TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - April 27, 2020


Directors' Chat
Monday, April 27, 2020


  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Good afternoon, everyone!  Hope your weekend was a relaxing one!

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:Same to you Ellen.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:What's on your mind today?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):hellos

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Let's talk about curbside pick up services?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Has anyone implemented yet and what are you suggested for best practices or procedures?

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:I'm switching gears...starting to work on adding online resources and working on the budget for next year.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):We are going to start implementing it in the middle of may, but I want to gather ideas or confirm the ideas in my head

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I've learned a lesson in this. Don't set Address Check to same date as expiration in Polaris. When our expiring cards were renewed globally, our patrons are still blocked.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Diana, online resources will be increasingly important, I believe.

  Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial:We are a city library and I was informed Friday that I had to lay off our part-time staff.  So now, I am really an army of one.  Those were hard phone calls to make.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Teresa, Thanks for that heads up.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I'm so sorry to hear that Kathleen

  Lindsey (Wood River):My board will be making that call tomorrow as well, Kathleen...

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I'm sure they were, Kathleen.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Gasp! Oh no....

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:I agree, on line resources are going to be very important in the days ahead as already witnessed by all of us

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Do they know that they might have to pay them unemployment though?

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:@Ellen, I think they are going to play a very important role in our future!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Gonna be paying either way...

  Debby Nokomis Public:Sorry, you had to do that, Kathleen!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Kathleen- that is terrible news

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I believe that was Phil's point wasn't it.... that the library will pay them one way or another through library funds or unemployment

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):is that right?

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:How many in that situation so far?

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Lindsey Good luck!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Lindsey- it is a tough thing to have to think about-

  Lindsey (Wood River):My board felt this was a way they could potentially get the extra stimulus money...

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):My board voted to pay through May. Revisit during April or May meeting for June and July's payroll.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Bill, do you mean layoffs or furloughs?

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:My situation is the same as Lindsey's too

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):My board did same as Shelley's

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Ellen, isn't it true, that if they are layed off, the library may still have to pay for them through unemployment if they are a riembursing employer?

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:We are looking at modest hour cuts over furloughs to start

  Mahomet John H:I asked at the HR session last week whether paying unemployment was "as expensive" as just paying the staff in the first place.  The answer was, probably not as expensive but there are a lot of reasons you may want to avoid doing it.

  Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial:Thank you all! I looked at PPP this morning, but I don't think local governments are covered by that, are they?

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:My board has been business as usual, everyone stay home and no word or change on pay even with the latest EC.. We are all being paid our normal schedule for the duration as far as I know

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Shelley, no legal or HR degree here, but Phil did say that a layoff would impact unemployment rates.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):We are exploring reducing hours if taxes don't come in fully. So far our county is looking good. They've been working with the state a lot I guess... No one knows for sure thorugh

  Mahomet John H:Or we could do what my son's company is doing to my son - continue but cut hours to just a few per week so he can't claim unemployment and they don't have to pay much.  AKA being a scumbag employer.

  Lindsey (Wood River):I thought those who's hours were reduced could get unemployement

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Mahomet John. Exactly this is why I highly recommend that you all tell your board members that you may have to pay them either way. But it is true it won't be as much as they get paid if they were working. I know that from experience. Was on unemployment once between jobs.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:John-- I agree! that is terrible for your son and anyone else who is going through it

  Mahomet John H:We have not paid anything for unemployment since I arrived because it has been so long since we had a claim.  That would change if we furloughed/laid people off.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):That's fine Ellen! I know you can't give legal advice. I was just curious about what phil said.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Mahomet John. Unfortunately we are looking into becoming a "scumbag employer". . . . But i think taking it month by month is the right way to go personally.

  Alyson:@ Ellen - Has IHLS considered an "official stance" on whether or not libraries should offer curbside?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I still think it's better to cut hours than cut employees.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Here's the link to Phil's opinion:

  Louis Shaw - Carrier Mills-Stonefort PL:With the Covid-19 stimulus, people on unemployment can potentially draw substantially more than they made while working.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Lindsey. Good question. I've been wondering about this too. Does anyone know about that. Can they apply for unemployment if they make under a certain amount but are employed.

  Ramona Witte:Phil Lenzzini's legal opinion, as he stated, is to not do curbside.  Too much liability involved.

  Lindsey (Wood River):the city's HR said yes. I just dont know what amount of cutting

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Lindsey  HR---yes to cuts in staff????

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Oh really! @Ramona. ... oof. We are planning on starting curbside pick up in May. Maybe I should warn my board about that before we start those services.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Can we make them sign a waiver before doing curbside pick up that they won't sue us if they get sick?????

  Mahomet John H:I read a longer opinion that Phil sent to a librarian friend in RAILS.  I can't share it in its entirety but he seems VERY opposed to libraries offering curbside service.  One of his issues is if a patron claims to get COVID from the library  we may not have any insurance that covers us.

  Lindsey (Wood River):@Ellen they said if you cut a staff member's hours they can file for unemployement for the difference

  Alyson:@ Ellen - Confirming IHLS's opinion is to not offer curbside based on Phil's response.

  Ramona Witte:His legal opinion on curbside, word for word, is on the IHLS website.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:My Board president is wanting me to take appointments for patrons to come in, one at a time for a 15 min. period to check out materials. Masks required, only enough staff to check items out.

  Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial:Does anyone know the particulars of how the stimulus effects unemployment rates people will get?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Mahomet JOhn. Hmmmmm good question. Maybe I should check with my insurance? We do have liability insurance, but not sure if it covers that.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:This is what we received from Phil Lenzini regarding curbside service:

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Romona. Ok I'll take a look at that. I better have the library have a meeting about it and vote on it before we officially offer curbside pick up then!

  Mahomet John H:On the positive side for those who really want to offer some services, Ancel Glink has written an article that affirms that local governments do have the authority to consider themselves "essential" under the existing Stay at Home order.

  Mahomet John H:Let me see if I can find a link to that article.

  Ramona Witte:His legal opinion covers any library service while the state is in stay-at-home orders.  He goes into details about that, and how libraries are NOT exempt from the stay-at-home order.  In his legal opinion.

  Mary-Benld:The Governor is going to be intereviewed on WSMI (Litchfield) tomorrow.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Shelley- I would also check with your health dept and see what your numbers  of cases are in your county as well.. and see what their opinion is to do curbside

  Mahomet John H:@Ramone Ance Glink's opinion opposes Phil's

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Mary- that 's great, I will have to look for that-

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Has anyone found a source for purchasing Lysol and wipes?

  Louis Shaw - Carrier Mills-Stonefort PL:Kathleen.  The stimulus adds a flat $600 a week to whatever the person would otherwise get.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Here's the information from Ancil Glink:

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Remember, it is not uncommon for attorneys to have differing opinions.

  Lindsey (Wood River):a week? I thought it was just a flat amount to their stimulus amount. so instead of $1200 they'd get $1800 one time

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Julie. That is a fantastic idea.

  Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial:Louis, so it doesn't matter how many hours the person worked, etc.?  I had read about the $600, but wasn't sure if that was across the board coverage for everyone.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:I am torn- staying at home and doing some sort of porch drop off-- but my board has firmly said to shelter in place. In that regard, I am doing quite a bit of mailing to our different groups- storytime and YABC- like color sheets, stickers, etc overall just reaching out to them letting them know we are still here.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I'm going to check with insurance and them. And then probably put it to a vote for the board. I don't want to be solely responsible if someone gets sick. (Sorry my board, I love you all).

  Kristina Benson-Du Quoin:All legal opinions were offered prior to the E.O. being filed.  The one I reviewed yesterday was 15 pages long.  I think we should wait for the attorneys to disagree some more.

  Kristi Lear:I spoke with a nurse at the Sangamon County Health Department this morning about curbside pickup.  She seemed very surprised we were even considering it.  She said that as long as the stay at home order was in effect, we should not be offering curbside service.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:RAILS also did a very nice piece about questions to consider prior to instituting curbside service.  You might take a look:

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):No confirmed cases in our county, but the board is supporting stay closed, just make plans for how to reopen

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Michele, we are going to make lysol wipes and hand sanitizer- IF my materials come in from Amazon before June that is.

  Mahomet John H:Now, our situation is a little different from most because we have 24-hour pickup hours that allow us to provide materials without any human contact.  My plan subject to change is to re-open those lockers starting next Monday.

  Shando Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):@Kristina, you're right, as the Executive order hasn't been filed yet. The wording could change between now and Thursday.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@John, we'll all be interested to know how it goes!

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:John-- could you explain briefly what a "locker " is for Libraries?

  Mahomet John H:One of my thoughts is that by providing reading materials, we are actually encouraging people to stay home.  We are starting to get emails from patrons who don't watch TV and for whom books are their main entertainment.  They are getting desperate after almost 6 weeks of closure.  I wonder if we are actually encouraging stay-at-home by making those books available, especially since there is practically zero chance of transmission of the virus via our lockers.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Julie, I am going to reach out to you on how to do that.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Krisit- I appreciate you sharing that info- I bet healthcare workers in the middle of this crisis must think we librarians are crazy for wanting to be out in this health crisis.

  Jill Schardt- Edwardsville Public Library:@Kathleen - IL's unemployment is a percentage of your income and the federal piece is an additional $600 per week

  Susan IHLS:@John, how cool! Quick question, would you be able to share your plan of what you are going to do with the returned items? Quarantine or wipe down or both? Just curious. Have seen chatter about this on a couple of different groups I am part of.

  Mahomet John H:Our lockers are located on the east wall just past our drive-up book drop.  We place materials in them by request. The patrons gives us a 4 digit code to use.  When they enter that code, their locker only opens automatically and they can retirieve their materials.,

  Mahomet John H:We have 13 lockers total, and each can hold 5-6 hardcover books.

  Mahomet John H:As long as we continue not to take returns, I feel the lockers are a safe method of sharing materials.  Of course, they can only get what we have on the shelves, but that is still 90% of our collection.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:michelle- google is faster though- I checked with the CDC on what their guidelines are then googled a recipe for what I need  and yet still following those guidelines

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Thanks John- that is interesting.. Lockers.

  Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial:Thank you, Jill!  I was worried if the federal part was based on hours worked, it wouldn't be much.  The part-time staff don't get very many hours here.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):So no one has started curbside pick up then? I take it.

  Mahomet John H:Not accepting returns yet.  Did everyone see this article about Columbus PL and OCLC hiring a company to research how long viruses last on 25 different types of library materials?

  Jill Schardt- Edwardsville Public Library:@ Kathleen - we had to furlough 25 staff and I was at least relieved to know they were receiving this extra money

  Julia, IHLS:@John, I am not promoting this, but are lockers similar to this Kiosk I saw advertised:

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:I am encouraging everyone to visit some of the free little libraries in our area for books. Our library is in the process of having one of these made-- Once it is ready to go, we will put it outside the buidlign for all who need it., It might be one of the best things to come fout of this pandemic

  Mahomet John H:Note that they do not have results of those tests yet, but hopefully these tests will lead to good guidance on handling library materials being returned by patrons.

  Mahomet John H:@Julia yes, looks very similar

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Julie- I had a recipe for mixing aloe vera with alcohol but when I priced alcohol it was $70. a bottle on Amazon. So I need a supplier who is affordable if anyone knows of one?

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:I am soory to hear that, Jill

  Anna- IHLS:If you do not have anything but on street parking how might you deliver curbside?

  Shando Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):I'm not letting my child use Free Little Libraries right now. There's no way to know how long materials have been in there or what they came in contact with. That's just this mom's perspective, though.

  Mahomet John H:We were able to get (surgical not 95) masks through Amazon, and nitrile gloves.  Through our business account.  Disinfectant and wipes are still scarce.

  Julia, IHLS:You may want to check with your local distillery. We have a local one that is making hand sanitizer.

  Susan IHLS:@John, thank you for that article. I am actually in a group that is working with IMLS/OCLC/Battelle. We are part of one for just Illinois as well as one for the midwest area. Let me find the press release. I think within two weeks or so, there will be a document coming from these groups (nationwide) that will give guidance.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Julia, thank you for that info.

  Susan IHLS:

  Tammy Krouse (Edwards County Schools):I am at a school library and I have been sending out books when students request them in our local card catalog.  We are using online instruction for 6-12, but K-5 receive bi-weekly packets.  I send the books with their packets or if they get lunch from the school, I can send them in that method.  Books and packets are returned in bags.  I let the books set on our tables for 3 days and then check them in and shelve them.  I set the lessons I need to grade in a box in the sun on my front porch for about half the day (longer if I forget!0

  Mahomet John H:@Susan I knew we could depend on you.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Michelle, wow- yes that was a huge rip off- You need isophyl ( spelling) alcohol and aloe vera- CDC it has to be at least 60 percent alcohol to be effective in hand sanitizer. I also have a grad  student daughter (Biology) to help me with this mad science stuff .LOL

  Susan IHLS:@John, thanks for the smile! And I love the idea of the lockers. A local restaurant is using them for food pickup. And I have noticed lockers in Home Depot. Think it is a great idea/service. 24/7.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Lockers might be the new wave!

  Mahomet John H:Yeah I got lucky the library I took over had them already.  As everyone frets about curbside, I feel I have a better solution that is safer for all involved.

  Julie Jarman/Staunton:Shando- that is a great point- I do encourage everyone to wipe them down before using anything out of the free littel libraries here but you are right- It could be taking a chance of coming into contact with this virus

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Thanks, Julie!

  Mahomet John H:@Tammy at the moment, I think the 3 day quarantine is the most sensible way to handle books.  Everntually, we will have better answers thanks to Susan

  Mahomet John H:s task force, but until then...

  Susan IHLS:I know many moons ago, we looked into locked drop boxes (outdoors) for a possible solution for libraries that access was limited. It would be contactless. Simply put the tubs out, then the delivery drivers would retreive and leave a tub for the library. Especially helpful with schools and their different schedules. Maybe that is an idea to revisit.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): @Anna. We have a parking lot besides the street. I would give the patrons a designated time to pick up so they aren't running into each other.

Ramona Witte: Do you plan on sanitizing the places people touch the lockers, after each touch?

Anna- IHLS: When we all reopen just imagine how sparkly clean everything will be. This is amazing, everything will be cleaner than it has been since our doors first opened.

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Michelle, you are welcome. email me if you have any questions- We can learn it all together.

Mahomet John H: We will sanitize the outside of the lockers several times per day.

Mahomet John H: And encourage people to use a pencil eraser on the keypad.

Ramona Witte: Good work!

Teresa Pennington (Paris): @Anna - assuming there are enough disinfectent and cleaning supplies

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): lots of cleaning is happening for sure! I know it's overkill but I've been wiping down bookcovers for my own safety between returns.

Mahomet John H: So as we start to look forward to re-opening, how do people plan to deal with employees who don't feel safe coming to work yet?

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Shelley- Me too, lots of cleaning, lots of wipes, and lysol spray,,

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Shelley, I don't know that wiping down the covers is overkill.

Mahomet John H: If we were accepting returns, and had the materials, we would wipe them down.

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): well even if it is...better safe than sorry right!!

Anna- IHLS: @Teresa, good point. I think in a few significant ways we will learn a few lessons and things will be better than they were before. May not be immediate but I am optimisitic  about new models of service.

Jill Pifer: I am considering a variation of a "little free library"  after May 1.  I am not planning on doing curbisde but I have some shelvingon rollers that I could roll outside a couple times a week. A sign that says please take but we DO NOT want them back.  

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): Like I said that part is more for me than anyone else because I'm touching them. I do wear gloves and switch often too. Need more gloves though....

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Plexiglass- I asked our city this question last week before the latest EO.. is anyone going to put plexiglass up around their circ desks when we do go back to re opening? I am still wating on the city to see what they are going to do.

Leslie Bednar: @Jill P, that's a good way to move those book sale books that tend to stick around a long time!

Mahomet John H: @Jill I suggested that to my leadership team but they were horrified that people would paw through them and then leave them on the cart/table.

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): Well if anyone does implement curbside pick up please email me at  I just called our insurance and local health department to see what the risks are before making any decisions and then I'll present that to the board.

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin: @Julie yes we are constructing a plexiglass guard.  I would like it to look like a vintage post office desk.

Leslie Bednar: It's kind of like being at the grocery store these days, use caution...

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Jill- I love that idea.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library: I am looking into pricing a plexiglass barrier

Jill Pifer: @Susan IHLS: I know you've been to meetings on delivery models.  DO you see a reccomendation on this specific aspect of handling books. Let sit for 3 days in a container  then pull out, checkin and shelve or let sit for 3 days, wipe with sanitizing wipe, dry checkin.  I have seen manyu people who skip the sanitizing wipe if they let them sit 3 days'

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Kristina- that would be a great look

Bill from Mt. Vernon: For gloves, try auto parts store. I had some success in finding them there. But that was a couple weeks ago.

Teresa Pennington (Paris): I ordered 2 plexiglass free-standing units and am considering some makeshift ones using poster frames and sign holders. Going to experiment

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): Questions about this chat. This has been asked before but I usually take screenshots. But today I want the whole thing! Can we get transcriptions of these chats somewhere. (sorry if I'm a broken record).

Ellen Popit/IHLS: The transcripts are included on the COVID-19 section of the IHLS website.

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): yay! Thank you so much.

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): you guys at IHLS are doing an awesome job by the way!

Jill Pifer: I saw a modified plexiglass barrier this weekend that did not require drilling into your desk to afix.  It was a bloack of wood and your determined length.  A space for the plexiglass was routtered out and then they slid the plexiglass in (plesiglass height your determination).  This makes it mobile and allows it to flex with yoru various phases of opening.

Mahomet John H: There is a company in Champaign that will custom make clear plastic barriers - I thought fairly reasonable.

Mahomet John H: Will try to find that link.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @John, thanks for sharing that if you can find it.

Julie Jarman/Staunton:  I am now hesitant to even reopen to the public with out some barrier in place now.. weird, a few weeks ago, I thought this was overkill..

Anna- IHLS: I don't mean to be a downer  and I know it was discussed a little earlier but who  amongst us has furloughed or laid off employees?

Julia, IHLS: The archive of the transcripts are on the COVID-19 page:  just scroll down a little

Mahomet John H: So far we are paying everyone for their scheduled hours.

Jill Pifer: @ Ellen Popit: IS there any reason that we can't do these via Zoom? One a week and present on a topic.  Maybe directors would choose to lead a topic.  The chat would still be active but people coudl follow the conversation easier

Julie Jarman/Staunton: YES. IHLS you all are doing a great job, Thank you for being here for all of us while we meander our way through this.

Leslie Bednar: @Jill P, what do you want to present on? Hahaha

Leslie Bednar: But seriously, we are open to everyone's input

Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library: Julie, we are all evloving with the situation.

Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial: Anna, Groff laid off three part-time.

Jill Pifer: @ Anna Fairview Heights furloughed 6 people as of 4/6.  I am down to 3 staff working remotely 20 hours and myself

Susan IHLS: @Jill...So far, the quarantining items seems to be the way that many libraries are using in their re-open plans. I think as the time gets closer for re-opening in Illinois, there will be more definitive guidelines. The IMSL/CDC did a wonderful webinar, seems like ages ago now, let me find that link.

Jill Schardt- Edwardsville Public Library: @jill Did you see those at the post officee?  I did!  We are having 9 of those made

Mahomet John H: This is a lot of people for a zoom meeting

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): @Julia. Thank you!

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: Forsyth Public Library has furloughed 3 part-time employees.  (out of 8 total employees)  There is a special meeting on Thursday to discuss further action now that the mandate has been extended.  

Jill Pifer: I saw the IMLS webinar

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): I might share with my board the transcripts if they need me to back up what I'm saying for whatever reasons.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @Jill, that question comes up on a regular basis and gets revisited.  We put that question out since these meetings have started.  With some people there seems to be a preference for this chat format and people seem to like the transcript.  That being said, we can always be flexible.

Jill Pifer: I am looking for specific guidance on needing to wipe an item down after it has sat for 3 days.  Not necessary?

Mahomet John H: @Susan the CDC/IMLS webinar wasn't very helpful re: dealing with materials.  The CDC guy did not seem to understand that most library books are wrapped in plastic.  He did make me feel better though, that the CDC is not worried about transmission via paper.

Susan IHLS: @Jill, I don't have a definitive answer for you. It seems though that the CDC feels for plastic, 3 days is sufficient.

Janet Jenkins: This is was School Library Journal posted if it helps about wiping down materials:

Jill Pifer: @ Leslie I can talk on anything probably but I do the ARSL Zoom at 1pm on Thursdays.  That is their structure.  2 members host a topic and then others can pop in if they have stuff to share.  Easier to follow for sure

Brenda (Blue Ridge Twp. Library): this is the company I used in Champaign for a plexiglass desk sheild, resonable priced and quick service

Susan IHLS: IMLS is working with OCLC and Battelle to produce some guidance. I think researching how long the virus lasts on different surfaces, would be the way to go. I am not trying to be vague...there is just so much information that keeps changing.

Kathleen Rister, Groff Memorial: I have been checking the books in that are put in our dropbox. and then spraying them down with Lysol.  After that has dried, I flip them and spray the other side and edges.  Then I let them sit for at least three days.  I figure an abundance of caution is better.  

Leslie Bednar: @Jill P, having a focus would certainly be easier to follow. How far in advance do the set  the topic?

Susan IHLS:

Jill Pifer: @ Susan: I know RAILS is in on that Batelle trial.  IS there a timeframe for when they expect to have first results?

Julie Jarman/Staunton: I do the same as Kathleen-

Susan IHLS: Also, I believe if you record a zoom session, the chat is recorded as well.

Jill Pifer: @ Leslie: I believe a week.  They don't seem to know what it is and kind of decide at teh end of the session what those attending want to focus on next

Susan IHLS: @Jill I am on the group as well, however was not aware of the Battelle trial. I will reach out to RAILS.

Anna- IHLS: @Jill maybe we can do one like this and one via Zoom. I know when Rails does a Zoom session they mute everyone but the speaker and then ask questions after from chat  and questions..

Mahomet John H: I'm 80% sure that this is the company in Champaign that will build a custom sneeze guard at a reasonable price.  I want to say that the library I talked to paid about $150 for a 36" x 48" piece with stand.

Mahomet John H:

Anna- IHLS: Should we look at changing our Thursday session so it doesnt conflict with ARSL?

Susan IHLS:

Jill Pifer: @ Anna I like that model too but it defintely relies on a person who is monitoring the chat diligently. Catlaoging does their Zoom meetings this way

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Thanks John-

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Any additional format input from other attendees?

Jill Pifer: @Anna I actually do both at once since this is chat I just bounce back and forth but it would make me feel less schizo for sure :)

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Thanks John

Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library: Thank you for that info, John

Jill Pifer: @ JIlls: I saw them at Dierbergs

Ellen Popit/IHLS: Hopefully, we'll get back to the original schedule for these meetings, which was one per month on the first Wednesday.

Mahomet John H: I think Zoom works well when you have a presenter or with a small group.  I would be concerned how it would work with a group of 60 and no speaker.

Mahomet John H: @Ellen, I think you can see from the participation that people are still fining these more regular discussions valuable.  I will be glad to get back to normal schedule because it will mean that the world has gotten back to somewhat normal.

Don, Philo: I feel that this format actually allows for more participation.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: @John.  Absolutely!  I think the networking that these have offered in whatever format we've used, Zoom or Chat has been invaluable to all of us.

Julie Jarman/Staunton:  Don- I agree. plus I can go back after the session and read the  transcript for anything I missed right away.

Teresa Pennington (Paris): I'm viewing so many webinars and zoom things that this chat is a relief

Brenda.Gilpatrick-Red Bud Public Library: @Theresa-No kidding. They are all running together!

Kathleen Bennett  - Catlin Public LD: As the discussion progresses, I just copy and paste in a word file the information that I need to refer back to after the chat.  I am able to get the links that are so very helpful this way, too.  I think the chat works well for me.

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): Got advice from a board member. I'm going to present what Phil said about curbisde and see what they say. I don't we will need to, but we will have a special meeting if need be.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: We're almost at 2:00, is there anything specific you'd like to see brought up for discussion on Thursday?

Don, Philo: Good to see and hear from everyone.  Stay healthy.

Teresa Pennington (Paris): anyone hear more about the nonresident temp cards that someone mentioned last time?

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): thanks everyone for your advice and help! I would have instituted curbside pick up in May if someone hadn't shared their information with me about the liability. yeesh. thank god for these chats.

Ellen Popit/IHLS: We can do that, Teresa!

Diana_CentraliaRLD: I'd be interested in knowing what online resources other libraries have for their patrons.

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): love you all my book lover friends. stay safe, healthy and happy reading!

Teresa Pennington (Paris): thanks

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): thank you everyone!

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Good luck Shelley- I think everyone is checking those infection rate numbers in their area, weighing all the risks, and making an informed decision about curbside

Debby Nokomis Public: Thank you! Have a good week everyone!

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Thanks everyone. I always learn something from these discussions

Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library): Exactly what I'm trying to do Julie. I'm looking at that, talking to insurance, left a message with the county health department. no official decisions had been made. it was only in the pre-planning stages luckily.

Peggy MVE: Thank you

Mahomet John H: Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Keep us posted what you all decide Shelley

Susan IHLS: @John, hopefully there will be more definitive answers as we get closer to a true re-opening date. Frustrating, I know.

Mahomet John H: Indeed Susan.  But good to know someone is leading on this.  I got very frustrated with the IMLS webinar because it seemed like they had the right expert and he didn't understand the questions.

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Teresa- IHLS sent out an email- check there or see if you can reach Dena at IHLS- for more info on this non resident temp card

Lora - Ogden Rose: Does anyone see a need for significant changes in their budget for the next fiscal year? That is what i

Lora - Ogden Rose: *I would like to discuss next time.

Julie Jarman/Staunton: Budgets for next time Lora- fun times. LOL

Bill from Mt. Vernon: I'd like that also. Will libraries to get the Property Tax money we expect?

Lora - Ogden Rose: I know. I am supposed to have my budget in place for my next board meeting.

Mahomet John H: Bill now is the time to talk to your county.  All of the taxing bodies in our county joined together to write a letter asking the county NOT to delay tax bills due to the impact on schools, libraries, fire depts etc.

Susan Mullen, Herrin City Library: Thank you

Lora - Ogden Rose: John, are you in Champaign County?

Anna- IHLS: Since I am not seeing any action here, I think we may be done. Thank you all for joining us and keep well see you Thursday.