TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - April 16, 2020


Directors' Chat
Thursday, April 16, 2020


  Jackie CAMP:Happy National Librarian Day

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Good afternoon!  Hope you're all well and enjoying some sunshine.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Jackie, what a good thing to celebrate and I believe next week is National Library Week.

  rochelle:If by sunshine you mean snow, yes!

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Good afternoon!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Sorry, Robhelle!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I can spell better than that, Rochelle!

  rochelle:Spelling is so pre-COVID

  rochelle:we get to use our own spelling now!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Ha!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:What are folks dealing with today?

  Jackie CAMP:anxious to hear what the president will say about opening up

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:I am wondering if anyone can recommend a resource that explains what -if any- government programs libraries may qualify for? (i.e. Paycheck Protection Program -which I know is out of money- etc.)

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Also, if the Governor talks about the president's conversations with the governors as a group that was supposed to happen today.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:We had our first Zoom board meeting yesterday. I was pleased with the outcome.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:I am anxious to hear what he says too. I personally think very few places have hit their peak.

  Jackie CAMP:Diana we have are first on on Monday, I hope it goes well.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Michelle Sawicki  I can't give you a definitive answer, but we can look into it for the group.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Diana, any Zoom tips for the group?

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@Ellen, that would be wonderful!

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I had my first remote board meeting Monday. My Internet went down just as I was logging on, I had to run meeting from my phone.

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library:You all are probably on top of this, but I am working on getting my economic interest statements in to the county clerk's office.  Two of us did not receive forms through the mail so I am getting that straightened out.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Kathleen.  I did mine on Monday and it only took a few minutes. 

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:This was the first time I was on the scheduling/hosting side of Zoom. It was fairly painless. :) No real tips to share except remember once there you are on camera. It was almost too easy to forget that!

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Michelle, the information on ILA's "Coronavirus Resources" page may be of help with government program info, but there is so much info I'm aware the page is a little unwieldy:

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Rochelle. Yep have snow here too. Weird wacky weather

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:As a piece of good news, IHLS is offering a set of webinars dealing with HR topics to our members.  The first one is next Thursday and is entitled "An HR department of (n)one!  You can find more information about the series at:

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Diana from Centralia. We had our first Zoom meeting as well in March. There were a few board members that were nervous about it. But it worked out perfectly!

  Jackie CAMP:I am wondering if IHLS or ISL is working on guidelines for when we do open back up? I am sorry if I missed it in an email. I would like to let my board know when we meet on Monday.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:As far as I know, the only government programs libraries are eligible for are FEMA funds for overtime necessary to deal with the crisis and/or cleaning; and the recently announced $30 million being distributed via IMLS/LSTA/Grants to States of the $50 million appropriated for libraries in the CARES Act.

  Janet McAllister - Rochester:I just received my FEMA login information today

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Zoom tips to prevent Zoom bombing: Description:

  Donald Pippin, Philo:While my board members have filed Statements of Economic Interst, I have never had a request to file one until this year (we have a new county clerk). Do any of you other directors who work part time fill one out?

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I told my board that I couldn't see opening up to full services all at once; more of a step by step process

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jackie, we're all working on this and getting information into the COVID-19 portion of our website as soon as they are available.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I have two questions for today. One is a paying employees/legal issue that a board member has, and the other is about alternative services.  permission to ask away?

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Donald I do. Have for several years.

  Jackie CAMP:thanks Ellen, I know you all are working hard for us and thank you

  Rochelle Hartman--Lincoln Library/springfield:Pretty sure we'll be opening up just for curbside for awhile, then, re-evaluate as the situation changes.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Sure, Shelley!

  Jackie CAMP:Teresa I feel the same way

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@ Diane Foote, Thank you for the link! Yes, there is so much to look through there!

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Donald I have to file economic interest statements as welll as my other full time staff.

  Jackie CAMP:Wtih the Cares act money is that money we would have to apply for? Will it go to the systems? I did read the funds could be used for mobile hot spots and so forth

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@ Don, yes, I have always had to do an SOI.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:I am wondering the same, Jackie.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Jackie, it will go through the ISL. I am not sure IMLS has provided specifics to the state libraries yet.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:*SEI*

  Jackie CAMP:Diane thank you, I am sure it is just in the beginning stages

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Michelle & Jackie I am also interested in this question

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I think the discussion of the allocation of monies from the CARES act in Illinois is only in the preliminary stages. 

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Ok. So I have a board member who I think is wanting to reduce hours or pay of part-time staff. And I have a problem with this to some extent. It feels a littl unethical to do this when we just told the staff recently they would be getting paid whether they worked or not.  I think this has only come up because of the stimulus checks. I'm pretty sure that's her thinking "why should we pay them if they are getting paid from the government." Now I'm not 100%  sure this is her thinking, but this is kind of how she is.  Which I don't think is right or fair when she agreed to paying them . And didn't say anything about them not working when I told them that I would be the only one working once stay-at-home orders were given. I also warned her that I don't think you can even ask if they got the stimulus checks or not, because that's cutting into their personal finances which to me is a big employer "No, no". Also I feel if this also leads to whether they filed taxes or not. Again I think this is a no no

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:But we do know the amount: $1,145,000 for IL!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Is anyone else have a board member who thinks this way? or is having this issue come up?

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:My board is worried about paying staff who aren't working, or working as much, if this lasts all summer.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:The stimulus check is not a lot of money.

  Mahomet John H:Ellen great news on the HR webinars!!  That could be a huge help.  Can I ask who will be doing the presenting?

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:The stimulus check won't even cover rent for many people.

  Jackie CAMP:Shelley, I would show her that info from Phil Lenzini. He makes it pretty clear we should pay our staff if we can

  Rochelle Hartman--Lincoln Library/springfield:libraries are starting to furlough employees all over, so nothing will surprise me

  Jackie CAMP:at least that was my take

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ John It is Candace Fisher from HR source, I believe.

  Rita Stephens:Please read the email sent out April 15th to all PNG directors detailing the result of PNG grant funds remaining.  To avoid sending a refund check to the State Library,upon advisement from IMLS, the State Library have offered/suggested some strategies, if you need to submit a budget amendment request.  Read the email closely.  Any questions to or

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I agree Bobbi

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:That is really sad. What about what Phil Lenzini said about how we will end up paying for them one way or another?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):She saw the memo from Phil. But I don't think that deterred her thinking.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:I'd love to see some best practices for reopening, though I know it's hard to craft those in the face of so much uncertainty. We may start with curbside service. We're removing chairs and disabling some computers to increase social distancing. Our programs will be online and take-home packets (no movies or  summer reading performers). Our maintenance manager is building a plexiglass barricade around the circulation desk and hanging clear shower curtains around staff desks in public areas. I kow some people  think we should not open as long as such measures are necessary, but until there is a vaccie (12-18+ months from now), such measures will most likely be necessary.I'm curious about the best way to sterilize books. We're thinking we'll quarantine them for 3 days prior to processing and recirculating. Would they still need to be sprayed with anti-viral cleaner after 3 days? There is a lot of contradictory science on that--3 days  for plastic, or even as many as 17 days. So, I'm lookng for pr best preactices.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I found out later from another librarian that she asked what they were doing (which I already had asked them and told my board) and the librarian supported me and my staff saying they should be paid

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:I don't see why it is an issue. The public approved that money for paychecks (in my case anyhow).

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):it's an issue, because you told staff you would pay them for their regular hours, and then you decide to take that away?

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:It isn't like because people are not using the library we are not making money to pay our employees. I understand businesses that have to make that tough decision.

  Mahomet John H:@Ellen thank you.  I know this is something I requested so please know that i am very grateful for you jumping right in on it.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):yes it is true, the board has a right to choose whether to pay them or not during this time. It's the fact she is changing her mind after agreeing to pay them that i have a problem with.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Diana.  I can assure you that Susan Palmer and all her staff are working very hard to get solid information on materials handling.

  Jackie CAMP:Put it to a vote hopefully she will be out-voted

  Mahomet John H:In my Director's report for last Monday's meeting, I listed staff members name by name and listed what they were working on from home.  I also made a partial list of the CE sessions/subjects that have been taken or are being taken.

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:Here is a link to a sneeze guard product if anyone is thinking along those lines.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Luckily it will be on the agenda. I'm just curious to see if this is an issue in other libraries? Stimulus check or not.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@ Shelley, that also means you could lose your employees, all the training you have into them...completely have to start over with a new staff. That would be really difficult..

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):If this goes into May or past May, do you think your board will want to stop paying employees who aren't performing work?

  Mahomet John H:I did all of this to give the board members the ammunition they needed to justify continuing to pay staff.   Even with this, I only got the committment that they will continue paying as they have through the next Board meeting - or at least that they will revisit the issue then.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):At first when we closed to the public, my staff were working their regular shifts to help with special projects, but once the stay-at-home order came. I sent them home. Because every single one of us is either high-risk or has someone in immediate family that is high-risk.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@ Jill - thank you for sharing the sneeze guard. Have you purchased these? Is the hole int he bottom big enough to slide most books through?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Mahomet John. Ok thanks for your information.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:My daughter just sent me a text that Wisconsin just announced schools would be closed for the rest of the year.

  Mahomet John H:I did have a board member asking if I was going to expect my shelvers to "save up" the hours they got paid for and come in to shelve extra when we start receiving returns again.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Can you make up porjects for them to do at home, Shelly?

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:projects

  Mahomet John H:I told them that if I were going to do that, i needed to create a policy.

  Jill Schardt - Edwardsville Public Library:Unfortunatley we fuloughed 25 staff members effective April 8, including 4 full time people.  We still have 4 fT and 1 PT.  I just couldn't keep them all busy.

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:Michelle, I have not purchased this.  I might need something higher.  I don't thik a book would fit but you could have them return all books in a bookdrop so you are only delaing with material going out and you could set those books to the side on the desk.  It would help in the event of conversations that take place

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@ Jill-that is a good idea about returnign all books in the book drop

  Mahomet John H:Regardless, I need to have create another written plan before the next board meeting.

  Nichole (Millstadt):Is anybody starting on planning their return? Like a soft openeing?

  Jackie CAMP:Our board said in the beginning to pay folks until at least April 30 but we shall see on Monday how they feel about it.

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:Fairvie heights also furloghed 6 staff.  I FT and 5 PT

  Brenda Gilpatrick-Red Bud Public:Ellen The school year or the calendar year?

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We don't have a date set for re-opening, but we have a plan for different stages of opening.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Nichole, I want to start planning but I think the governor will have a lot of say in our processes and kind of holding out to see the mandates

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Brenda, through the end of this school year

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Michelle. Right that was the point the other librarian made to me, is that if the board changes their mind and chooses not to pay them, they may not want to come back. I agree it's a thought or concern in the back of my mind.

  Jackie CAMP:Bobbi would you be willing to share your ideas in an email?

  Jackie CAMP:I have been working on some ideas to present to the board

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Yes, just give me your email.

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:Devils advocate but for those tha take the argument the money is there to pay staff in that budget, what about if your upcoming property tax collected isn't coming in due to residents not having the $$.  You may need reserve money to make up that difference

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@Shelley, I am sorry you are having to go through this. :(  So far, so good with my board. Maybe stress that this really is probably a once in a lifetime event and not somethign the library will have to deal with regularly?

  Nichole (Millstadt):Thanks guys!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I continue to think we're going to get some guidelines from the state regarding reopening and possibility #s of people in buildings at one time.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Michelle,  2 of them are working at least 1 day a week or a little from home. But I'm not sure what I could come up with for the other two to do at home. I think I would have to make them physically come in. We aren't a big library, so there's not a whole lot of extra work to do.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Jill, true,,,but isn't that what working cash is ffor? I am a newbie, so correct me if I am wrong

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):But I can try if the the board is worrying about them being paid and not working. It's certainly worth trying to support and stand up for my staff.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@Ellen, I think so too. I appreciate that our governor is being cautious

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:Michelle, the working cash at hand varies at every library.  It's just food for thought? Most are expecting actual tax collected to be down and for allowances to pay late to be put in place without penalty to accomodate.

  Jackie CAMP:Bobbi thank you

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Jill. Wow! You're right. I never thought about that. Gasp! That is a good point. 

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Well i can see where the board is coming from if that is what they are worried about

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Hi everyone- just reading all that I missed since I came in late- Shelley- so far we are doing ok in Staunton with paying the staff. One of our board members is a medical doctor who told us immediatley to separate, only I can come to the libary to do a few things but everyone else stay home and yet since it was budgeted, we are still being paid. I hope for the duration but who knows when that will be-

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Its a tricky situation and definitely not a normal situation....

  Rachel Miller - Forsyth:Forsyth also furloughed 3 staff members out of 8 total, to be revisited at the end of April with possibly more furloughs. 

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Jackie!  It's also somewhere in the Director's listserv from last week.

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:What about taking patron's temps before in the building.  There are OSHA standards for this that have been laxed but still require some prvacy when this is done

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Ellen. Thank you. I think we would all appreciate some guidelines on re-opening or soft openings even.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:I heard the first 2 payments will be short and expected to square up in December. But who knows for sure...

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jill, I had that conversation with someone recently and the provacy concerns came up.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I really think this is going to go into May though. But I could be wrong. Past that, who knows?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I meant privacy, Jill P.

  Jackie CAMP:Ok I will look  thanks Ellen

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:It is tough. and so far the board has not directed anything different my way but of course, I do worry that if this goes on for a long time those plans may change.

  Julia, IHLS:You can find the Directors' Chat archive here:

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Regarding taking patrons' temperatures: We asked about this some time ago, and here is an informal opinion from Ancel, Glink (basically, don't do it): "any denial of a public service based upon a layperson’s assessment of a health threat has the potential to be unfair, discriminatory and ineffective, as well as a legal liability to the library. "

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@Shelly, my personal belief is that we won't reopen until June. We'll see.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Julie. We also have a medical doctor on our board and I think she was the one who probably agreed with me about sending staff home. Also, I have a feeling she was the one who pushed for me to have reduced hours because I was working full days and full hours even after the stay-at-home order.

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:@Diane  Thank you for that verbage

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Jill. While I can see taking people's temps as that is a common protocol. That could really put the person who is doing that at risk. Do you think any staff members or yourself is willing to do that?

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Is anyone thinking about opening up wearing face masks, putting plexiglass up around the circ desk and taking temps? It is hard for me to get my head around that--I feel that if we are are still being told to stay away from each other, we probably should not be at  at the library yet.. It is a lot to grasp.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I have asthma so I know I wouldn't. but that's me personally

  Rochelle Hartman--Lincoln Library/springfield:@julie I agree!

  Lora - Ogden Rose:So, library staff is expected to come into close enough contact with all patrons to take their temperature?! How is that safe? And how are we to get any work done? Thankful that AG is not in support of that.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:If the stay-at-home order is lifted, we will offer curbside service with very little interaction first.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Diane thank you for that information.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@June. That's what I'm thinking and planning on too, but who by day, month by month, you know?

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:You are welcome!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jackie!  I just sent you Bobbi's document.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Me too Lora. I know libraries are very important but we still have to think of safety for all - especially my libary staff.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Julie I agree. We don't have much protections in our libaries. Even if we put plexiglass up at my library, I know it would still be exposed on the sides or behind the desk.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:We have made the decision to cancel any programming for May and June. We will revisit it again at a later date in Staunton

  Jackie CAMP:I feel once the system opens back up, we will do the same in some capacity

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We aren't planning any programs until at least the fall. We will have virtual programs and weekly craft bags for summer reading club.

  Jackie CAMP:thank you Ellen!!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Bobbi. I like your way of thinking. That's what I'm thinking too. I'm considering curbside service possibly starting before stay-at-home orders lifted. But with very specific procedures.

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:Shelley, I can't say i would be for it because i agree with what you are saying.  Not a popular staff responsibility and given the new update do IL workers comp law also puts you in jeopardy of a staff person caatcing it and filing workers comp

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Bobbi, would you be willing to let me post your document on the ILA page under "Sample Approaches from Public Libraries?"

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Jill.  I understand. It's just a thought in the back of your mind. Looking at alternatives.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Diane, yes, of course!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):How many of you are thinking about providing a sort of curbside service in May or June if this extends past the middle of May?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):or a soft opening

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Bobbi we are doing the same in regards to programs and will probably do the curbside only.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@Julie, I want to get face masks for my staff! Many are older and/or high risk. I am high risk x2. Definitely want at least a mask and gloves.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Awesome! Thx. Would you email it to me please? It really helps to see each others' examples.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:If we can't do curbside, we are thinking of doing mail service for books.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:I know every library is different and that every librarian is different, I am just trying to figure out what will work here in Staunton.. I am awaiting to hear what the Gov will say next about those opening up dates..

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Yes, I can do that right now, Diane.

  Brenda Gilpatrick-Red Bud Public:I think it's prudent to start thinking about what reopening is going to look like. However until we get some info from Susan Palmer and the rest of IHLS and hopefully the state, I don't think it's worth losing sleep over. I did that the beginning of the shutdown and everyday something changed and we all pretty much had to change what we doing anyway. So I'm trying not to let all those things whirl around in my head when I go to bed. Some nights that works, and some not!!

  Rochelle Hartman--Lincoln Library/springfield:Shelley--yes, only curbside first

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Also, what about possibly sick people handling books and other things all over the building? I'm not sure a plastic barrier will really protect.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:Just received an email update: Chicago — Today, Governors JB Pritzker (IL), Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Mike DeWine (OH), Tony Evers (WI), Tim Walz (MN), Eric Holcomb (IN) and Andy Beshear (KY) announced that they will work in close coordination to reopen the economy in the Midwest region.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Bobbi, I would love to read up on your ideas for your library.. 

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Julie, which ideas? I'm having trouble keeping things straight these days.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Bobbi. Great idea..but wouldn't that get expensive for all of your patrons?

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Great point Brenda,, it will change daily and until we know what the next mandate will be -- we are just wearing ourselves out

  Donald Pippin, Philo:We are a small library with only one staff person working a shift.  I can't imagine taking temps on top of  the other duties.  Lots to think about here, but like several of you I am looking for guidance from the state.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I'm hoping we could cover postage. We're just starting to look at it.

  Jackie CAMP:Yes Brenda, I agree

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Don, same.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Bobbi...LOL I meant about curbside,, I wonder if it would work in our town too and would love to see how others are doing it

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Brenda. I agree. I'm just trying to take it day-by-day. Basically I've been making plans in my head, but I don't make anything official until i get updates on how long the stay-at-home order goes

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I always discuss my ideas with my board, even if they are just that

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Yes, I'll send you what we have ;)

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Rochelle. Would that be curbside once stay-at-home is lifted or possibly prior to lifting the order as a "Soft" opening

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:FYI, mail service has LIBRARY RATE in case you are not aware

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:I only mean USPS

  Brenda Gilpatrick-Red Bud Public:@Michelle, rethink the gloves. If you don't change them after each person, you are passing it on to the next person. That said, I don't know what the answer is.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Diana. Wow. They didn't mention months or dates for reopening did they

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:I heard that the state will look at risk for transmission when considering what businesses can reopen. So that makes me think libraries will probably be some of the last busiensses to reopen

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:I have been emailing weekly updates to my board-- a lot is going on in library land in spite of the shutdown it seems.  They have been pretty quiet in their replies though, I think we are all still in shell shock mode at times

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Bobbi. Understand. I wish we could do that, but our postage budget is only so big. I do think it's a creative alternative though!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Jill. Oh mail or something is it called?

  Jackie CAMP:Julie, my board has remained pretty quiet too.

  Lisa -Sinson Memorial PLD:@Bobbi would you mind to send me your curbside ideas as well?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):It is a reduced rate. That's true, but still adds up if you do it for every request.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@ Brenda, I have thought about the risk of gloves and whether they really help. You bring up good points. I am thinking my staff can use them when touching returned materials.

  Jill Pifer- fairview heights:They stamp it LIBRARY MAIL

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Yes, I can do that.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:I just saw what Diana typed about the Gov.. I wonder what the next phase will be

  Lori Clifton Public:Not sure if this is  a good thing or not,  since we only have a staff of four, we have provided masks, and gloves. One staff member comes in a day and is going through our inventory and shelves checking for missing and missing placed items.  This way our board is not so much against our payroll issues. not sure what

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Michelle. Good information. Yes I can see what libraries would be last to reopen. Because we are "public". and anyone and everyone and their grandma can come in. (But that's how we like it normally).

  Lisa -Sinson Memorial PLD:@Bobbi thank you!!

  Ellen/IHLS:We can listen to the Governor at 2:30 and see what he has to say.  I"m sure that will be his main focus today!

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:You're welcome!

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:I was thinking of offering free drop off services to porches once we are back open of close to being back open,, is anyone doing that yet in our area?

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:We are planning a soft opening that includes curbside pickup and porch drop off. We only have 3 staff members so some of our Friends members like to volunteer and deliver books with us. I will ensure that each staff member and volunteer with have masks and gloves during pick ups and drop offs

  Julia, IHLS:Everything is changing so it is hard right now what to recommend....and I know Susan is working with others on this, but I did see one recommendation on wearing gloves to empty the box and put the items in a place to quarentine for 3 days...then immediately wash hands.

  Lisa -Sinson Memorial PLD:@Ellen, I was planning to. But have to admit it scares me a little. At least he probably won't be yelling at reporters... :)

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):My idea of  curbside pick up is this....1) Patrons have to tell me exactly what they want, or maybe an author and then I will retrieve the books for them 2) The items will be bagged with their name on it 3) The bags will be set outside the library by the door 4) They will be given an designated or approximate time to pick up the books to limit contact. (No going out in person to give it to them). 5) When books are returned they stay in the box for 2-3 days, then I wipe them off with clorox wipes for my own protection and I wear gloves. Then I let them sit an additional day or so before shelving.

  Brenda Gilpatrick-Red Bud Public:@Michelle. Our book drop is still open. I clean it out with gloves and put the books aside for 2 to 3 days before I check them in. Honestly, I think it might be overkill, but it seemed prudent. I throw the gloves away each day.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):My only question that I'm trying to answer what point do I start this. Do I start this service in May if the order continues or do we do this as a "soft opening" once the stay-at home order has been lifted

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Mask yes, gloves.. I am still not sure. they can become infected then touch something else.. I have lots of germ x on hand and I hit that quite a bit when I do not have my gloves on--

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:My board won't allow us to do curbside until the stay-at-home order is lifted, since having the service will entice people to leave their homes.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Soft opening once order is lifted is where I'm at now.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:Rick  Meyer emailed this to the IHLS Directors on Monday: It is part of the Governor's press briefing. "Q: Are libraries considered essential?A: As most libraries are a function of government, Executive Order 10, as extended by Executive Order 18, leaves it up to each governmental body to determine what governmental functions are essential. Libraries should confirm with their municipality whether they are required to close. Libraries that remain open should practice safe social distancing or limit interactions with the public. For more guidance, please contact DCEO at 1-800-252-2923 or

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@ Julie - I have thought about free drop off. We are a small library and could easily do that. I think it is the best alternative to us. Something I will discuss with my board when the restrictions are lifted.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Brenda, I am doing the same thing with the book drop. gloves, lysol, cleaning book covers and they are set aside for three days till shelving. It should save us some time when things go back to "normal" again

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@Brenda, I think it is good to throw those gloves away! Can't hurt to be extra cautious.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Michelle- we are also small so it may work for us.. something to think about

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Bobbi. That's true. Didn't think about that part.

  Ellen/IHLS:I hope you all saw the link to the follow up we posted on the great summer reading zoom meeting that Ashely and Lindsey Herron facilitates last Friday.  If not, here you go:  :

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:That meeting was very helpful for my staff. We have a fairly solid summer plan now.

  Julia, IHLS:When cleaning books, I did see this:  Do not attempt to disinfect archival materials, museum objects, or other valuable collections unless under the guidance of a conservator.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Ellen Rita loved the SRP meeting. She is busy revamping ours.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Ellen  Summer reading link not working for me

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Bobbi- I am thinking about curbside once we open again > my board has ordered us all to stay away from each other and everyone else for the time being.. LOL

  Nichole (Millstadt):I would love to offer delivery services, but I wonder how that would affect our insurance.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Julie & @Brenda, that is my method as well.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@Ellen, yes I attended as well as my programmers. It helped us think about how we could modify our current program.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Brenda. I also think I might be doing overkill with how long I leave the books sitting. But I would rather be safe than sorry being a high-risk person!

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@ Terresa take the period off of the end of the link

  Julia, IHLS:

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I change gloves between books and then getting the mail. Even between checking in. And of course I wash my hands after every check-in session.

  Ellen/IHLS:Thanks, Julia!

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Ellen  Sorry it was picking up the period

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:I appreciate  whatLindsey and Ashley did for Iread/SRP-- great for the  IHLS libraries to see you all there. I was able to see some of it before I was called away but hope to go back to it soon-

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Julie. Totally makes sense. Luckily all of our materials are just popular fiction or a few nonfiction books, but they aren't old or rare materials. A lot of those are only used in-house for us.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Ashley and Lindsey ROCKED.

  Ellen/IHLS:They did, indeed!

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Shelley it is a lot of cleaning, wiping off the book drop opening, the door handles, the basket but it will help us in the long run. and it gives me something positive to do -

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:Lindsey and I have been blown away by the sweet emails that we have been receiving from other librarians. We even received an email from a Librarian in New York who asked if she could share the training with their library system! We are just so glad we were able to help share resources and information with everyone!

  Celeste @ Urbana Free:for reopening, we are looking at what Bobbi provided and at this:

  Jackie CAMP:ellen it says page cannot be found

  Ellen/IHLS:@ Ashley----WOW!!!!!!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Julie. I agree! Although I think I'm going to run out of clorox wipes. So I'll have to use some hard chemical clearner and paper towels to wipe down the drop box lift handle.

  Julia, IHLS:@Ashley, That is really cool that you heard from a librarian in New York!

  Brenda Gilpatrick-Red Bud Public:@SRP-You guys were great!

  Ellen/IHLS:Try this, Jackie:

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:She said she saw the link on Facebook  =)

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:I should have sent you an email Ashley and Lindsey-- OOPS,, glad others were on the ball, Great Job both of you!

  Jackie CAMP:yes thank you Ellen

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):I mentioned on Monday that we revised the IHLS COVID-19 page. If you click the "Resources for Librarians" image/button, you'll find several databases and lists of resources, some of which you can add to. Would it be helpful if there was also a place where you could add ideas for reopening? If so, what would  fields would you want it to include? (idea and library name? other?)

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:I can't open again til I can get more germ x and clorox wipes,, everytime I try to order on line,, they re not available or they are way out of my prices range

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):*What field would you want it to include?

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Ashley and Lindsey I only was able to watch the recording, but you ladies are amazing! Wonderful ideas!

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Shandi, page looks great

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Thank you Ashley and Lindsey Herron. You're totes ma goats awesome. lol

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Shandi, totally would love to see reopening ideas!!!

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:Thank you so much! (blushing)  We really appreciate all of the wonderful feedback <3

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Julie. I was able to order clorox wipes from Demco, but they never came. So they are either out, backordered, or someone stole my delivery. Ha ha ha!

  Jackie CAMP:Julie, I can't find any either :(

  Jackie CAMP:Quill says for first responders only

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Julie I agree! I have not been able to order clorax wipes or gloves!

  Ellen/IHLS:We're at the end of our time, but I know Shandi would love to hear from you.  You can reach her at:

  Brenda Gilpatrick-Red Bud Public:@Shandi, bet you didn't think you were going to be marketing for a pandemic!

  Jackie CAMP:Ashly I can't wait to see your presentation

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:@Julie, it is frustrating because we need lysol and clorox wipes and masks and gloves and what have you to open. And good luck finding those products. I bought about 4 cans of lysol and 5 tubs of clorox wipes right before everything sold out. But that will not last long.

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:I am going to try DEMCO-- Shelley- Hopefully yours will come soon.

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):nope, Ellen, lol, it's

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library:@ Julie I have been using isoproply alcohol with a spray bottle, not diluting it, and it goes a long way.  I spray the books at the book drop and wipe them off  and then put them in a tub for three days.  We are a small library and it is a manageable thing for me to do.

  Ellen/IHLS:Shandi, I am so sorry----had that in my address book for some reason!

  Jackie CAMP:thanks Kathleen

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Shandi...... 1) Library Name 2) Timing (When will they reopen or soft open) 3) Procedures in Place 4) Curbside Procedures (if offered) 4) Other Services Offered

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:everyone i look says first responders only-- I agree with that,, I do need some though before we open again. I think every employee is going to get their own bottle at germx.

  Ellen/IHLS:We'll be back next Monday.  Same time, same place.  Have a good weekend! 

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Kathleen I will try that,, Thank you!

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Thank you everyone!

  Jackie CAMP:Thanks everyone!

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Yes, we will need more gloves, lysol wipes, gerrmx, etc. before we open - plus a lock for the toilet paper!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Did you get that Shandi before we go?

  Debby Nokomis Public:Thanks

  Kay Burrous  South Macon:Thanks.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Thank you.

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):noted. Thanks!

  Julie Jarman (staunton) 2:Thanks everyone!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Great. I think I'm out then. Thank you everyone for your feedback and advice. Love what I do and I love my colleagues. Aren't we such nice people? :)

  Lora - Ogden Rose:What Shelley said!

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library:The very best!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Stay safe and healthy everyone. And as always "Happy Reading!"

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Definitely Kathleen!