TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - April 30, 2020


Directors' Chat
Thursday, April 30, 2020


  Anna_IHLS:Welcome all! Hope you are getting this beautiful sunshine where you are.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:Took a short walk after lunch

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Chilly and gloomy here

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:sunny & breezy in Centralia. Cool in the shade, warm in the sun.

  Debby Nokomis Public:Sunny, but windy here.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:How's everyone doing at the end of a long and very busy week?

  Deb -- Doyle Library, Raymond:Hanging in there!  I saw that a Springfield library is offering curb service?

  Anna_IHLS:Deb do you know which one?

  Deb -- Doyle Library, Raymond:I'll look it up!

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:Maybe the benefit from other libraries doing curb service early is that they will share all the things learned.  Good and bad

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:We do know that curb service for a number of libraries will begin in the near future.

  Anna_IHLS:I know that the Sangamon County libraries are trying to keep in touch and their county health officias nixed curbside from what I heard.

  Deb -- Doyle Library, Raymond:oops, Springfield, MO.  Sorry for the confusion.

  Connie Fitzgerald:And virtual libraries. Not sure what that looks like yet.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Connie, do you think that has to do with e-resources?

  Beth Fuchs:Question:  How do we deal with an employee who refuses to come to work but still wants paid?

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):NOTE: Want to change the chat text size on your screen? Click the MENU  ICON in the top right corner of your Adobe Connect window (looks like 4 lines and an arrow) and select TEXT SIZE

  Connie Fitzgerald:Yes, definitely. And some new ones. Again, no details yet.

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Thank you Shandi- that is so much better now-- :)

  Tracy  Mt. Olive PL:Hi Julie!

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Hi Tracy!!

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:THANK YOU SHANDI :)

  Anna_IHLS:@Deb yes Missouri seems to be opening up sooner than we plan to.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:We have a new director on this chat and that is Doug Roberts who has taken over as Director of the Robinson Public LIbrary District in Crawford County.  Doug, this is a great place for questions and networking.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Oof that's a good question Beth. I think that depends on is it because of a health reason or is it because they just don't want to work and I don't even know if you could ask that either.

  Tracy  Mt. Olive PL:Beth, I would talk to the board, and see what they suggest.  With so mny options for work from home, I can't believe someone would refuse to work, but still want to be paid... I understand not rxpecting workers to work their normal hours, and I understand this is tourmoulous times, but.... I dont feel its right to not work and expect to be paid, especially when so many others are going way out on a limb.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Congratulations and welcome Doug!

  Julie Jarman/staunton: I thought I read somewhere were you can not force anyone to come to work in the governor issued shutdown-- as far as a paycheck or what/ not sure what that entails. I would call your lawyer and get more insight asap

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:OPening guidelines for MO as many IL libraries share that border :

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Beth the majority of libraries are still paying their workers regardless of whether they perform work or not. But since the extension, its not becoming a bigger issue. More libraries are furloughing, laying off, or taking it month to month. My library is evaluating the payroll situation month to month at this time. We don't know about June or July yet. \

  Rita Stephens  ISL:Hi Doug,  welcome

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Congratulations Doug! Ask away!

  Beth Fuchs:No health problem.  We have asked them to come in and do a variety of needed work without opening the library, but she will not show up.  Can we refuse pay?

  Lincoln Correctional Center Library:Beth. What does your Personnel Code say?  Even if it is health related you might not be able to let the employee code per the CARES Act but you should not have to pay her.  And you can force people to come to work or go off without pay if you are "essential"

  Doug Roberts (Robinson PLD):Thank you.  It is great to be onboard.  I wish it was under better circumstances but I am learning a lot just the same.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jill, thanks for sharing that link.

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Great question Beth-  that is a hard one

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Since we are not considered "essential" I don't think you can force them to come in. But you can choose not to pay that employee.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I've been lucky in that my employees are very flexible and open to working or not working.

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Thanks Jill- I will look that up as soon as we are done here- Mo guidelines, I believe St Lou city is still doing some things but the Gov of Mo is on a different path from Gov Pritzker.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:Welcome Doug! I just started here and then we closed. Good time to get to know the library and learn lots before we open again!!

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:You cannot force someone to come inm thats for sure.  Give them the option to work from home and get aid, or to take some time off.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Deb and Doug, you'll have great stories to tell about how your started this job!

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Someone brought up possible temp cards for nonresidents last week - do we know anything about that?

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:That is for sure :)

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Hey Beth here you go:

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Beth, in response to a library employee who reached out to ILA about this, I found this on the website of McDermott, Will, & Emery law firm AND can point you to the interpretation of the FFCRA options on the ILA website in a moment:

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):This says you cannot "mandate" them to work.

  Deb -- Doyle Library, Raymond:@Jill  Great research!  Missouri is paving a way.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):You can choose to not pay them though.

  Doug Roberts (Robinson PLD):I am soaking up as knowledge as I can by paying close attention to the different subjects being addressed by this group each day

  luanton38 2:lu Westchester Public Library

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Teresa, the rules on temp cards for non-ressidents have been relaxed for the duration and libraries are offering them for e-resources.  This is totally a local decision and dependent on relationships you have with your e-resources vendors.

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Great info Shelley-

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Here is the guidance posted on the ILA website regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and its two components, the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family & Medical Leave Act (basically, if a health care provider attests the employee should stay home, the employee will be entitled to leave):

  Anna_IHLS:Welcome Lu

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:I am sure the attorney who prepared the ILA doc would be willing to answer questions.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Thanks for those resources, Diane!

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:One of my girls is working from home just fine.  UIve made her in charge of Senior Services, and have her taking webinars, researching, and compiling information for our website.  She has recently become bord of this, so we are now working on an Instagram page featuring out very own "Marianne the Librarian."  We are also brainstorming on new sineage ideas  that we can make from home . Once we decide on the specific idea, I will order the needed supplies and ship them to her house.

  Anna_IHLS:Diane thank you that is very helpful we have a few other libraries facing similar situations

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Beth and @Ellen if you go to your County Clerk's website. You should be able to look up your property and find out if they are in your district.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):We are giving out "temp" cards. But I have to be able to prove or know 100% they are in my library district and are already paying taxes (or will pay this year).

  Deb -- Doyle Library, Raymond:Cute idea, Tracy!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):You can also ask if they can take a picture of documentation with their phones and email it to you. That's what I did. I printed it out and deleted the email to protect their privacy.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I meant look up "their" property or "a property" not "your". poor grammar sorry

  Julie Jarman/staunton:temp cards have not come up yet- we are all just keeping our heads down here in Staunton waiting waiting waiting.. and waiting some more.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ Teresa I started offering non-resident cards at Fairview Heights this week.  The fee has been relaxed and it is only for digital access plus it expires 8/31/2020 or earlier if you choose to set that date

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:We have been doing temp cards for a couple weeks. Only have had a half a dozen takers so far, but I am working on more PR about it.

  Julie Jarman/staunton:It does sounds like a great idea and only for e books- great thing if your community is clamouring for it.

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Thanks Deb.  I found that asking about their personal talents, and finding a way to utilize them has boosted moral.  She is very crafty, so we are going to work with that. :)

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Welcome Lu

  Lora - Ogden:Can we address budgets? I assume we are to carry om

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Budgets.. great topic Lora

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):For anyone who is giving out "temp Cards" see if they can email you a picture or snapshot of their water bill or driver's license. I got some new cards that way. They didn't have their signature on them of course, but I did have the proof of address.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):What are you specifically wanting to know about budgets Lora? 

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:We set our temp resident cards to expire at the end of May initially and now I am working on moving that to the end of June as I do not want an onslaught of expired cards on June 1

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I also have a quick question myself. about unemployment. Did anyone ever find out if an employee can apply for unemployment if they are still working, but hours are reduced?

  Julie Jarman/staunton:We approved our budget right before all this happened. Our FY ends from 2019- 2020 ends today.. I think given all that has transpired, that budget is not going to be realistic now

  Lora - Ogden:n with our normal fiscal calendars,which would make mine due in May. Hard to know how to budget right now.

  Beth Fuchs:Thank you for the information, but my link does not seem to be working.  It is stuck!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Lora the thing to remember about budgets is you can always adjust them. My advice would be to go ahead and make it as you normally would, approve it and then adjust and revote on it later.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Beth, can you copy and paste it into a new window?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Plus, whether tax money comes in or not, you've already levied for your upcoming budget.

  Julie Jarman/staunton:has anyone heard.. city taxes, are they going out as planned or are they too being delayed in payment due like the tax bill-  I will have to ask our city hall here-

  Anna_IHLS:Lora you do have to file a budget. you may talk to your county clerk or assessot to see what they are predicting. Remember taxes run behind.

  Diane Foote, Illinois Library Association:Uh oh, Beth, one of my links? I will try again if so, or I can email you directly?

  Lora - Ogden:@Shelley, that's what I was thinking.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Julie, our taxes are going out as planned. I just signed off on our tax computation report. As far as I am aware from my county, they don't think taxes will be "that" affected. But who knows?!

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Shelly, they can, and it might cme back to bite you in the ass...    Julie, property tax due dates have been extended, so its hard telling when we will get that money. 

  Julie Jarman/staunton:I hope so Shelley- I know that cities need the funding

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Tracy.. that is what I was thinking too- reality huh!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Tracy, I think it depends on your county. Our dates have not been extended.

  Anna_IHLS:Libraries need the money too.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@JulieI It will vary by COunty In Madison County they are allowing the first payment to delay without penalty until Aug/Sept I think

  Lora - Ogden:I am trying to decide if

  Janet Howard:Macoupin County real estate tax bills will be due July 20 and September 21

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Thanks Jill- I will check with the county clerk's office. We ae doing alright but we will have to make a few adjustments while we wait it out.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:FUn Fact: Madison County is one of only 2 counties in IL that offers 4 payments spread over the year.  Most COunties are 2 payments

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Oh good Janet- Of course I should have just asked you for that info. Thanks!

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Thanks Janet, I guess they havent been extended.

  Anna_IHLS:@Jill how does that effect you in a normal year?

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Thanks, Jill

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Jill, they are 2 payemnts, but they are basically back to back... never did understand that.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ Anna It does not effect me at all. My community is sales tax supported. No property tax is collected to support the library.  So it isn't a good situration moving forward here

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Can I ask about IPLAR? has anyone heard if ISL ihas the application up yet- I need to begin work on mine this coming month if so--

  Anna_IHLS:@ Jill sorry I should have remembered. That is a scary position to be in.

  Beth Fuchs:I thought IPLAR was due July 1st now and is up online.

  Anna_IHLS:Jill could you switch to levy at some point in the future?

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Julie, I was told the due date was extended until Oct? is this true?

  Lora - Ogden:Sorry! I hate typing on my laptop! I think I need to work on increasing use of the library by the communityrather than spend money on additional e-resources.

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:Has anyone heard about their Per Capita Grant?  Last year we received a letter mid-March.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:Does anyone know if the Per Capita spend timeframe has been extended?  USually it is June 30

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Have they posted even the requirements for IPLAR yet.

  Julie Jarman/staunton:we are a city library -- our fiscal year begins May 1 and ends April 30 -- My Iplar is due July 1st in a normal year-

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Julie:  Here's the IPLAR link:

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ ANna I do a levy, the City COuncil passes it, abates it and elected to fund thru sales tax.  All City operations are funded through sales tax not just the library

  Julie Jarman/staunton:Thank you Ellen-- I appreciate the link-

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ Bill do you mean Per Capita

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:Bill the requirements were posted early on.  Carmi filed theirs By March 1.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Sorry, that is what I meant

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I would be curious to know how this will affect Per Capita as well.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ Bill I talked to The State Library and they still did not have the topics but said they would be focused on Serving our Public 4.0

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:OOps I meant IPLAR requirements.

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Julie The IPLAR is available

  Anna_IHLS:I dont mean to be Debbie downer or start a panic but is anyone, in the back of your mind, worried about keeping your doors open in the coming year or two. I know the minimum wage was putting strain on some of you.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Thanks Debby-- It will give me something to do now in May-

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:We should make it, but it will be tight

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:Anna, I think the smaller libraries are feeling the pressure more each month.

  Lisa - Stinson:@Anna I have to admit I think about it, we are doing ok now and will be ok if tax revenue isn't too late coming in, but it's going to be tough.

  Anna_IHLS:I worry for all of yo

  Beth Fuchs:My board cannot understand why we have to pay for no work.  I can’t explain it either.

  Lisa - Stinson:I'm looking at lots of ways to cut expenses.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Anna, we should make it IF I'm careful.  But looking ahead, I'm looking at cutting part time staff hours.

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:There are basically two ways left to cut expenses--wages and books.  Everything else is pretty much needed as is.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:One thing that hasn't been talked about in the news, let alone at our level is once we open even in a limited capacity, what are the measurements for when the virus takes an uptick and we have to close again. I hope someone at the state level is thinking about this.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Beth My board is looking at it as holding on to good experienced staff

  Anna_IHLS:Sorry hit send too faast I worry for all of you but yes some of the smaller libraries are struggling. Do any of you think about becoming ditricts or county libraries?

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:I havent gotten any information on the Per Capita Grant.  When is this due?

  Debby Nokomis Public:The minimum wage increase, possible late tax revenue, etc. is stressful for our small library.

  Beth Fuchs:Can you cut wages and benefits in the middle of this shut down?

  Lisa - Stinson:I have to givve kudos to my staff, they have been great and creative in coming up with things that need to be done and doing them. We meet every week on Zoom and I got an update on our digitization project from one of my staff right before i got on.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Tracy, the per capita grant will be due on or around January 15, 2021.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Teresa, same here

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:per Cap grant is usually due Jan 15- Tracy-

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Stephanie. As far as I'm aware. I agree. That's the only way to do it because those are usually your biggest expenses for a library. And we can't just cut building and maintenance costs.

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Ok, so it should have been done in Jan, I will just double check and make sure... I didnt start until Mid Jan.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Jill I know- I think about that too- what if there is a spike again..

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@Anna. We became a district just in the nick of time before the minimum wage requirements changed and so we will survive. But I feel for many of the small libraries that are not public districts yet, because they can no longer use the "backdoor referendum" method. It all goes to a ballot now and is straight up referendum. And we know how that goes for many of us small rural communities.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):People assume opening up is back to "normal" and I don't see how that's possible for libraries, or anything

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:I bet Debbi did it already Tracy but I would ask her just to be sure-

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Julie, Maybe we can get together with Debbie H for a IPLAR party?? Ill bring the wine. ;P

  Anna_IHLS:Jill you are right. If this follows past epidemics and wcurrent predictions. until we have a vaccine there will probably be a second wave in the fall.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Jill.  I imagine once we get through this 1st phase, that will be a focus of lots of energy through the summer months.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Sounds good- Tracy

  Anna_IHLS:I think when all of this is behind us we should all have a party with an open bar. Not sure who will pay?

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:Wonder what the new "normal " will be.  I have seen so many changes in my 34 years it is amazing!

  Lisa - Stinson:@Anna agreed 100%

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Anna BYOB Directors reunion!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):I am also concerned about a second wave. My board did not want us to cancel summer reading activities. We've moved them to July, but I'm still concerned that having 30+ kids together is not going to be good for the virus if it's hanging around.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:Has anyone thought about what if public school is online in the Fall but your library is open.  If youhave staff with kids how do you think you might handle that

  Anna_IHLS:Stephanie  I think that is what is keeping us all guessing and not sleeping

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Anna, Im not sleeping well either!  Im glad to know its not just me. 

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:Retirement was supposed to be a few years off  but.............

  Mary:We have a policy 16 and younger have to be with an adult during school hours. we were having kids taking off school to work on projects.

  Anna_IHLS:I think all we can do is try to prepare but get through each day by putting one foot in front of the other and concentrating on things we can control.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2: If schools do not open back up because of the virus, I am sure our board is going to want to address that- we decided to close because the school district closed. They were concerned everyone would just move in here with us for the day.. Headaches!

  Debby Nokomis Public:@ Anna & @ Tracy sleeping is rough everywhere,it seems!

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I was looking at retirement in 2-3 years. Now maybe not

  Lora - Ogden:A

  Bobbi Perryman _ Vespasian Warner PLD:@Jill - Only two of my staff have young children (I'm one of them). The other is able to work from home, so I've told her she can continue to do that as needed.

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ Teresa I hope this is only a temprary hiccup for you adn you can refind that timeframe again soon

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:I am going to try Melatonin for the first time-- not sleeping well either- It is supose to be a safe over the counter measure. We shall see1

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:I have a board meeting question.  We didnt have one in April, because no one elt comfortable doing a zoom meeting..... Now out next one is approaching, I think its imparitive we have a discussion about the curent state of events.  If they refuse to do the virtual meeting, would a group chat be another way to do?  I dont know the legalitites of this.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:I'm sleeping fine. Little things I can control that go wrong bother me, big things I can't control don't

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Good for you, Bill!

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Anna- that is a great idea- one day at a time, control only what we can control and have the abiltiy to know the difference-

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:Prayer works better than Melatonin.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Not really, little things are more likely to go wrong, big things are very rare.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Our May board meeting will take place on the Library's front lawn.  Too many board members unable or unwilling to do it via Zoom.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:good point Stephanie

  Lora - Ogden:@ Julie, melatonin works wonders for my parents and nearly-adult kids. Makes me feel like I got kicked in the head! Good luck!

  Anna_IHLS:@Tracy did you read my article about boarsd meetings. If your board wants to meet in the parking lot with six feet between them they can do that. It is just what ever format you use the public has to be able to access to attend the meeting.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:Not much sleep here. As a  new Director, working with a board of folks I don't know well, I'm very concerned about making a wrong decision. To be honest, it is quite a scary time! NO idea what to do about Summer reading program, or opening, etc...

  Bobbi Perryman _ Vespasian Warner PLD:@ Tracy, there's nothing stopping your board from meeting in person, as long as they practice distancing.  At my last in-person meeting, they were all at seperate tables.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Jo I love that idea- On the front lawn. way to be creative

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Jo---that definitely is a photo op.  One for the library's scrapbook!

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:I did warn them that it would happen rain or shine!

  Don, Philo:I know that for summer reading, we are designing events that can be online or in person, preping to go either way.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:We have one coming up in May- Not much to talk about except maybe Hoopla ( if we can afford it or not,) sign checks,,,

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:separate tables is what we are trying next week.  Tuesday it is supposed to rain  here.

  Anna_IHLS:Good for you Jo. Tracy I will send you the link to the article.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:I actually miss not having a meeting.. Oh gosh, it is that bad already

  Elecia Cooper @ Kinmundy Public:You could do some in person and some with zoom at the same time if you have some board members who are and aren't comfortable with it

  Anna_IHLS:With the board meetingsdo whatis easiest for your board as long as you follow the OMA. No need to stress over the formats

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2: I have not figured out yet whether it will be zoom, chat room, here but at different tables or just have two come sign checks and discuss and vote via emails, etc..

  Lisa - Stinson:I still dread them in person or on Zoom and I'm 20 years in. They always go fine, but I tend to worry about everything.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Deb, please take advantage of the link our our website: and the Illinioos Library Association's site:   It's a lot to absorb, but should give you some guidance.

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Hmmm, that may be a good idea.  I assumed no one responded in March  because they didnt feel comfortable meeting in person, so in April I encouraged virtual meeings, but this wasnt well recieved either..  So maybe outside 6 " apart would be the way to go for May. 

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:@Ellen..thank you

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@ Lisa - 32 years and I feel the same way

  Connie Fitzgerald:If I may ask, why are so many people having problems with the idea of Zoom? Is there anything in particular?

  Julia, IHLS:@Tracy, quite a few libraries have started using Zoom for the first time. I would recommend trying to set up a meeting with a few staff first so you are familiar with it.

  Lisa - Stinson:@Teresa, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Don- we have canceled everything for June here in SRP-- still thinking about August -- maybe a back pack type of thing for SRP- no classes, no big groups for us. Best of luck to you all there

  Tracy Mt.OLive PL:Lisa, me too, Ive never been one for public speaking.  Brings me back to speech class in collage when I read the directors report.  Im painfully aware of all of the times I say "Um." LOL

  Don, Philo:Some have connectivity issues, some are not comfortable with any kind of tech,

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:We are using ZOOM for our meetings right now. Works well.

  Anna_IHLS:Maybe we should take a poll of who can't sleep and who wants to retire. Come on everyone, you always rise to a challenge. Be kind to yourselves.

  Lisa - Stinson:@Tracy on our Zoom meeting I felt like I was the only one talking to fill the silence ugh!!!

  Don, Philo:@Julie,  We have done some planning, but I have to admit our numbers have been small the last several years, easily 10 or less per program.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Question....if we are having meetings via Zoom. Are we mandated to post the link to it on the agenda?

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:Some nights sleep is easier than others.  But retirement is looking better EVERY day!!!

  Lisa - Stinson:@Anna, I can't sleep, I would retire today if I could, and I officially hate Zoom board meetings but love Zoom staff meetings.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Shelley, yes

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ SHelley YES

  Bobbi Perryman _ Vespasian Warner PLD:We're thinking of sending a mass email to our patrons with updates. Are we allowed to use the email addresses in Polaris? Does anyone know the logistics of sending out an email like that?

  Anna_IHLS:Yes you have to have the information so people can find it and join. You may want to make sure microphones for other than board members are muted and the public participates at the appropriate part of the agenda.

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:I have done Zoom with my daughters during this pandemic and LOVE seeing them- they set it up though so I really need to explore it. It has been a GODSEND to me right now

  Elecia Cooper @ Kinmundy Public:I have several board members who are school teachers so they are using zoom all the time anyway. the ones that refuse seem to be the ones who haven't used it before and are fearful due to news articles about it getting hacked. I have tried to explain that literaly anything on the internet can be hacked in someway but of course that doesn't ease fears

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):@ Ellen and @Jill. Do you have referral to an article you send me. I told my board that and they didn't want to do it, or didn't do it. (It's also possible they didn't get the link until last minute because it's not the library's account. We are borrowing an account)

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ Bobbi I wondered that too very early on

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Don- our numbers are also dropping, not sure why?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I need to duck out for another meeting, so I'll wish you all a happy weekend!  "See" you on Monday!

  Lora - Ogden:@Bobbie, I like that idea. I an

  Jill PIfer-FVHP:@ SHelley. Give me your email and I Will

  Lora - Ogden:m trying to communu

  Lisa - Stinson:Bye Ellen, have a good weekend!

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Thanks Ellen

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Thanks Jill. Our email is   (Sometimes my board needs the proof or needs to hear it from someone other than me)

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):love them. but they can be a wee bit stubborn in that way.

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):The IHLS COVID-19 Government Mandates and Guidance page was recently updated with additional links and legal opinions. I expect it to be updated with today's signed executive order tonight or tomorrow, as well.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public Library):Thanks Shandi

  Lora - Ogden:Bye, all!

  Bobbi Perryman _ Vespasian Warner PLD:Bye!

  Julie Jarman/staunton 2:Thank you Shandi

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):You're welcome. Have a great rest of your week, everyone! Enjoy the sunshine, if you have it!

  Debby Nokomis Public:Thank you all

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