TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - April 20, 2020


Directors' Chat
Monday, April 20, 2020


  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Good afternoon!  Hope everyone is enjoying the sun today!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:What shall we talk about today?  Any new developments in your communities or at your libraries?

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Hi all! Just wondering if anyone has made any plans in light of school being closed for the rest of the year.

  Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District:Is anyone putting in one place all the ideas of stages for when we are able to open the library?

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Heights:Ellen, does IHLS have a timeframe for when they will be releasing information on handling materials via delivery.?

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Heights:@ Janet: I thought Shandi was working on a central place for opening ideas

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Janet---there are some resources here:

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I'm in the process of getting a temporary digital card application up on our website and trying to pull a modified summer reading together.

  Jackie CAMP:We had are first online board meeting today and it went well. They voted to cancel in person summer reading and do what we can to still provide a fun program

  Joan - Germantown:Just wondering when and how we'll get all our books back from school.  We are directly across the street from a K-8 and those classes visited our library weekly.  I'm guessing some books are in their building but a lot of them will be in the kids' homes.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jill, Susan is working on that and you'll get it as soon as we have something solid to share.  There is also a regional group (similar to the Governor's consortium) that is working on this.

  Scott - Lake Land College:We are discussing a library book return that will piggyback onto our textbook return process at the end of the semester

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We have plans for summer reading that will require at least curbside checkout.

  Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District:@Ellen - thanks!

  Brenda (Blue Ridge Twp Public Library):Does anyone have a good souce to purchase some PPE? We have very few supplies at this time.

  Julia, IHLS:I approx. 15 minutes Susan plans on being on the chat today.

  Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:I imagine that you will get some additional announcements from SHARE soon regarding materials out to students.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Brenda, not full on PPE, but we did get a communication from Staples late last week that they had cleaning supplies in stock.

  Jill Schardt - Edwardsville PL:We got this notice from Amazon and have been able to buy gloves and sanitizer from them: We have identified your Amazon Business account as potentially needing access to COVID-19 Supplies and have enabled COVID-19 Supplies for your account.

  Brenda (Blue Ridge Twp Public Library):I just checked Staples online and they are out of stock. I am concerned that we will not be able to get any supplies for the reopening.

  Shari Rawlings:Do You think libraries will open next fri.  May 1

  Anna-IHLS:I am pleased everyone is looking to the future as are we at IHLS. It would be nice if the clouds would part and we would all be given a clear path with best practices and 100%  sure way to guarantee everyones health and income. We can plan but so many things are yet unclear. Some of our answers will just have to com e in time. Even though that is quite annoying and frustrating.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Jill----that's great customer service.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Brenda---that's something that is being considered statewide,, that we will need proper cleaning supplies before we open up for business.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I would be very surprised if we're open to open May 1st. I'm guessing we might be able to have some sort of curbside, but not a full opening.

  Anna-IHLS:Since many people are probably bying books online, has  anyone thought about creating a list of books you would liek to purchase and asking people to buy them for the library and donating after they ahve read them?

  Brenda Gilpatrick-Red Bud Public:@ Bobbi.. I agree.

  Shari Rawlings:What all is needed for the proper cleaning supplies

  Kathleen Rister (Groff Memorial Public):Is anyone making fabric masks, if so, any suggestions on what is the most comfortable?  I hate how hot the stiff ones are, if we were even able to get them.  I'd like to be at least half way comfortable since we'll need to wear them.

  Anna-IHLS:@ Shari there are committees looking at that very question.

  Kathleen Bennett Catlin Public Library:I have looked on Amazon and the hand sanitizer is rather cost prohibitive. 

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Teresa. I would love information on temp digital cards!

  Jackie CAMP:@Teresa I would too please

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Lora - here is our temp card info :

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@b

  Shari Rawlings:I have talked to my board about not being able to do summer reading as usual , they are not happy. i told them be would come up with annotherr  way.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Bobbie, thanks.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Mine isn't active yet but here's the preview

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Shari, I would expect we might see limits on gatherings that might be helpful to your board.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I borrowed ideas from Bobbi and words from Marshall PL

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:We are needing cleaning supplies in our building as well. I can not imagine re opening on May 1st especially since numbers now in St Louis are beginning to climb

  Shari Rawlings:Thank ,I would love to show them

  Kathleen Bennett Catlin Public Library:I used the example from Vespasian but went through Google forms to make a registration form and then included a link for patrons.  It has been a steep learning curve for me but it has worked out so far.  I have added a dozen patrons since we posted the link last week.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Kathleen.  I think we've all picked up a skill or two over these last six weeks!

  Julia, IHLS:@Shari, They shared several ideas on Summer Reading discussion:

  Anna-IHLS:I had to break shelter in place to care for my daughter. What I found in the Chicago burbs were x were customers could stand at check outs, masks, gloves, plexiglass screens, curbside delivery and blocking cell phone usage inside Walmarts to not prolong the visit.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Mine is Google forms embedded in our site

  Jackie CAMP:We are having a guy do a "make your own balloon animal"class and we  are going to hand out the balloons and the kids can watch online how to do it from home.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jackie!   That sounds like fun!

  Kathleen Bennett Catlin Public Library:Great idea, Jackie!

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Jackie that is a great idea!

  Jackie CAMP:Thanks Sarah and I are trying

  Julia, IHLS:On Facebook I have enjoyed watching several  storytimes from libraries.

  Shari Rawlings:My staff and I are thinking on some on line activites for summer reading

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I hope you've all seen the information on the HR webinars that IHLS will be offering to our members at no charge.  If you haven't, here's the link:  The first one is this Thursday!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Anna I heard yesterday that as of today, all walmart employees now have to wear masks. I ve been shopping the DG and the local groc store looking for germ x and lysol wipes like everyone esle is. Online too. I might make my own--

  Shari Rawlings:Will we have to wear mask when we open

  Kathleen Rister (Groff Memorial Public):We don't have a website, just Facebook.  Is anyone else in the same situation, and if so, what are you planning for summer reading?

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Those story times are fun! Do you think you all will continue to read those stories even after we all go back to "normal" again?

  Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:For SHARE member libraries, we also have an online registration option. Please reach out to Dena Porter at for more information.

  Scott - Lake Land College:Make it yourself is probably the best way to get any decent quantity of hand sanitizer. Unless the guy who tried to corner the market down in Tennessee has started selling...

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Shari  I'd be prepared for that to be a best practice.  The goal will be the health and safety of both staff members and patrons.

  Jackie CAMP:Can we request patrons to wear mask in the library?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Jackie   That's a good question.  I would imagine that could be worked into policy for the time being---just the way you'd talk about wearing shoes or shirts in the library.  Does that make sense to the rest of you?

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:I have been reading lables too, some hand sanitizers do not have alcohol.. which is the disinfectant needed to clean away those germs.

  Jackie CAMP:That sounds like a program @Scott "today we show you how to make your own hand sanitizer" tune in at 11

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Jackie.. so true. see how far we've all come now. LOL

  Jackie CAMP:yes @Ellen,  my board was concerned we can't require it,

  Anna-IHLS:I have a feeling many of the protocols now in pace will continue with social distancing and masks and gloves. Unless they make some breakthrroughs in their understnding of this disease.

  Scott - Lake Land College:

  Kathleen Bennett Catlin Public Library:@Kathleen Rister :We just have FaceBook and have been getting a good response to the book readings , Paula, our library program staff member, has been posting.  We are planning on working through the FaceBook account if we do not have the SRP in person.

  Susan IHLS:HI! My apologies for being late. As far as IHLS delivery status, well, we are definitely off as long as the Governor Pritzker says shelter in place. I am on a national committee looking at what returning looks like for library delivery. We meet again on Thursday. That being said, I am wanting to gather a group of IHLS libraries to partner with delivery staff to begin to share what returning/opening looks like. The thing is that as information seems to change daily, we need to wait to establish solid guidelines.

  Susan IHLS:I would rather imagine ILL may not start the first week or so that libraries return. Or that is a question to be looked at.

  Scott - Lake Land College:We have a family friend who has made over 300 of those masks. That might be another shared activity...

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:300 masks .. that is amazing

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:If only there was a demonstration for how to make your own tp ...

  Susan IHLS:I know in our delivery we are looking at keeping our staff as safe as we can as well as taking care of what we can for our libraries. Cleaning supplies are in demand. I admit, we did not get a jump on ordering items ahead of this. Our stockpile is small. If you can even call it a stockpile.

  Jackie CAMP:Yes @ Scott

  Anna-IHLS:@Scott instead of a quilting party we can sponsor masking parties

  Jackie CAMP::)

  Julia, IHLS:It is wonderful that some of the libraries have used their 3D printers to make face shields for first responders.

  Susan IHLS:As far as TP, we have some natural Burdock growing in our yard out here in the country...jk.

  Kathleen Rister (Groff Memorial Public):Kathleen Bennett, do you just do children's books in your book readings?

  Scott - Lake Land College:OUCH

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:I have learned to make handkerchief and bandanna masks, mainly for my parents.. but tp??

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Ha-ha! @ JO

  Scott - Lake Land College:I think that anything we can do to help bring communities together is a good thing. Well, aside from doing "reopening" protests.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We'll probably do craft demos and give out the craft supplies each week.

  Scott - Lake Land College:Great idea @Bobbi

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Susan- so glad to hear you are a part of a national committee discussing best practices in this type of thing

  Kathleen Bennett Catlin Public Library:@Kathleen Rister: Yes, Paula is checking for copyright permission before she reads a book.  I think she said  you have to still inform the publisher when you plan to read the book.  She posted a program to replace our Easter program that was cancelled and she is doing the money smart program through FaceBook next.

  Tammy - Chester Public:Sparta, Red Bud, and Chester Libraries are participating in a fun event this week.  We are each encouraging  our communities to follow our Facebook pages to see which who can get the most new followers during National Library Week.  We all win because we are reaching new people and engaging our communities is a fun library competition.

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):Hi, @Jill and @Janet! I'm hopping in mid-discussion today. Here is the idea file for virtual programming and phased reopening:

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Susan. I could come up with stinging nettle! My lamb's ear has all died.

  Jackie CAMP:Yes @Bobbi we plan to do the same. We have been doing that here every week leaving about 20  or so crafts out and people are using them.

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):You can also find it on by clicking Resources for Librarians

  Scott - Lake Land College:@Lora - Um, no thanks...

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:I have an older staff- 60s up to 80s. I really don t think I can ask them to come back and work the front lines in a mask and gloves?? it is a dicey situation

  Shari Rawlings:Handing out craft supplies sound like a good idea

  Susan IHLS:@Lora... Lol! Love it. I may have the wrong name. It may be Lamb's ear. Much softer...

  Anna-IHLS:Tammy great idea

  Brenda (Blue Ridge Twp Public Library):Julie, I am in the same situation with older staff.

  Jill Pifer- Fairview Heights:Thanks Shandi

  Scott - Lake Land College:It's a touchy subject. You don't want to put people in harm's way.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Julie:  Acknowledging that we will all have to abide by statewide regulations, at the end of the day, libraries will have to do what's best for their staff and patrons.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Susan. Soft and fuzzy.

  Scott - Lake Land College:I have some PT staff who I would not really want doing that because of health issues.

  Julia, IHLS:Today we were talking about all the restaurants offering drive-thru and curbside service. It would be wonderful if all the libraies had a drive up window! Maybe something to think about if you build an addition to the library.

  Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District:@Shandi - thanks!

  Kathleen Rister (Groff Memorial Public):I posted a series of pictures on Facebook last week that I took on a trip to the Japanese garden at the St. Louis Botanical Garden a couple of years ago and invited people to go on a staycation to Japan with the library.  I'm going to do China, Michigan and a couple of other places.

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Tammy I think that is a great idea! The more followers the better!

  Kathleen Bennett Catlin Public Library:Paula started a trivia contest about the Catlin community on FaceBook.  The first correct responder for each question will go into a drawing for a local gift card that will be drawn at the end of the month.  We have had a pretty good response to it so far.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I believe that Carbondale Public is doing Trivia this week, aren't you, Diana?

  Scott - Lake Land College:@Kathleen that is great. We all need to se some different scenery these days...

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Kathleen Rister and Kathleen Bennet those sound great!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:I just started a challenge activity with my young adult book club group last week via our groups email accounts along with their parents

  Jackie CAMP:great ideas

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Julie!  Nice----what are they reading or talking about?

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:we are doing challenges everyweek that require us all to stay home and still be able to solve the problem. winners recieve an envelope from me in the mail with a few fun things inside.

  Julia, IHLS:The theme for National Library Week 2020, "Find your place at the library,"

  Lora - Ogden Rose:My Friends group is starting a Zoom Book Club tomorrow.

  Shari Rawlings:We are going   to have teen  redesign a book cover of their favorite book and send to us. they will get a prize

  Julia, IHLS:is now Find Your Place at the Library

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Last week we were supose to be reading about Jackie Robinson- so I had them in their own art meduim create something honoring Jackie Robinson as a great American Hero- It was fun. this week we are doing word puzzles as a change of pace. One of our library board members came up with great word pussles to use.

  Brenda (Blue Ridge Twp Public Library):We hosted a  Safe at Home Trivia Night partnered with the local fire department on Facebook. It was very well received, no prizes......just fun! Our Community will be celebrating it's 150th anniversary this summer and we are posting old photos of the community as well.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:I love to hear what everyone else is doing with their libraries. It helps me come up with ideas for us as well.

  Tracy:We just has a breakout at the Mcdonalds in the town over.  I have said this fr om the beginning, drive though, curb pickup should have been nixed right away.  Who knows how many customers have been infected

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@ Julie, I agree. 

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Awesome, @ Brenda!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Tracy, where are you?

  Jackie CAMP:Love it Brenda

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I remember that someone mentioned a drive-up window 30 years ago when we added on. We all laughed. (We didn't have the space to do it anyway.)

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Tracy I heard that too,, and yet  I ordered carry out twice this weekend.  It is not sinking in yet.. that this might not be a good idea. torn between wanting to help businesses out and also needing to drive somewhere just for  a few minutes.

  Anna-IHLS:@Brenda sounds lovely and a great community partnering event

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Julia, I think  they adjusted the NLW theme to now read:  Find the Library at Your Place.

  Susan IHLS:Chillicothe PL has a drive up window. It was done probably over 10 years ago. Very popular with their patrons.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:New Athens is an old bank, they might have one.

  Anna-IHLS:@Susan we had one at the last libray I worked at as well as 24 hour lockers. The window by far was the most popular.

  Susan IHLS:@Anna, I think the locker idea is intriguing. Shandi shared that Wang Gang is doing that.

  Julia, IHLS:@Ellen, yes. My computer had a glitch so only the first  part got posted and then I finished it. Monday morning tech issues

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2: I would love a drive thru window now lol==

  Scott - Lake Land College:I saw a great Twitter post that mentioned Anne Frank staying in hiding for two years when talking about people complaining about the current shelter in place situation.  It was pretty humbling. Even more so when some of the responders didn't know who was being talked about...

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Our village will be 150 this year, too. I think I will steal your idea, @Brenda.

  Susan IHLS:And you know for delivery, that would be awesome as well. We had looked into lock boxes for schools since schools have always been challenging going through halls with students etc. Hmmmm.

  Shari Rawlings:Library drive  up window would be great, wish we had one

  tracy:Im in Mt. OLive, it happened in Litchfield.

  Ellen/IHLS:Thanks, Tracy!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Scott.. that is so true. I will have to go dig my Anne Franke up.. Shock and shamed that they did not know who Anne Franke was...

  Anna-IHLS:@Susan it was a little problematic with people not picking up items. We even extende the number of days the items would stay in the lockers pending ick-up. We would also have people desperately trying to contact the library at 1am because they forgot the code to open the locker.

  Susan IHLS:@Annna good to know!

  Scott - Lake Land College:It was definitely an OMG moment for me.

  Ellen/IHLS:I think volume would play into that as well.  Might work for some, but not for everyone.  Lockers, I mean.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Scott this is a sad commentary--

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Mahomet has lockers!

  Anna-IHLS:@Susan. I think eachcommunity is different. Barrington Public Library ahs a huge district and they have locker pick-up locations at two of three locations. That system has worked well for them

  Jackie CAMP:Scott that is crazy they did not know who Anne Frank was first of all, but that really puts things in perspective.

  Mahomet John H:Yes we have lockers.  But we are not doing them at this time so as to not encourage people to go out for non-essential items.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Scott this is a sad commentary-- Anne Franke in hiding for so long and a lady from Michigan I think last week complaining to newscameras  we should end the shutown because she wanted to go back to work and get her hair done.. I was taken aback. when I saw this..

  Mahomet John H:But if y'all have any questions about them happy to answer them

  tracy:Does anyone happened to have any old or disguarded Librabry book cards that they wouldnt mind sending to me?  Just a shot in the dark, before ording some. 

  Michelle Barclay Public Library:I am hoping they will allow porch drop off eventually. We are small, so we could do it

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):Yesterday, my family and I participated in a Virtual Soup Sunday, a tradition we have where every couple of months someone hosts and makes soup and then we all hang out and enjoy each other's company. For our virtual event, we each made our own soup and then we chatted about what the soups we each made, how we made them, and what iss going on in our lives. I thought I'd share because this could easily be adapted for a virtual cookclub club event.

  Ellen/IHLS:At Tracy, if you don't find help during this chat, the exchange list would be a great spot for that questions.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Tracy- I will look. I am not due to visit our library again till Thursday to do timesheets but I will gladly look for you-

  Donald, Philo:@Tracy,  are new ones ok, and where to send?  I might have a box of unused new ones.

  Scott - Lake Land College:On a brighter note, I did have an off-the-wall thought the other day that when libraries reopen, we should have "sanitized for your protection" bands around the books...

  Ellen/IHLS:Shandi, that's really fun.  I know the Arthur Public Library did cooking classes for kids---wonder if they could take those online?

  Mahomet John H:@Scott Funny but not a bad idea....

  Jackie CAMP:haha Scott

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@ Scott, good idea

  Susan IHLS:@Scott...great idea!

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Shandi, I like that!

  tracy:Donald, that would be aweome! Our address is 100 N Plum St, Mt Olive, IL 62069

  Anna-IHLS:@Scott, I love that. It could add humor and reassurance at the same time.

  tracy:Ellen, where can I find the exchange list.  I am fairly new.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Shandi- I love that idea. Last week for my birthday- family and friends were invited to do a dance off-- It was so much fun. We picked a winner and I mailed them a gift card. great memories since we had to forgo the big party route that was being planned long befoe the shutdown

  Ellen/IHLS:I'll send you the link, Tracy!

  Julia, IHLS:you can sign up for the listserv here:

  Ellen/IHLS:Thanks, Julia!

  tracy:Thank you!!

  Shari Rawlings:thannks for sharing your ideas

  Scott - Lake Land College:Stay safe, everyone.

  Mahomet John H:@Jackie we did that live two summers ago with balloon animals and it was a lot of fun.  The biggest issue is blowing up the balloons.  It is HARD to do by mouth and most kids probably won't be able to do it.

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Shandi I like the Cooking Club idea!

  Ellen/IHLS:Have a great week!  We'll be back on Thursday!

  Marsha A-HPLD:Enjoyed all the ideas!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton 2:Glad to talk to you all - Stay safe everyone

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Thank you.

  Anna-IHLS:Bye, see you all Thursday.

  Donald, Philo:bye y'all

  Sarah-Camrgo Township District Library:Have a great week everyone! Stay safe!

  Kay Burrous  Xouth Macon:Thank you!!!

  tracy:See you all on Thursday!

  Jackie CAMP:John we are going to get a pump

  Jackie CAMP:and hope they can get them home without popping them

  Kathleen Rister (Groff Memorial Public):Tracy, I have new ones I can send.  Shoot me an email at with your address.

  tracy:Ok Kathleen, Thank You!