TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - April 6, 2020

Directors' Chat
Monday, April 6, 2020

  Tracy Mt. Olive public Library:hAPPEN TO KNOW WHEN THIS STARTS?

  Mary S:1pm

  Jackie CAMP:Is there audio with this, just wondering

  Julia, IHLS:Directors' Chat are just in a text chat format.

  Jackie CAMP:Thank you I thought so but was just double checking

  Julia, IHLS:Welcome Everyone!

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:you can make the text larger in the upper right hand "down arrow" of this chat box

  Mary S:Hello!

  Julia, IHLS:Thanks Tina

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:Good afternoon, everyone!  Hope that the weekend had some rest and enjoyment.

  Mahomet John H:Greetings \

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:As a point of order, there was some consensus last Thursday that we will pare these meetings down to an hour. 

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:We'd still like some input on what you think of the Adobe Connext plain chat and text format.

  Penny White Hall Township Library:Good afternoon

  Tracy Mt. Olive public Library:Hi everyone! Does anyone else feel like they are at somewhat of a standstil as far as creative resources and Ideas?

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Connext is okay.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I still like the chat format. Even at home I sometimes have to leave the computer for a minute or two

  Anna IHLS:Hello all, did you all have a good weekend

  Jackie CAMP:Hello, formart is great.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@Ellen, I like the chat because I can go back and look specifically for things I want.  In a webinar it makes that a little harder.

  Penny White Hall Township Library:Great weekend beautiful weather.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:It was nice geting outside yesterday.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I find that it's harder to get away from work when I'm doing all of it at home.

  Elecia Cooper - Kinmundy Public:I love that the adobe connect doesn't have sound. You really don't want to hear all my children, I have a herd

  Mahomet John H:Spent a ridiculous amount of time reading when I should have been ordering books.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:Lora, I wrote that incorrect.  It's Adobe Connect.  My bad!

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Yes, I like the format for the reasons stated above.

  Mahomet John H:THis works fine for me.  With the numbers doing zoom or something with people talking would probably be a mess.

  Jackie CAMP:I am working on a craft to set our infront of our library for families to pick up, but I struggle with if this encourages folks to be out, however I know they go to the school to pick up lunches.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie LIbrary:I like this format.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:We pulled a ton of weeds and now I'm ready to plant flowers! I'm just afraid it's a bit early. But the weather is gorgeous.

  Anna IHLS:I am glad because my landlord is mowing the grass

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Just an FYI: I asked Pat Burg at the state library about tracking virtual program attendance. We have been creating videos and sharing them on our FB page. Her answer was, yes. If we make the video programming ourselves, each view can count as an attendance.

  Anna IHLS:That is good information to know.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:Thanks, Bobbi.  That's really helpful to know.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We created activity books with library info and dropped them off at our school district office to distribute with meals.

  Mahomet John H:@Jackie we had a long discussion about our pickup lockers and filling holds, and in the end decided against it in order not to encourage people to be out and about.  Our governor is leading, we are trying to follow.

  Kathleen Bennett - ctlp:For creative ideas :I cannot remember who the director was who said that they were posting pictures of a stuffed animal in their library doing different things, but we are going to do that with a very large Franklin stuffed animal.  I think it will be fun for the kids.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):@Bobbi Perryman from Vespasian Warner PLD -  What I did was I asked the public to click the "love" heart button on facebook if they watched it all the way through and click "like" if they support the program or idea, but didn't watch the video.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Shelley, That's a great idea!

  Lora - Ogden Rose:No problem, Ellen! I agree that it's helpful to be able to step away for a moment, and still catch up quickly.

  Jennifer Danville Public:Hi. Is anyone trying to hire right now? We had a first round of interviews before we closed. We are going to need to do a second round and I'd really rather not do a virtual interview. On the other hand, I hate making the candidates wait for a decision.

  Jackie CAMP:Thank you Bobbi good to know

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):You're welcome. Don't know if it is 100% efficent. But did sort of work.

  Tracy Mt. Olive public Library:Kathleen, I saw that!! So cute, like the elf on the shelf.  The bear on the chair? ;P

  Donald Pippin, Philo:Re: Meeting Format:  I like the adobe connect text only. 

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Facebook will also tell you how many times your video has played for at least one minute.

  Mary S:Jackie, we thought about putting craft bags to go along with our virtual story hours for patrons to pick up but we couldn't figure out the logistics in regards to multiple people touching the container or items inside and therefore possibly spreading the virus.

  Mahomet John H:I see no issue with doing an interview on zoom if the applicant is okay with it

  Kathleen Bennett - ctlp:I don't know if this is true but the rumors are floating around that there are two positive corona cases in Catlin.  We are not giving anything out to patrons.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):Good to know Bobbi!

  Jackie CAMP:Thanks for all the input

  Elecia Cooper - Kinmundy Public:one of my volunteers tested positive. Thankfully he had not been to the library for 2 and half weeks before he came down with symptoms but it is still scary

  Penny White Hall Township Library:Any small libraries struggling with consistency. We've done storytimes on facebook and online crafts. I have not kept track of numbers. I am just wondering with so much out there what is it that I should actually be spending my time on.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):Mary S. I totally agree. At my last board meeting we discussed giving away books in plastic bags to families who may not have internet access or access to the library right now, but I was considered people with go through them and not take the ones they touch. It was too much of a risk and liability. I don't want to be responsible for getting anyone sick or getting them sick from each other. I understand and don't mind if other libraries do it, I personally did not want to take the chance.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are not doing anything to entice people to leave their homes. We felt safe with giving the activity books to the schools since parents are going there anyway.

  Jennifer Danville Public:@Kathleen are the two considered to be part of the 5 in Vermilion County or two new ones for a total of 7 in VC?

  Julia, IHLS:@Elecia, Oh my. I hope he is doing okay.

  Anna IHLS:John from Mahomet brought up the fact that Directors University is being postponed until late august or early Sept. He has offered to be a mentor to anyone who might be interested until they can attend  (and posibly longer.) Is anyone else interested?

  Elecia Cooper - Kinmundy Public:yes, thankyou he is doing good now. He and his wife both tested positive. THey are also my neighbors.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie LIbrary:I am a new Director here in Paxton, and would love to mentoring! This is all new to me, and shortly after I was hired, we closed :(

  Kathleen Bennett - ctlp:This came from my librarian assistant who mentioned it on the phone today.  I do not know if this is accurate information.  My neighbor who works for the railroad said that a coworker tested positive last week, but I do not know where the coworker lives. 

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):We have a couple posistive in our county now. One in the neighboring county and he is a family member. Wife and baby got it too but didn't have as many symptoms. This is why I'm not giving out anything. I have a doctor on my board and she thinks it's going to peak here in montgomery county in the next 2-3 weeks.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:This has probably been covered before, but how are all of you dealing with new patrons that want to register for library cards to access digital resources. I had one this morning that emailed me and had been a patron in the past, but her card had been expired  so long that it had been deleted.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Deb I've been a director 32 years. Email me anytime

  Mary S:My board president is asking me to find out from the state if there will be payroll reimbursement opportunities or payroll assistance to libraries due to tax payments being delayed. I don't know who I would even ask but I think the planning for such things might be a good discussion topic.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie LIbrary:Thank you Teresa!

  Mahomet John H:we are issuing temporary library cards with a June 1st expiration date, that can become regular cards after we reopen and can get proof of residence

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are issuing temprary cards. You can see our online application here:

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:And why are there 2 of me here? Sorry, that just made me laugh.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@Bobbi thank you so much!

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are setting the patron type as "Resident - Temporary" and the expiration as July 1.

  Anna IHLS:@Lisa because you are twice as exciting as the rest of us

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:You're welcome!

  Julia, IHLS:@Lisa, Did you go out and come back in?

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I'm working toward temp cards this week.

  Jennifer Danville Public:We are issuing cards that expire May 1st. We are holding the physical card until they can come in when we open and can show their state ID.

  Mahomet John H:@LIsa I was talking to the other you and she was much smarter.  Glad we have choices

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):@Lisa,  Couple of options there. 1) Can they scan you some documents and email them to you as proof of residency. 2) Can you call the city or county for proof of address (we did that a lot in the past) 3) Look up their property in your local county tax database and print that as proof or 4) Go ahead and giv e them access and get proof in hindsight.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@Anna haha

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Lisa, we had someone call this morning about that same thing.  We looked up her address on our county property tax site and had her give us her driver's license number.  We set it to expire at the end of May.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We're taking their words for it that they are who so they say they are. We'll deal with proof once we're open again.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@Julia, I don't think so but with me anything is possible...

  Anna IHLS:Are you guys feeling overwhelmed  or just whelmed enough by all the information we send out?

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I'm not overwhelmed yet.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie LIbrary:Not overshelmed! Appreciate all the information and resources I can get!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):Not overwhelmed yet. I'm still going into work every day so I'm sane. I don't feel it's too much information at all! Feel like it is just more support for what we are doing.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:Whelmed enough with what is sent through IHLS, it everything I need to be on top of. A bit overwhelmed actually doing the staying on top of things.

  Mahomet John H:@Anna I am not whelmed at all - worried that I am not on the right list or that they are going directly to spam.  How do I check?

  Kathleen Bennett - ctlp:I really appreciate the concrete solutions that are offered on the chats.  The webinars are information overload, but these chats come in bite size pieces.

  Jackie CAMP:Appreciate all the info and  updates

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@Kathleen completely agree

  Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District:When the time comes, will the State Library give opinions/directives for opening the libraries to the public?

  Anna IHLS:@janet, I think they are still tryong to figure it all out too. 

  Lora - Ogden Rose:I am only a year out from DU, and still don't have my poop completely in a group. BUT, I would love to put in a plug for DU. It was life changing. I don't think I would have survived this past year without it! Also, the ideas and friendships built through our local monthly director's meeting has been invaluable! I consider my group my mentors.

  Julia, IHLS:@John, Anna sent out an email this morning to the IHLSDirectors listserv and a Mailchimp email went out to the directors early this morning about the chat session.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:OMG John! ;o

  Anna IHLS:I am glad that you are finding the information useful but at least one person felt a little inundated. I have pulled back a little and am trying to compile moere info in a more orderly fashion.. I have a blog post that has the highlights for having an electronic bard meeting

  Donald Pippin, Philo:Saw a FB post that Urbana Free is cancelling all events at the Library until May 15th.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie LIbrary:I have a feeling this is going to go well into May!

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@John, I just say that, with me it's definitely better to have options!!

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):We're looking at moving Shakespeare in the Park to fall, was scheduled for May 30

  Anna IHLS:@Don I was reading that things might take until June or July to come back

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:@Anna - where is your blog post about board meetings?

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are planning a (mostly) virtual summer reading club this year. I just have a feeling we won't be doing programs for awhile yet.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:I have also heard June or July

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:@ Mary S.  Within the provisions of the CARES Act (Cornovirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act), units of local government will not be eligible for payroll reiumbursement.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We typically have big summer programs with 50-300 kids. That's not going to happen this summer.

  Anna IHLS:@Tina Shandi is proofing and I should be up soon

  Mary S:I just emailed Julia Stemper with Stone Soup Shakespeare and we're moving their performance to end of summer/early fall.

  Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District:@Bobbi is there a program that you will be using to track your summer reading program information?

  Donald Pippin, Philo:@Anna, I have seen that also.  My staff and I through email have started thinking about moving programs from June to July.  We don

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Mary S. Yes, I'm talking to Julia, too

  Donald Pippin, Philo:We dont usualy have programs in July, everyone is out of town here.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@Bobbi the same for us. I just can't imagine all of those kids together in our auditorium so soon after this.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie LIbrary:Anna..will you send your blog info. when it's ready?

  Mary S:I know we aren't eligible for CARES relief, but is someone at the state library level at least talking about this issue? I know there's alot on their plates, just like everyone else. My point is, I think some coversations need to happen now to be prepared for something we actually no is happening in the future: delay of tax payments.

  Anna IHLS:In one of my past libray live I was a business and career services librarian and used to do presentation for job seekers and people interested in starting their own business. Ellan thought it might be helpfule if I shared some of what I know so you can pass it on to your staff along with your excellent assistance. Would that be useful?

  Mahomet John H:Maybe I missed something but do we KNOW that tax payments will be delayed at this point.  Or are we just assuming?

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Anna, yes, that would be very useful.  Thank you.

  Mahomet John H:Anna I have two staff members starting to compile resources to help people who will be out of work.  So YES anything you can provide will be welcome.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Anna -  yes!

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@Anna, yes definitely.

  Jackie CAMP:@Anna-yes

  billpixley:Anna, How about a program at the Brehm Library when this is all over?  Bill Pixley

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Janet - we're using forms on out website and putting the info in our SRC spreadsheet.

  Jackie CAMP:@billpixley, I was going to say the same thing but at my library

  Jennifer Danville Public:@Anna yes!!!

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Janet - we looked at the app options and didn't like any of them and they were expensive.

  Mary S:Federal taxes have been pushed back to June. I know that for sure. My board president thought he heard the states would follow suit. So, no I haven't heard anything definite. I'm just trying to appease one of my seven bosses! :0)

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@ Anna, yes please!

  Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District:@Bobbi - that is what we found also - too complicated for what we want

  Greg McCormick:The State Library is awaiting directive from the Institute of Museum and Library Services on funding, specifically for librairies, that was included in teh CARES Act.   IMLS shall have $50 million to allocated nationwide.  Part of this is to be targeted to the Grants to States Program, which is adminstered through each State Librayr Agency.    We recieved an update earliert today regarding this funding and are awaiting their directive before announcing to libraries within the state.

  Anna IHLS:I don't think we really know anything yet it is all guessing. The state library is monitoring the situationand I know they are trying to determine ways to help all of us. If Greg would like to or can share any information with us here that would be great

  Jill Schardt - Edwardsville Public Library:I think real estate tax payments would have to be delayed by each individual county.

  Mahomet John H:@Jill that was my assumption as well

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):I looked at online summer reading programs. Liked the looks of ReadSquared, but all too expensive for us - especially when so many probably wouldn't or couldn't use it.

  Mary S:Thank you Anna.

  Anna IHLS:Thank you Greg you were just a little faster than i was.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Greg. I saw something last week about FEMA grants possibilly to cities and libraries, is this the same thing as CARES or different?

  Mahomet John H:I know that it is breaking my heart that we are closed and my public computers and staff are unavailable just when a TIDAL WAVE of people are trying to file unemployment online for the first time ever.  Has anyone heard of or come up with any creative ways to help this population?

  Mary S:Thanks Greg. That gives me something I can share with him at this time.

  Julia, IHLS:How many of you have found your social media skills have greatly improved the last few weeks?

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Joh, I too am concerned about the unemployment problem and ways we can assist once we come back--

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):John, not

  Greg McCormick:The FEMA/IEMA funding is separate and public libraries could indeed be eligible.  Information can be found on the Library Association's page

  billpixley:About the Income Tax date

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:The IDOR map can be used to see if an address in in your library disctrict.

  Jennifer Danville Public:@John I am more concerned than ever about our lag in technology, both how staff works and what we can offer to the public. I don't have a good solution yet.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thanks Greg, I will check that out asap

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I have learned quite a bit about facebook and all that entails much more in this crisis, On line story time is a new favorite past time of mine now that MLB is off the air

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:@ Jennifer----I think lots of agencies will be working on that as we move forward.  I've shared this article very broadly:  If I was a betting woman, I'd say that 90% of that school district is unserved by a public library.

  Mary S:Excellent information, Greg. Thank you!

  Anna IHLS:I am veery worried abouat the rates of unemployment. Everything I have seen has said to file as soon as possible. I am sure they are probably pretty overwhelmed too. I have family members who are trying to navigate this situation right now too.

  Jackie CAMP:@John I am also so upset that we can't be there for our public, many in our community don't even have internet. We are trying to let people know that our WI-FI is on during the day and part of the evening.

  Jackie CAMP:Thank you Greg!

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Our school district put hotspots in schoolbuses parked around the community. That's helping with access.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@ John - it's killing me too. We switched our Wi-Fi to be on 24/7 and boosted the signal. That has helped some people, but only if they have a device.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:@teresa, I think that Belleville is doing that as well.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Teresa. that is a great ideal- hotspots in school buses

  Penny White Hall Township Library:Who has hotspots at their library to check out? What type of fees are associated with getting them at your library?

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):We are also going to switch our wifi to be on 24 - 7 in this crisis.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):FYI: My husband works for IDOR (Illinois Department of Revenue) and state taxes are pushed back to July 15

  Anna IHLS:@Greg, ok I feel like your information is probably worth the price of admission for most of us.

  Joan Germantown Public:@Bobbi, how did you boost your wifi signal?

  Mahomet John H:We got SPrint hotspots that cost us $30/month

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@ Julie. I am missing baseball season as well!

  Jackie CAMP:@Teresa that is a great idea

  Mahomet John H:3 lucky patrons got them before we closed and are happily using them.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:We have WI-FI on 24/7 always.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Teresa, that

  Lori Clfiton:Our WI-FI is o 24/7 also have had many people in the past use it before and after hours since we are only open limited hours

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):Us also. Our wifi is always available. No password. Hasn't had a single problem yet. :)

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:Our wi-fi is on all the time too, we just made the password public in a viriety of formats.

  Jennifer Danville Public:@Ellen thank you. we have been trying to work with the high school librarian to start to bridge that gap. Our problem in Danville is that many people who work or go to school in Danville live just outside city limits. They have to go to a neighboring library to get a card to use at our library, even if they technically live closer to our library.  It's inconvenient so I think thye just don't bother. The other hurdle is getting parents to sign up for a card and then return items so that their cards do not get blocked and sent to collections.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):Besides helping people with unemployment or concerns and calls about that...what is everyone doing for the census?

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Sorry. @ Teresa, that's awesome!

  Kathleen Bennett - ctlp:Our school district is offering hotspot connections in three locations but it only will connect with the Chromebooks they handed out to the students so other citzens cannot connect.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):I've heard mixed things that we can help them over the phone, but can't fill it out for them????

  Greg McCormick:The State Library is awating final information from the Governor's Office of Information & Technology that we will be distributing to all public libraires in the state.  It is a mapping project that will allow public librairies to self-report and be included in an online map with school districts, communicty colleges, and postsecondary insitutions that will identify WIFI points of access throughout the state.  Please be on the lookout for  this upcoming message.

  Kay Burrous  South Macon:We have WII-FI 24/7 always.

  Mahomet John H:@Shelly I recorded a short video just encouraging people to go online and complete the census.  We have been promoting it on our LED sign.  Not much else we can do.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:@Shelley, I would like to know that too. That is an area I'm failing at miserably. There have just been so many other things I felt I needed to take care of first.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@John - We took one of our access points down from a meeting room and moved it to the window closest to the parking lot.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton): we used to have it on 24 - 7,, but our police dept asked us to put a timer on to keep kids off library grounds catching Pokemon characters at 1 am a few summers agao/ we are are taking the timer off now ..

  Jackie CAMP:We used to have it on 24-7 but people were complaining about all the people gathering at night around the library, as there are apartments near out library.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):Thanks Greg! That's a great idea. When that map is done this would be a great thing to share with our communities! Maybe I should make my own community wifi map.

  billpixley:WiFi 24/7 at the Brehm Library. I will be sending out reminders to the community

  Jackie CAMP:our library

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We used to have WI-FI on 24/7, but kept getting coptright violation notices.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:At a meeting earlier today, the discussion was on how much of the census push has now shifted to social media.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We have done a few posts on the census on our social media.

  Anna IHLS:@Greg I assume that information will be shared when compiled. I know I would love to see it.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):@Mahomet John. Thanks. And that's kind of what I was thinking. Going to promote it on our facebook. But yeah...not much we can do past that. Which is sad because they've been really pushing libraries to help. Great timing coronavirus. ha ha ha.

  Greg McCormick:The map will be available on a state website, yes.  And we will share information to access.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):it s a great time in you have a device at home to do your census. I did mine as soon as I got the ID number in the mail, It took maybe  ten minutes.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:City of Centralia sent a census flyer in with the water bill we just received.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):@Lisa. I totally understand. I'm not doing much for it. But maybe I should be...I don't know it's kind of confusing when I am getting mixed information from different census groups. I'll help them fill it out over the phone but I've decided not to fill it out for people.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:I wish everyone would realize how simple the census really is.

  Penny White Hall Township Library:It was so simple.

  Mary S:It is! I was done in just a matter of minutes!

  Lora - Ogden Rose:Can the census be done from a smart phone rather than computer?

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I did not have any problems with the census. As long as you count those people in your household on April 1.. that is all they really want to know.

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:I know the Census is easy, we have done ours. I just haven't promoted it through the library like I should have. It just got pushed to the back burner.

  Penny White Hall Township Library:I did mine from a smartphone.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:@ Lora.  I believe so.

  Anna IHLS:@Lora it is my understanfding that it can

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):It is simple. But maybe not for people who aren't tech savvy or don't have internet access even with a phone. This is more the concerns i have with the census. Not that it's hard to do..

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):We have the info on our fb .. every week or so I post something as a reminder. This past week I wrote an update for our local paper from the library and I included a reminder to do your census.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):I hope they extend the census because I think it's going to mess up the numbers for my county. I have a lot of poor that use our computers for internet.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Shelley- that is true. they can also mail their census in or wait for a door to door visit.

  Kathleen Bennett - ctlp:I found out through one of my staff members that the census is an easy process if you have a PO box number for your mail. I was under the impression that a census worker would need to visit the homes of those with PO box numbers but that is not the case.  She posted the information on our FB page for others to see.

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):oh yeah...I forgot that they did mail some out? But I don't know who gets mailed and who doesn't? How does that work.

  Julia, IHLS:I have a friend that uses Facebook but that is the only thing she does online. She called the 800# and completed her Census. That is another option you can advertise.

  Celeste - Urbana Free:how are people considering paying staff who will take federal sick leave later, after we've opened again? Paying full wages or sticking with lower amounts given in federal Acts?

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):I haven't seen anything in the mail personally.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:The more we can do to stress the benefits of a robust census count to each of our communities, the better!

  Shelley (Hillsboro Public LIbrary):Oh Julia! That's awesome. Ok I'll see if I can find that number and promote that.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:Celeste, I don't know, so I'm only asking the question.  Were the recent federal acts only good through the duration of the pandemic?

  Mahomet John H:Celeste that is a good question.  Not sure I understand all of the issues well enough to decide yet.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I think they are waiting and mailing those last once they know who has not done it online.. I have not seen anything in the mail yet except for the census ID number. I also do not realize they have an 800 line,, that is great.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Celeste - my board is talking about that at their meeting on Wednesday.

  Celeste - Urbana Free:@Ellen, the Acts go through December 31, 2020

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:Got it.

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:@Celeste - we are using the paid sick leave act fo rthe month of April to pay those who are not working.  Whe we go back to work, should anyone become sick they have regular paid sick leave - both full and part time stagg

  Julia, IHLS:Here is an image with teh 800#:

  Elecia Cooper - Kinmundy Public:I got a packet in the mail and a seperate mailing with the number to do it online.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thanks Julia-

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):Oddly, I got the full census form in the mail before the letter with the online code.

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:I obviously can't type, but I think you can figure out what I was writing.

  Diana_CentraliaRLD:I got the paper census the same time I received the online code.

  Anna IHLS:@Celeste that is a good question. @Celeste, I watched a webinar last week from HR Source and they seemed to indicate as far as FMLA and ESFMLA they can only take a combined total of 12 weeks. with benefits

  Anna IHLS:Or I should say that is what I remember.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:@Anna, I would agree.  But, I also think that was per fiscal year, correct?

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Anna that is what I saw as well- and they have to take ten days off first before paid time leave comes into effect.. at least that is what I thought I saw.

  Anna IHLS:@Ellen I think that was calendaryear but you could be right. I wpuld need to investigate

  Mahomet John H:What is the best source of understandable guidance on FMLA in light of coronavirus. Clearly I have some learnin to do.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:We can do a little digging before our Thursday chat!

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:ancel glink had a webinar on the new leave laws, phil lenzini has an info piece from IHLS, there have been other webinars as well

  Mahomet John H:Thanks Tina

  Jackie CAMP:John, the info from Phil Lenzini is very helpful

  Celeste - Urbana Free:My question is this: The Families First Coronavrisu Response Act does not require that you pay people 100% for everything. There is the paid leave because you are sick... and the expansion of the Family Medical Leave Act

  Julia, IHLS:I hope everyone is subscribed to the Municipal Minute and The Workplace Report. They send out some really good information

  Anna IHLS:@John I think my learning goals are set ever higher everyday. As Ellen says we will try to do some digging to help make sense of all of this

  Julia, IHLS:Municipal Minute:

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):does anyone know if they ve made changes yet to EFLA.. last week it only covered taking leave for parents who had to take care of minors at home.. they were hoping to revise this act to include care fore seniors as well

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:right now it's only for the care of minors

  Julia, IHLS:The Workplace Report:

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:And, it's only parents, I believe.  Grandparents are not allowed to step in as caregivers.

  Celeste - Urbana Free:so, for some of the leave, you are not required to pay 100%. just wondered if  libraries have decided to pay 100% no matter what or if you are going to go with what's in the law. I lean towards 100% but was curious.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thanks Tina

  Louis Shaw Carrier Mills Stonefort PLD:I'm almost certain that FMLA (regular not coronavirus) is for a 12 month period starting with first use, not a fiscal or calendar year.

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:ancel glink leave laws video:

  Anna IHLS:The National Labor Relations  and the Department of Employment have FAQ

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:ancel glink leave laws slides: file:///C:/Users/Tina/Downloads/COVID-19%20FFCRA%20webinar%204-2-2020%20power%20point%204821-4515-5513%20v.1.pdf

  Anna IHLS:I will find links and share after this discussion

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:or go to the muni minute as Julia linked above

  Julia, IHLS:Of course, Governor Pritzker sends out email every day:

  Celeste - Urbana Free:@louise, it depends on how your library determines the year. TUFL is a rolling year from when you last used it. Some places, it's a calendar year based on a specific date. Now might be a good time to see how your library handles it. Fortunately, we have a procedure so I was able to look it up :-)

  Tina Hubert - Six Mile RLD, Granite City:fmla + (for COVID 19) expires Dec 31, 2020

  Julie Jarman (Staunton): I will check out those emails from the Gov soon. thank you.

  Anna IHLS:@Tina and Julis I only saw the first hour and it was good but my eyes started to glaze over

  billpixley:This fiscal we have the money to pay the staff, Next fiscal (July 1st) I don't know what we will do


  Mahomet John H:More info on FEMA Money Slides from a March 27, 2020 presentation "FEMA and COVID-19" by Gallagher, the insurance firm that supports ILA's Libraries of Illinois Risk Agency (LIRA) pool.

  Mary S:Same here Bill.

  Ellen Popit, IHLS:We're at 2:00 and last week we determined that's when we'd end the chat.  We PROMISE will take this up again first thing on Thursday!.

  Mary S:Thanks Ellen!

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Thank you. 

  Jackie CAMP:Our board has decided since our budget is found until June 30 and the payroll was already appropriated, we are continuing to pay folks their salaries at least until the end of April

  Michelle Prickett/ Hartford:Very helpful information today, thanks!

  Lisa - Stinson Memorial PLD 2:Thank you!

  Jackie CAMP:sound not found

  Kay Burrous  South Macon:Thanks everyone.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thank you all- I appreciate all the library news

  Jackie CAMP:Thank you

  Debby Nokomis Public:Thank you, lots of helpful information today!

  Anna IHLS:Thanks to all of you and stay healthy

  Kristen (Palestine Public Library):Thank you!

  Julia, IHLS:Thank you everyone. Remember, we will post the transcripts on the IHLS COVID page:

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Thanks!

  mounds public library:Eunice, mounds public library Thank!