TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - April 8, 2021


Directors' Chat
Thursday, April 8, 2021


Anna-IHLS:  Good afternoon! Hope all is well in your world.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  Hello! I'll be bugging out a bit early so I can go get my first COVID shot!

Anna-IHLS:  I adore all of the flowering trees and bushes and the daffodils and everything else (even the dandelions) blooming.

Anna-IHLS:  Great Bobbie .

Kami Komm - Germantown:  Spring is beautiful!!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  It's a bit chilly outside today, which surprised me!

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  It's nice to be outside more and not be freezing.

Anna-IHLS:  This is my daughter's first experience with living this far south and she was already been complaining about the last few days and the heat here in lovely Carbondale. I told her it gets much hotter.

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  Oh my, it will get much, much hotter.

Anna-IHLS:  How is everyone coming with their efforts to get innoculated? How is the rate among your staff going?

Kami Komm - Germantown:  My clerk has both of her shots and I got my first one last week.  We are on our way!!  :-)

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  Most of our staff have gotten both shots. I get my 2nd one next Friday.

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  I got my second shot tuesday and was miserable yesterday.  We have 2 of 3 staff vaccinated.

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  One staff refuses to get hers.

Teresa (Paris):  One of our patrons just brought us a bouquet of daffodils. Her flower gifts always brighten the library and get lots of likes on Facebook.

Kelsey Schaep-- Nashville PL:  Loving this nice weather! Not loving the bugs. We discovered termites in our building today. Luckily we caught them early.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Carrie, that's a good staff percentage.

Anna-IHLS:  All kinds of surprises...Lovely flowers for one of you, termites for another. What steps are you going to have to take for the termites Kelsey?

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  I have a staff of 13, 10 of us either have already been vaccinated or have appointments.

Anna-IHLS:  I am pleased so many of you are able to get vaccinated.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Bobbi - I just got mine this morning!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  I got my shot and am fully innoculated! :) As far as I know, I am the only person in my library who has gotten a shot.  I have encouraged others to, but there is so much misinformation out there. I had a lady tell me at a meeting the other day that she can't take the shot because the mercury in it will cause health problems in the years to come. I wish there was more of effort to fight all of this misinformation in this area.

Anna-IHLS:  Deb, with your person who is refusing is it because of health reasons or personal considerations?

Teresa (Paris):  The rest of my staff - including me - get our second shot next week. The board president says  ok to close if too many have a serious reaction to it.

Teresa (Paris):  The rest of our staff - including me - get our second shot next week. Wish they weren't so close together just in case we all have reactions. Board president said if that happens, close the library for the day.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  I have one staff who's had her first, one who WANTS her shots, and two who won't get them.

Teresa (Paris):  Oops- thought I'd deleted that first comment.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  We have tried to stagger our appointments, but the health department only offers them two days a week for two weeks each month.

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  @Anna..she simply refuses. She doesn't see the point in it. She and her husband will not take the shot. She is near 80.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  I have two staff who are undecided and one who refuses because she doesn't believe it is safe.

Kelsey Schaep-- Nashville PL:  @Anna, we've contacted a local exterminator who is in the process of cutting holes in our walls and flooring to kill them all.  Most of our costs will be going towards fixing the carpet and walls as the damage done to the planks was very minimal.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  NPR had an interesting talk show discussing how many evangelical christians are not taking the shot because they believe it is the mark of the beast.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Staunton staff have all been vaccinated!! yeah!

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  That's, great Julie! Michelle - having come from that background, I can easily believe it.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Michelle, I heard that too on NPR. there are many religious leaders out there talking to their communities disputing that view

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  I want to make a big plug for the training we're doing on  Job Descriptions just two weeks from today.  I think it will be useful to so many of us:  Even if the date and time (April 22nd at 10:00 a.m.) doesn't work, the recording will be  available for registrants for a week following the live event.  Here's the  link in L2:

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Bobbi...we could probably swap stories for sure! My whole growing up years were filled with end of the world propaganda at church. And people wonder why I don't go to church. LOL

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  @Ellen..thank you! We were just discussing a need for this!

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  Michelle - We should really grab coffee sometime!

Anna-IHLS:  Michelle, I believe I shared an article on the listserv about the next wave and how people getting and not getting vaccinated are contributing to weird surges. I can share it again if anyone is interested. It is from a publication that is pretty matter of fact  and not known for leaning to either side.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Ellen, that is timely. I realized none of my employees' job descriptions say anything about enforcing policies, so they need to be rewritten.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Bobbi, anytime!

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Ellen, that looks great!  Thanks!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Anna, yes, please do share. I did not see that one

Anna-IHLS:  Michelle and Bobbi, let me know where and when. I am sure the discussion would be illuminating.

Teresa (Paris):  @Ellen, thanks. Just signed up.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  I would like to plug Directors' University for all new directors. I know it looks like a lot, but all sessions will be recorded and can be watched at any time. There's lot's of great information, DU is a chance to make connections with other directors.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Anna, for sure!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  I will also plug Director

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Thanks anna, I would love to read that article

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  We just had the motors installed for handicap accessibility to our front door and interior door.  Both are heavy glass and are increasingly difficult for our older patrons to open so I am celebrating the installation today:)

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  Bobbi and Michelle, may I join?  I love coffee!  LOL

Anna-IHLS:  Ellen and I both felt like the job descriptions one would be popular because of discussions on the list. Glad it is hitting a chord with you.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Kathleen, that's wonderful!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  'sDirector's University! It took away all my anxiety and made me realize I could do this directoring! LOL But honestly, it was soooo worth it. I had so many questions and they answered them all.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:  Don't forget, Thursday and Friday of next week is also Reaching Forward South!  It is $50 for both Reaching Forward and Reaching Forward South.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Carrie, YES!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  Thanks!  I am happy for our patrons:)

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  :-D

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Ellen, I do appreciate you having a recording for those CE sessions. Some days are better than others. It is great to have it for when we have time to listen to it

Maria Dent:  Unfortunately our next Director misses the hiring cutoff for this year’s Director’s U:(

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Maria, that is too bad!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Maria, I am rather new, but you can tell him/her that I will help however I can.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  @ Maria I had the same experience, missing the cut off date and I know it would have helped me immensely to have been able to experience DU in that first year.  I am thankful I was able to attend the following year but it was a whirlwind of a  first year.

Anna-IHLS:  Seconding Bobbi's comments and Michjelle's endorsement of Director's U, all speakers are reminded that they are addressing directors of libraries of all sizes, with vaying levels of funding and staffing. Don't feel like you are too small or too anything else. They try to make it meaningful for all attendees.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  I have applied for DU, can't wait for the outcome of my application!

Maria Dent:  @Michelle - I’m actually counting on that, so Thank you:)

Anna-IHLS:  Sharla, I have a strong feeling you will be accepted.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  I also loved DU, and being a very small library I also benefitted from the ARSL conference.

Anna-IHLS:  I love ARSL.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  I highly recommend the ARSL conference for smaller libraries.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  One of the biggest takeaways I had from DU was what the director/board relationship should be.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Diana YES!  I was so confused as to the board's role when I first started.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Maria, you have helped me so much! I don't know how I would have gotten through the election process without you! Remeber those huge, hundreds of pages stacks of info I was trying to work through to figure out what to do? were a life saver!

Anna-IHLS:  Diana and Carrie, I think most trustees are also co nfused as to what their role is supposed to be. .

Maria Dent:  I have developed a Director’s Handbook with everything I can think of month by month.  I have included area Directors’ contact info to reach out to for help/advice as well as IHLS resources such as this group to participate in.  I know I would have appreciated all of this when I first started at a district library.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  We give a sheet to new board members that lays out their responsibilities vs mine.

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  Are any of you celebrating National Library Week?

Anna-IHLS:  Maria, I would love to see your book.

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  We're holding a guessing contest for how many books are in the library.  It's so fun to see the wide range of guesses! 

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Rachel - That's fun!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Bobbi, would you be willing to share that sheet? I think it would work well in the packets I have put together for new board members.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  I was just thinking how generous Library Directors are and how they want you to succeed.  It is not competitive or cutthroat even though it could be.  You are a wonderful group of professionals to be connected to.  Thank you for all of your help and encouragement!

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Michelle - Sure!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Bobbi, THANK YOU!

Anna-IHLS:  Me too Bobbi. I would love to see how you present it.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  @ Anna, I hope so!

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Question --- How do you get a new employee added to Polaris?  I have emailed and it has been a week, but no password yet.  I probably am not doing it correctly, but am at a loss since this is my first new hire here.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Maria, I would have loved a book like that. Your new director will be so appreciative of that!

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  Use the Help Desk. I usually her back within 24 hours.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Kathleen - I totally agree.  I've never been in a group/job/organization where there wasn't competition.  This group is so opposite from that, and I'm grateful for that!

Kristen McCormack - Palestine PLD:  @Bobbi - I would like to see it too please.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  I'll put it on the listserv.

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  Angie--you can email Dena Porter at IHLS and she can get you taken care of.

Maria Dent:  @Michelle- I’m trying to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Thank you, will do.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Question~ I have sent emails to:  with what I'm giving away and have not seen it on our email or had responses to it... Is there anything else I need to do to post?

Anna-IHLS:  Kathleen and Carrie, you are so right and I am always proud to say  I am a librariean. We may not get the money or respect we deserve but peopl do trust us and know they can come to us for help.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  While I'm plugging continuing education, I hope lots of you have Reaching Forward South on your calendars for next week!  It came up fast!

Anna-IHLS:  I should day librarian.

Kami Komm - Germantown:  I learn so much from these chats.  Even if I don't have a specific question, someone usually asks something I need to know.  :-)

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  What does "Reaching Forward South" pertain to?

Michelle Barclay PLD:  Even when I worked in St. Louis (a highly competitive environment), I had an employee who raved about Heartland. And I was so happy the library I am in now is in Heartland. The training and sharing of resources and congeniality has been amazing. I truly feel lucky to be a part of this.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  Reaching Forward South is a conference for front-line library staff. It covers a variety of topics. you can find out more here:

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  I love training our new to working clerks and have them tell me years later that it was true, all our skills learned translate to many other endeavors. Especially the Customer Service.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  I actually look for people with customer-service experience when I'm hiring clerks.

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  Michelle--keep in mind that Heartland is the result of a merger of 4 former systems and we still get along really well. It is a great group of people to work with.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  Sorry, that was the old Reaching Forward link! Here's the new one:

Anna-IHLS:  Nothing prpared me for customer service like be a waitress in a restraunt that was open after the bars closed at 2:00 a.m.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  That would do it, Anna!

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  @Sharla I received your email to the exchange list on Monday regarding technical books and on Wednesday regarding business and technical.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Bobbi! Gonna say! LOL thanks for updated one.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Esther, I am glad that transition worked!

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  :)

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Sharla, Reaching Forward is for front line staff, very applicable for many of us.  Here's the link:   It's really a lot of bang for your buck this year, because it gives you the access to  two separate Reaching Forward events. One  next week and one in May.  The recordings will be posted for all registrants to view.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Yes, Anna! I did the same! 24 hr coffee shop, the bar closing crowd were some great and intense customers in a big Navy town to boot!

Anna-IHLS:  Sharla, I think we can invite Michelle and Bobbie to join us for a beverage and story swap at our next chance to meet in person.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Diana, good to know! I didn't see it and had (big shock) no responses so I was just wondering! I've got some great children's books and other good things to unload tomorrow!

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Reaching Forward South ----- makes me think of itching my private parts.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Anna, that sounds great!

Angie -- Trenton Public:  @Anna --- I can't WAIT to meet you all again in person!

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  @Sharla I don't think we see the emails we send to the exchange or directors lists.

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  If anyone is looking for some good Summer Reading ideas I stumbled upon a good powerpoint from the California Library Association:

Anna-IHLS:  Rachel, thanks for sharing that is a great resource.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  Thanks Rachel! I'm going to pass that on to our youth services.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Thanks, Rachel!  The more resources we can put our  hands on the better.  Just as a reminder, the power point that Ashely Stewart  and Lindsey Herron used in March, can be viewed on the event page in L2:

Anna-IHLS:  How many of you periodically cruise other libraries websites. I find state libraries also to be good resources.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  We hosted our first in-person program since October today. We did Seed Starting for beginners and the first session went very well. Our second session is this evening. We limited the number of patrons, required masks, and enforced distancing. Patrons were just so happy to have a program again. Both sessions were filled.

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS):  Speaking of RFS, directly following Reaching Forward South--literally directly after a lunch break--marketers/communicators and accidental marketers/communicators are invited  to the ILA Marketing Forum Library Marketing Mini-Conference from 1-5 next Friday. It's a separate ticket, but it's only $10 if you're an ILA organizational member and $20 if not.

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS):  Bobbi, that's exciting! Great topic, too.

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS):  Here are the details for the ILA library marketing mini-conference:

Anna-IHLS:  Speaking of great topics does anyone have a topic they would like IHLS to find someone to present about it?

Anna-IHLS:  Sorry that sentence is a nightmare.

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS):  (I'm also co-presenting a marketing session at Reaching Forward South with Samantha Rusk of Vespasian Warner PL--if you attend, come hear us)

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Anna - dealing with difficult patrons, beyond just calling the police.

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  Anyone having luck getting people interested in the IL Big Read?  Lab Girl.  I can't seem to get anyone interested in it....

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Due to my 'cruising other library websites', I was so impressed with Bobbi's Vespasian Warner website that I started working on my site today!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Bobbi.  The other two sessions that HR Source are doing for us  are on Conflict Management (May) and Conducting Effective  One-on-One Conversations (June).  I'm sure they might be of help.

Anna-IHLS:  Bobbi great topic. We are going to have some training courses that deal with crucial conversations. They will be geared more at staff issues but I an sure there will be some information that translate to all situations. Even home life.

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  I love Library Law days!!! Would love to hear how Phil Lenzini thinks we should procede with new legistlation.  Especially Cards for Kids.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Anna, I feel like our website is a hot mess! It really needs a fresh look and more current content. I am going to take a Wordpress class here soon because I am no web designer. But I really don't like our website!

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Rachel we are handing out free children's t shirts with Easter items for the younger ones, fun little grab bags for the adults. We are nearly out. It's not much but everyone smiles when we hand them a bag.

Shelley:  Hi everyone. Joining super late.  

Michelle Barclay PLD:  I second the vote for Library Law!

Shelley:  How many of you have moved to a new location/major renovation? I may send an email with a few brief questions.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  I'd be interested in Library Law as well.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Michelle - we use Wix and is it very user friendly.

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  @Carrie W. I asked our monthly book club to read "Lab Girl" for April, so a lot of people are reading it now.  Out of 15 books they gave us I think we have 3 that haven't been picked up.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Bobbi, I am glad you are doing some in door programming. We are really slow and cautious here right now, Still doing grab bags, on line story times, etc

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Bobbi, easier than WordPress?

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Julie - our building is large enough that we can.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Michelle - I have never used WordPress, so I can't really say.

Anna-IHLS:  So I am hearing Website Redesign, Library Law and Dealing with problem patrons.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Yes, Library Law Discussion is always a great idea

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Shelley - we had an addition put on. It was before my time, but I can tell you what NOT to do based on what I've had to deal with.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  @Michelle I just used WIX to build a brand new site and am very happy with it. There are many things that my IT guy had to set up initially, but it is super easy to use. If you's like to take a quick look, the address is

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  Well, I'm off to get my shot. Thanks, everyone! These chats are always great!

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  I feel like its in our future somewhere to start back up with indoor programming at some point. We have a small library and everyone is still being a bit leery.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Monica, thanks! I will

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  You did a great job Monica!

Anna-IHLS:  Maybe I should add a class on library expansion/remodel/new building

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  Anna, I  vote for one on Website Redesign.

Kami Komm - Germantown:  @ Anna - yes to the construction type ideas. (and all the others that were mentioned as well.)

Teresa (Paris):  @Shelley It's been almost 30 years since our addition, I can still tell you what not to do and what not to leave out.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Have about one on Staff Management-- some days it is the hardest part of my job

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  @Rachel Thank you!! I just updated it on Monday and am much happier with how it looks.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  try this again, How about a session on Staff Management- It 's Thursday!

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  I re-did my webpage of Weebly and need to do a bit more work, but am happy with the start

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  We're on our 4th iteration of our website--the majority of the work on them done by me. So when they suggested updating the website, I tell staff they will have to learn how to do and take charge. Suddenly the website seems okay after all. LOL!

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  Monica I really like how you can change the new item display to various formats.

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  I need to figure out how to put the new books scroll link on mine.  I like that a lot!!

Anna-IHLS:  I like that idea Julie and I think the two programs Ellen mentioned will be of help with that too.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  For anyone doing take and make kits, I have an idea to share.: we are going to buy beads and other items needed to make an I Love Mom keychain that kids can give as a gift. We will offer some that say GRANDMA and others that say AUNT.

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  Carrie: I think I got help from someone at IHLS.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Yes, much needed and appreciated I am sure

Anna-IHLS:  How about Grants? Would anyone like a class on how to get them?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Carrie, call someone on the SHARE staff and they can point you in the right direction.

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Monica, great Idea! I love the enthusiam

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  Monica, love your website! Looks very user friendly. Ours is hard to navigate and needs work. But since I'm the only one to do it, it usually get s pushed to the end of the list.

Mary Ray/Sidell District Library:  @Anna-Grants topics are a great idea!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  @Anna, and interior design/layout too! I am trying to reowrk our interior and it isn't easy!

Michelle Barclay PLD:  *rework

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  @Diana Boy do I understand that!!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  By the way, we're getting a new phone system next week, so watch your e-mails and social media for more information!  No more extensions, but a move to individual numbers for staff and departments.

Ginger - Athens:  @Carrie, your site is looking great!

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Thanks Ellen, good to know

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:  @Carrie, it is called the Content Carousel, and instructions can be found here:

Rachel-Sherman PLD:  Thanks Cassandra!  That's exactly what I did when I redid our website!

Anna-IHLS:  As always great ideas, great discussion and fun just chatting with everyone. I have a Zoom meeting right after this. does anyone have anything to add as we close in on 2?

Maria Dent:  Thank you all!

Kami Komm - Germantown:  Thanks for all of the info, everyone!!  As always, very helpful.

Michelle Barclay PLD:  Thanks, everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Kay Burrous  South Macon:  Stay Safe!!!

Julie Jarman (Staunton):  Thanks everyone, I always enjoy the discussions

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  Thanks all!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Talk with you next week!

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  Carrie, I like your site too! I love the clean look of the home page.