

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: Our payday is this week and I think my staff would kill me if I did not process payroll in the midst of this!  I do plan to do that tomorrow.

Janet Cler: Zoom works great for us too!

Mahomet John H: If you use the free version of zoom there are limitations.  We may end up temporarily paying for the lowest paid tier of service 

Mahomet John H: If you use the free version of zoom there are limitations.  We may end up temporarily paying for the lowest paid tier of service.  But we used the free version for a meeting today and it worked fine.

Nichole (Millstadt): Thanks @Janet and @John for the update. I just know I need something that at least allows a phone call-in feature since one of our board is not connected online.

Tina - Six Mile RLD: we love zoom - when we used it today they gracisouly automatically gave us unlimited time for our meeting - we didn't ask for it, we just got a message that we had unlimited time (otherwise we would have had 40 minutes)

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Diane, @ Ellen and @ Donna, so should I send my board that to convince them to let me have flexible or minimum hours since they want me to work every day regular hours?

Tina - Six Mile RLD: plus we have mulitple people with zoom accounts so if we need to leave one room for another, we could do that

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Yes, Donna's right, and John, glad it is helpful (sorry for the lag)

Mahomet John H: zoom is warning that the phone call may not always work... be sure and read that on their site.

Tina - Six Mile RLD: zoom may have recognized there were multiple account holders in the meeting we were in and extended our time because of that - just conjecture 

Nichole (Millstadt): Thanks everyone, so helpful!

Lora - Ogden Rose: Does anyone know if an info-graphic or just a page of directions exists that I can post on Facebook to teach my patrons how to use ebooks? Most are elderly.

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: Shelby, in my humble opinion, you should show the board the actual Stay at Home executive order.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Rachel. I totally agree. I'm actually in the high risk category! That's why i tried to tell me board I was going to work from home this week and they said "We don't see what you can do from home."  

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Shelley.  I think the statement from Ancel Glink and memos from ILA and IHLS would all be helpful.  

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): How do I convince them I should be working from home as much as possible? Or maybe only do a couple of full days! Ahh! This is confusing

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Shelley, why not? I think someone posted the full link to the Municipal Minute post on the topic, but here it is again:

Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association: Donna is also right about the ACTUAL executive order. ILA doesn't have any "teeth" but the Governor does!!

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Shelley, the survey results might also help.

Teresa Pennington (Paris Public): @Lora  -- I have instructions on our website under ebooks/audio/magazines. I tried to make it as simple as possible.

Mahomet John H: (half-serious) maybe tell your board that your health and your life are more important than them wringing every bit of productivity out of you in a pandemic?  And that, hey, with the library closed, there is a little less work to do?

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @lora, what services do you use? cloudLibrary has some materials out there.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Donna. If I show them the order. They think I will be putting it in their face and will get offended. That's not the problem. They know the order. They don't see why I can't work at the library if I'm the only one going in is their point. 

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville): @Lora, I might be able to create an infographic for e-books, possibly based on @Teresa's directions. However, I can't promise right now. Great idea. What e-resources do you use?

Lora - Ogden Rose: Cassandra, I need to talk to someone about that...

Nichole (Millstadt): For anyone who is looking for more online access to free e-books and audio books, is very helpful!

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @lora, I'd be happy to help!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Ellen. Where is the statement from "Ancel Glink?" Can you repeat it. and can you link the memos for me?

Anna-IHLS: @John I could not agree with you more, I think when all is said and done boards need to know staff will remember haow they ahve been treate during this time.

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: Sorry Shelley, I also have a very stubborn board member right now that is giving me grief about staying closed until April 7. 

Tina - Six Mile RLD: will a transcript of this chat meeting be sent as well - it was helpful to have the transcript from the last one

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): nevermind! Sorry so many comments coming so fast.

Elecia Cooper - Kinmundy Public: @lora if you use cloud library, i put a video on our facebook page, kinmundy public library, you are welcome to share it if it helps

Teresa Pennington (Paris Public): Tumblebooks is offering free service through August. Junior Library Guild is opening their ebooks to at least their members, maybe all, not sure

Mahomet John H: Believe it or not, I have another virtual meeting to get to.  My third of the day.  Thanks everyone.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: It will, Tina.  We'll make sure you get the last one, as well.

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville): @Tina, We can absolutely do that. We'll post it on the IHLS COVID-19 page like I did the other one.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: Did everyone see that Penguin is reducing ebook pricing right now, and that Macmillan has removed all embargoes, including the Tor embargo?

Mahomet John H: @Shelley, maybe contact me off board sometime and we can chat about board/director dynamics.

Mahomet John H:

Scott - Lake Land College: Donna, you want I should come over with a table leg? <vbg> <yes, yes, I'm kidding. Kind of>

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Tina. I agree! I think the transcript for this one will really help!  Especially since I need more backing then just "my words." 

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville): Do you guys think the pandemic affected Macmillan's decision? I imagine it did.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): For now I take screenshots. I did that the other day for the meeting too!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): If you have windows use the "Snipping tool"  and save as an image. it's really easy! 

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Shelley.  It's the link that Diane Foote posted above:

Scott - Lake Land College: Municipal Minute is a real godsend sometimes...

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: Scott, I don't think it will help this particular board member, but I appreciate the offer.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Mahomet John H.  I actually have a really good board. They are taking all my recommendations. This is the only thing they are being stubborn about or not very understanding about.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Shelley, this might change as time passes and people's information deepens.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): @Mahomet John H. Unfortunately, it's usually only this one board member that I've had issues with. Sigh....tis the life of having a board. I do truly love them all though.

Rachel Miller - Forsyth Public Library: Simple infographic style instructions would be good for all of us!  Here at FPL we have Overdrive, Cloud Libfrary, RBdigital -- any or all of those would be great!  

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville): *thumbs up*

Scott - Lake Land College: @Donna - well, shoot. I was gonna get a couple of the boys, find some pinstripe suits, and head over that way. We could do an a cappella rendition of "Brush Up Your Shakespeare"...

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Good point Ellen. 

Donna Schaal / Argenta-Oreana PLD: Scott, LOL

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville): That's not very good social distancing, @Scott (LOL)

Anna-IHLS: Ithink most of those eBook providers have place on their sites that have how tos and videos. If not there maybe youtube might have some videos that have already been created.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Ellen, will you call me afterwards and help me draft a letter to my board asking for reduced hours or more work at home hours?????

Ellen Popit, IHLS: I'm happy to call you when we're done with this chat.

Lora - Ogden Rose: Scott, do it on You Tube. I'd love to witness it! And you can maintiain your safe distance!

Kay Burrous  South Macon: Thanks everyone for all the information!

Scott - Lake Land College: Oops, time for the next meeting. Stay well and safe, everyone.

Loretta Broomfield--Sallie Logan Library: Shandi--YES!  And I expect them to go back after the pandemic settles down.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Thanks Ellen. You're the bestest! What would we do without IHLS! Love you all!

Anna-IHLS: Talk to you all on Thursday.

Bobbi Perryman - Vepasian Warner PLD: Thank you, everyone!

jackie: Thank you

Susan Mullen, Herrin City Library: Thank you

Nichole (Millstadt): Thanks! Take care!

Debby: Thank you for all the ideas and help. Stay well!

Ellen Popit, IHLS: We had time open until 2:30, but it seems that folks are signing off.  Do we stay or do we go........?

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):  I imagine anyone who want to keep chatting can, right?

Lora - Ogden Rose: Thanks, everyone! I learn something new every meeting!

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Absolutely!

Jo - Greenville Public Library: As always, very helpful.  Thank you all.

Tina - Six Mile RLD: hoping off for either StL or Gov Pritzker updates

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Tina, we checked earlier this morning and the Governor will do a press briefing today at 2:30.

Julia - IHLS: The gov. should be on at 2:30 -

Lora - Ogden Rose: Cassandra, i have other things I need to find out from you as well, so thanks!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Thanks Julia!!!!

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): The rumor is the order is "increasing" so maybe I won't have to send the board anything. but i dunno.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Ellen call me. I'm going to exit the chat now.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): Call (217) 532-3055

Ellen Popit, IHLS: To follow up on the exchange between Lora and Cassandra, please be aware that system staff is checking e-mail on a regular basis, so if you have a question, that's the way to ask.

Lora - Ogden Rose: Thanks, Ellen.

Shelley Kolb (Hillsboro Area Public Library District): bye everyone. Thank you. Happy reading!

Sarah Isaacs: can i export this and read it later?  if so how. I missed some important links/conversations

Ellen Popit, IHLS: We'll get the transcript up, Sarah.

Sarah Isaacs: ok later today...

Sarah Isaacs: information is changing so fast

Sarah Isaacs: thank you

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Any other questions for the good of the order?

Lora - Ogden Rose: I have a question for Anna, but I will check my email again in case she's already answered. Good by all!

Ellen Popit, IHLS: I think we can close the chat and let you know that we'll be ready to chat again on Thursday at 1:00 p.m.

Julia - IHLS: Thank you everyone. I will send the chat transcript out this