TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - July 30, 2020


Directors' Chat
Thursday, July 30, 2020


Anna IHLS: Good afternoon! Hope you are all well and all is right in your world.

Karla: I don't know if all is right in the world, but I'm okay, lol.

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library-Monticello): We've had a nice gentle rain all morning.

Kami - Germantown: Hanging in there.  First day on the job alone after training.  :-)

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Hope everyone has had the chance to look at your L2 accounts and update anything that might not be accurate.  L2 will be frozen tomorrow through the month of August.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Kami, you'lll be great!

Angie --- Trenton Public: So, Ellen ... will we not be able to register for any Director Chats in August?

Teresa Pennington (Paris): We're gearing up to open to browsing sometime next week. so more than a little anxious.

Kami - Germantown: Thanks!!  I'm extcited to be here!!

Sandy West - RLC: @anna - Today my frustration level is at an all time high.  Administration wants to reduce the number of stacks the library has, which means a very heavy weeding.  But, when I questions how many stacks they wish to reduce to, I get no response.  Then get told that range A/V is on will be taken out and no place to put that material.  Then want to open computer lab with limited computer space, so have to sign up.  How do you monitor?

Anna IHLS: I assume everyone has updated their information in L2...Staff,board, address hours,etc. and saved the record of your continuing education and training.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Angie, no.  We can see who is participating and we'll add people retrospectively after the new L2 goes live.

Shari / Hope Welty: Finished my IPLAR yesterday,  great to have that done

Anna IHLS: Shari great news

Bill from Mt. Vernon: I finished my IPLAR, and then got an email on how they want to handle remote program counts. So it's no longer done (maybe).

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Bill.  If you've submitted it and have questions, I'd call Pat Burg at the State Library.

Anna IHLS: @Sandy that sounds very frustrating indeed. How would you normally monitor computer use?  Would removal of stacks just be a temporary measure while the virus is around?

Bill from Mt. Vernon: I haven't submitted it yet, waiting for Board approval next month

Sandy West - RLC: Are libraries allowing patrons to print and copy?

Sandy West - RLC: @anna No, we are getting another remodel add some square footage and making some new rooms.  This is a permanent reduction of stacks.

Karla: East Alton is allowing copies to be made. But we don't have any public computers available right now.

Mahomet John H: I still do not have a written policy for what happens when a staff member is diagnosed COVID positive.  Can anyone recommend good policies that I can start with?

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library-Monticello): @Sandy - yes we are allowing printing and copying.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Karla----what library are you from?  We want to give you credit for  participating.

Kelsey Schaep--Nashville: Nashville currently is allowing copies and coping.

Mahomet John H: @Sandy we are doing printing and copying

Kelsey Schaep--Nashville: and printing*

Karla: East Alton Public Library

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Thanks, Karla

Teresa Pennington (Paris): we've been printing and copying via curbside

Karla: No problem.

Kami - Germantown: We allow copying and printing.  Our copier/printer is behind the desk so staff is the only one touching it.

Susan Colbert - Sparta Public Library: We have 2 computers for patron use. They're limited in time and gaming is not allowed. We're making copies as our only copier is behind the circ desk.

Anna IHLS: @@Sandy will you be considered a site for students to attend classes remotely?

Mahomet John H: I was confused about the L2 announcement.  It says i have to save my own training records, but that after July 31 I can request training records for all of my staff?  How does that make sense.?

Deb Paxton Carnegie: We have one computer open, 30 minute appointments. We allow printing and copying. We have been open normal hours for a couple of weeks. Door stays locked. Folks knock, we allow them in with masks, we apply hand sanitizer, take no contact temp. reading.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @John.  Right now  you can pull the CE records for all your staff by clicking on the Learning Records in your profile.

Sandy West - RLC: if you do allow printing and copying, do the patrons pick up papers or do they have to have staff involved?  Before COVID, the computer for public access where first come first serve and the copying/printing was all released from the computer  in lab.  No staff involvement .  Currently someone made a decision to push the printing to a staff location.  I personally am not comfortable having someone hand me a document they want copied, if I have no assurance they have no signs or symptoms.  We entrust as staff working withint the building that we are virus free, but how do you know if the public is virus free?

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Bill brought up the blurb in the state library's e-mail regarding virtual programming and your IPLARS.  I pasted it in the Directors Chat this morning and it is in the state library's e-news that was posted this morning.

Sandy West - RLC: @anna - No, we are allowing 2 hour window for 7 sutdents at ta time.  No sure even if public will be able to sign up to come in an use a computer.  I get very little details.

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Me, {:D: @Sandy--we have stand-alone copiers, so patrons do it themsleves. Staff will give guidance if needed.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Amy M----which library do you represent?

Julie Jarman (Staunton): We are doing copying and printing- 3 patron computers available, everyone germ xs. we have plexiglass and mask too. I am trying to keep it all simple.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): our copier is behind the desk so yes, germ x is involved, lots of it and each side. Our world has become a germ x commercial

Amy Byers Chatham APLD: We moved our computer lab into our conference room for easier access.  We have 4 in that space and it's worked out well.

Anna IHLS: @Amy did youdo anything to improve ventilation or air quality in your conference room since it is enclosed?

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Bill- our board talked about those policies, I need something in writing as well here for Stn. we are following the MCPHD and CDC as a guideline. Just in case something comes up, we have a plan b after or if plan a occurs. It is on our meeting agenda for Aug to get it nailed down to plan c. Headaches but needed I know.

Sandy West - RLC: With the newest remodel getting ready to start, it was decided not to put up plexiglass at the circulation desk.  This is my reality, that construction will start, but not exact date.  No plexiglass installed in the LRC.  Assume people who have any symptoms will stop and not enter the building  (umm, will they)

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Sandy.  Are there mask requirements?

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Sandy- you sure have a lot to deal with-

Amy Byers Chatham APLD: @Anna, we have an air purifier

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: We are doing copying and printing, but to print they have to link with a mobile device or bring a flashdrive.  Our patron computers are not open.  However, we will decide next week if we will open then to patrons on an appointment basis.  Our stacks are closed, but we have to walk through stacks to get to the computers.

Sandy West - RLC: @Julie - good question, not sure if a statement was sent out to students or public that masks must be worn.  Staff if not working in their area,  must mask up.

Anna IHLS: @Amy, I suspected you might. Anyone else investing in air purifiers or other air treatment measures?

Karla: @Sandy West--Sorry, I had to step away for a moment. The copier is in a location where patrons can make their own copies if they wish. When we first reopened in June, we had a rule that staff had to make copies for patrons. But we have a problem with some patrons who want to hover over you while you're making copies. One of my coworkers got sneezed on and had a meltdown. After that, it was decided that patrons could make their own copies if they want to.

Mahomet John H: We are getting quotes on UV retrofits to our HVAC system.  We talked to our people about going to MERV 13 filters, but they were concerned that these filters would get dirty so quickly that in the end airflow would be reduced to the point that  air quality actually was worse rather than better.

Sandy West - RLC: @Karla - thanks for that message.  I have stressed that many students and patrons don't want assistance or that they want to be right there beside you when copying.  

Anna IHLS: That is very interesting John. Thanks for sharing that.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: It's time to ask your opinion.  Would you like to continue these chats on a weekly basis and are you happy wit this format or would you prefer to switch to Zoom?  We'd love your input!!!!!!!!

Sandy West - RLC: @Ellen - hope you saw my response to @Julie where I stated that I am unsure if  students are being required to mask up.  

Ellen Popit, IHLS: I did, Sandy.

Anna IHLS: @Sandy, when will students becoming back to campus?

Teresa Pennington (Paris): @Ellen  I like this format.

Deb Paxton Carnegie: Weekly, this format.

Shari / Hope Welty:  yes, I would like to continue the weekly chats.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public: @Ellen - I prefer this method.  I can get up and take care of other things and come back without missing anything.  Weekly is good for me.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): our budget is not allowing for too many extras right now. I had to get another credit card just for library expenses- I submitt the bill to the board now for payment. It will take the ding off my personal card now- not much being taken in now and waiting for tax revenue

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library-Monticello): @Ellen - weekly chats work well for me.

Kami - Germantown: I like the chats this way. :-)  Weekly is good.

Michelle Barclay Public Library: Weekly here too!

Jo - Greenville Public Library: @Ellen - I like the weekly chats, at least for the time being - so much changes all the time.  I also like this format.  I have already had to make a phone call this afternoon.  I couldn't do that as easily on Zoom.

Susan Colbert - Sparta Public Library: I like the weekly chat to continue with the current format.

Denise Karns Norris City Library: I appreciate the weekly chats - thank you!

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Weekly chats.  Can step away easily if need to.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): I enjoy the chats, and if I miss one, I can go back and read the archives to get the info. Great thing to stay connected

Kelsey Schaep--Nashville: I also like this format. Most of the time, I work alone so it's quite frequent that I have to excuse myself from the chat to check out a patron.

Mahomet John H: Weekly cointinues to be good.  Just so darn much to keep up with.

Anna IHLS: Is anyone having  any particular problems with their boards?  Staff?  The public?

Angie --- Trenton Public: Prefer this format.  My computer at the library does not have a cannot participate with Zoom unless I bring my own laptop tim.

Mahomet John H: And yes, text rather than Zoom is helpful for this particular purpose.

Karla: I agree with Julie. Having the transcripts has been very useful to me. It's nice to see what other libraries are doing to meet the challenges associated with Covid-19.

Susan Colbert - Sparta Public Library: Hopefully this won't jinx me, but we've had no problems with board, staff and patrons. All has gone smoothly with our opening with restrictions.

Kami - Germantown: The only "problem" is deciding how we are going to hanlde school groups when school starts.  The school does not have its own library so the studnets come to us.  I have been jotting ideas, but board will have to approve.

Shari / Hope Welty:  My board has been good to work through anything that i need with this Covid

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library-Monticello): My school district has decided to offer two options for the fall. In-person five days a week or at-home learning.  I'm already getting calls from parents asking how the library is going to supplement this.  My feeling is I can't - I don't have the space nor do I have the staff.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Kami, do you think the school kids will be released to come to you?  Sounds like most classes are being kept pretty self-contained.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: Has anyone had a chance to attend the recent Patron Point marketing automation demos? We have two more coming up as well. One on Wednesday 8/5 and one on Wednesday 8/12. You can also reach out to their rep for a one-on-one demo.

Deb Paxton Carnegie: Board, staff, patrons have all done well with the ever changing environment here! The board approved a mask policy, and it is posted at the entrance. We've had very few issues. (so far)

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Chats are better than Zoom

Denise Karns Norris City Library: Anna, so far for us things are working out with staff, board and our patrons.  Thankful!  

Kami - Germantown: In the past each classroom comes over with a teacher/staff member.  Younger students get story time and then check out books.  I would like to skip storytime, have then check out and go.  Hopefully have a half hour between classes to clean up.

Jo - Greenville Public Library: Our copier is next to the circulation desk.  We have put up yellow caution tape around our circulation desk and included the copier on our side of the tape so that patrons can't access the copier.  Looks like a crime scene, but it works.

Shari / Hope Welty: My staff has also been very flexible to anything i ask of them !!

Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District: @Anna - We installed 9" nano induct in all five of our units - this is an air purifier

Karla: For a while, there was some confusion among my coworkers about whether we were supposed to quarantine the tubs after receiving them from IHLS. I think we have it straightened out now. (Finally!!) We are now quarantining received tubs 4 days before opening them. Also, we are quarantining itmes returned by patrons 4 days before shelving them.

Anna IHLS: Kami and Lisa, do you have good relationships with the teachers? If they an give you hints about topics you might be able to post online resources on your libraries site to help with topics.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): My board has been very helpful, they re an email or text away and they always give great feedback - glad they are following the science and taking it serious with regard to our numbers here in Stn. we are slowly going up here in Stn. Mac Co numbers are rising a bit. ??

Kami - Germantown: I am new as of the beginning of July so I don't really know any of the teachers.  I have a letter ready to send to them so they know I am here for support.

Anna IHLS: There are some really good free government and not for profit resources out there that could be useful.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Jo- lol, I loved your comment,, crime scene.. love the humor

Jo - Greenville Public Library: :-)

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library-Monticello): @Anna - the problem for me isn't the teachers.  It is the parents.  Many of these parents don't want to send their kids to school because they will be forced to wear masks and social distance. Of course the same is expect at the library.  

Ellen Popit, IHLS: I looked at lots of back to school plans and no one is doing field trips.  At most, they're going outside, the bathroom and only in some cases to the cafeteria.  I don't see them travelling much more than that.

Karla: @Jo--Lol! I like the yellow caution tape idea! That's great!

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @ P----which library do you represent?

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: @Cassandra I watched one of the Patron Point demos. I've been wanting to do somem of the things they talked about for years...just not enough time. Brendan sent a follow-up email, I just haven't had a chance to respond.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): as of right now, our school is set to open in two weeks- I keep hearing rumours though the GOV might say otherwise. any one else hear anything  from a crediable source?

Shari / Hope Welty:   Is anyone planning to let students come in to use library computers for e learning?

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Our families have the option to attend with masks- or learn romoetly.. Lots of masks will be required to get through the school week- ( I agree with but sympathize with having a million masks)

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @Diana, I was so impressed with what they are doing and they have been great to work with. Please let me know if you decide to move forward!

Mahomet John H: @janet what company did you work with on the air purifier?

Anna IHLS: I think we can make plans for the best but prepare for the worse. With cases spiking up I think things continue to be in flux.

p: Ellen, That would be me.  I pushed enter toon soon.  Peggy - MVE

Kami - Germantown: We only have 2 computers available (out of 5) that are six feet apart.  I don't think the students will be using the computers unless it is after school.

Anna IHLS: Janet I love the purfier working wiht the computers

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Shari- that is a great question- Not sure what the answer is in Stn yet? if we are open allowing small numbers, we might be able to make it work. ??

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: We've ordered more hotspots from Sprint/T-Mobil for circulation in anticipation of students needing them for online school.

Karla: We don't have any computers open for public use right now, and I don't see them being opened in the near future. So don't think that e-learning will be an option here.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Thanks, Peggy!

Mahomet John H: @Julie I am doubtful the governor will mandate what schools will do, except possibly in regions that are a problem like East St Louis is starting to look like.  But that is just an opinion.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): I wish I had the budget for hotspots-- going to talk to the board again and see if we can t find it somewhere. The school dist is also thinking of adding hot spots- I hope so.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: @Cassandra I've been wanting to do the email series for new patrons. Loved that it was part of this I'll let you know what happens.

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Me, {:D: We have our WiFi available 24/7. The local school district is also making their WiFi avaliable to families who choose remote learning.

Mahomet John H: @shari anyone can comein to use the computers for 30 minutes for anything.  (Well the 5/16 we have available.)

Michelle Barclay Public Library: Our biggest problem at Barclay is getting people to pull their masks up over their nose. I have flyers posted ont he door but they do not seem to help.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: In his press conference yesterrday, the governor spoke about moving back if a region reaches a positivity rate for a period of 3 days.  It is the Metro East that is most challenged currently.

Shari / Hope Welty:  Yes, anyone can come in to use our 1 computer

Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District: @Anna - these actually go in our  heating/air conditioning units for the entire building.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): John- I know, gov P has stated he is looking at Madison Co and St clair but who knows?? we are right next door. I wait and see if there are any major annoucements coming out of Chicago.

Anna IHLS: @Diana that is very wise to get more mobile hotspots.  Did you budget for that or were you able to get money from friends, foundation, community?

Karla: We do have Wifi. So that might work for e-learning. Only thing is, we don't want large groups in here. In years past, we've had school children come in like a mob! I think that would be a disaster right now.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: We also have laptops for in-house use that I am thinking about changing to check out for home use and then pair a few with the hotspots just in case someone needs both.

Shari / Hope Welty:  How long  do you let hotspots go out for

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Ellen- thanks for sharing that- I missed that bit of news. trying to stay in the Present but sometimes those What Ifs creep back in.

Mahomet John H: What are others doin g about time limits in the library?  We are limiting our computer time but not enforcing limits for people on laptops at the distanced study tables that we have available.  My staff wants more clarity on whether we have time limits in the library period.  The policy my board passsed did not include specific time limits but said that we had the authority to put them in place.

Ellen Popit, IHLS: The Governor also said that a roll back might be gradual, so shutting down bars, inside dining and gyms before going back into the spring type of shutdown.

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: @ Anna I included it in our budget this year. I've been watching for grant opportunities but haven't seen one that I thought would work.

Shari / Hope Welty:  We only allow 30 minutes on the computer

Julie Jarman (Staunton): We are not doing time limits but we are a small library- business is slow and steady. everyone gets their items and leave quietyl. Our Max is 20 and we have not been close to that number at one time

Kami - Germantown: Our limit is 30 minutes.  It has not been an issue yet, but I have the "rule" in writing from the board if the situation arises.

Shari / Hope Welty:  we have only had 2 people complain about the time limit , but they were only watching a you tube . nothing that important

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Thanks Ellen- a gradual roll back might be easier to handle-- that is what I am hearing- maybe back to a phase 3 type of thing

Lisa Winters (Allerton Public Library-Monticello): @John - we asking patrons to limit time to 30 minutes. I would say all but a couple are abiding by the limits.  

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: At the last director's chat, several people mentioned that they'd like to see if we can work with TumbleBooks for a group discount. Unfortunately, the will not offer a discount to consortia unless everyone "buys in" to the program. Is this something SHARE members might like us to pursue?

Mahomet John H: re: time limits It seems that the science suggests that smaller virus particles, those that are less likely to be blocked by a mask, are more likely to be a form of transmission over a period of time, especially in an indoor environment.   It is why when contact tracing they ask if you were in contact with a person, within 6 feet and for more than 15 minutes.

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Has anyone had to deal with hiring new staff now during COVID?  I had a staff member quit when the City had me layoff during the shut-down.  I don't really want to add another person to the mix right now.  Cases are going up in our area.

p: Cassandra,

Karla: @John--We don't have a time limit per se....We have a sign on the door that says, "Keep your visit short." Of course, some people don't....

p: We really like Tumblebooks.  

Anna IHLS: @Kathleen, I know Bobbi Perryman at Vespasian Warner hired someone during the lockdown.

Mahomet John H: @Cassandra it never hurts to get numbers, but "everyone" is hard to achieve in a system with so many small libraries with limited budgets.

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Tumble books had a free thing back in the spring. I would have to look at their pricing.

Kami - Germantown: I would be interested in Tumblebooks if it is in our price range.  

Mahomet John H: What do people like about tumblebooks? We had it in Morton when I was there 5 years ago and no one seemed to use it?

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Julie. It is the same here. We had a Max of 20 for a couple weeks and only reached it twice in those weeks. We increased it to 30 and stopped keeping track, unless we have a large number come in. With no programs, limited number of computers, no jigsaw puzlle, and so on, we have fewer come in to hang around and more who just want to get what the want and go.

Deb Paxton Carnegie: All of our seating areas are closed. No toys, games, there's really no way for folks to linger. They typically pick what they want and check out.

Sherman PLD: Ellen/Anna/Cassandra just want to let you know that the Athens Municipal Library hired a new director. She started this week.  Since Donna is no longer working as a director, I hope someone will take her place as the organizer of the small pubs meetings (when we get to meet in person again)

Mahomet John H: @karla - yeah.  My staff really wants to know what the policy is, and whether we are planning to enforce it.  

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD: @ Cassandra we signed up for Tumblebooks this summer. I think their "free" offering is in effect until August 31. I could be wrong.

Anna IHLS: We are aware of the change at Athens.

Mahomet John H: We had a big staff discussion on the issue of masks not covering the nose last week.  In the end, we decided we would talk to people who were wearing their masks below their nose and ask them to correct it.

Bill from Mt. Vernon: puzzle, get what they want and go

Sherman PLD: Oh good :)

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: Thanks, Anna.  I'll get with her and ask her some questions.  There are a lot of people in the community not social distancing/wearing masks and I don't want to bring that issue in since we have vulnerable staff and immediate family members.

Mahomet John H: I am dreading flu season, when we will have to decide whether to kick out coughers and snifflers.  

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @Kami, et all. What would be a price range that your library could afford? Would something similar to our cloudLibrary scale be something that would work for your budget?

Michelle Barclay Public Library: Thanks, John re: masks. That is what I am doing. One person walked out rather than correct it. Seems like such a silly thing to take a stance on

Anna IHLS: @Kathleen I think she did Zoom and phone interviews. But do contact her, I know shewill be happy to help.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: Select the link to Member Fee Structure to see what that would look like for your library.

Anna IHLS: @Sandy, I feel for you and all you have on your plate and all of the uncertainty. Are there other questions the collective brain might help you with?

Michelle Barclay Public Library: My staff are having a hard time enforcing the "mask over your nose" rule. They are shy like lots of library folks and it is hard for them to ask people to cover their noses

Julie Jarman (Staunton): John- I think our plexiglass might stay up even after this crisis clears- flu and cold season-- for one example-- It just makes sense

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Michelle----maybe some discreet signage with obvious graphics?

Kami - Germantown 2: I think that price would work.  I would just need board approval.

Michelle Barclay Public Library: @Ellen...signage hasn't worked, unfortunately

Amy Byers Chatham APLD: Tumblebooks: It's free until August.  I believe it will cost us $800 for a year for tumblebooks.  I thought it was worth it, given the situation we're in right now

Mahomet John H: @Michelle  well thankfully, the policy my board passed specifically says "masks covering NOSE AND MOUTH"  I made copies of that highlighted in case we need to hand them to people.  I have some staff who will confront and others who will not.  And yes, it is ridiculous that peoiple have chosen this as an issue that they will get all righteous about.  I blame public figures who have made it an issue.

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: Forsyth has two open part-time positions.  We are open our usual hours, so need to get the positions filled to be able to staff those hours.  We have been doing in-person interviews, but with social distancing, masks, etc

Anna IHLS: I have a hard time understanding why people can't grasp they breath in and out of their nose and the exhaled breath may be conductin the virus into their immediate area.

Nichole (Millstadt): I know that I have already started on the task with @Anna (thank you again!) but some more clarity on the HR stance we should take concerning EFMLA and FFCRA and teleworking would be greatly appreciated. I know we're too small to really employ any such services so any information would be useful. Also, more definites on as what @John had asked above for procedures on what actions we should choose concerning possible COVID-19 contagions.

Michelle Barclay Public Library: John, I am right there with you on why the issue is happening in the first place...

Bill from Mt. Vernon: Anna  Because the world is full of fools and idiots.

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: For Tumblebooks, is there a way to see what kind of usage it has had from our specific library during the free time?

Shari / Hope Welty:  Our board doesn't want to hire , until after this is over .

Ellen Popit, IHLS: @Nicole.  I believe that the FAQs for system staff have been posted on our website that might help with COVID issues for staff.

Michelle Barclay Public Library: I have a girl out sick who has "Covid like symptoms" but tested negative. I told her to stay home. I can't imagine having staff in here coughing all over. But I do need to figure out if that qualifies for the fmla pay

Amy Byers Chatham APLD: @Rachel, no. I asked. They said they were lumping us all together, so usage wouldn't be available

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial: There was something on the news the other day about nasal breathing shedding more of the virus than mouth breathing.

Nichole (Millstadt): Hi @Ellen, I have looked at some of that, and will continue to. Thank you.

Mahomet John H: What I would really like to see is for IHLS to bring in some HR speakers to present on the issue of HR aspects, what to do when employee gets sick, whether we should pay them, etc.  Maybe prepare some best practice policies.  Is Leslie on?  Could IHLS get that together?

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Leslie is not on, but we can talk about that.

Mahomet John H: I understand RAILS offered something similar- maybe we could find out from them what speakers they used.

Anna IHLS: @Ellen I did share that with Nichole and I would encourage anyone with questions to look at what IHLS is doing.

Michelle Barclay Public Library: I would like to see the HR aspect of this too! I am already facing issues that I need guidance on

Rachel Miller - Forsyth: @Amy, I'm thinking like you that it is a good service for right now.  But would like to see some proof that it is being used!  

Amy Byers Chatham APLD: Anna, HR Source spoke with RAILS about covid and employees, maybe they could do the same for us

Maria Dent - Mt. Zion District: Agree on the need for help with HR issues

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: @Amy, thank you so much for that information!

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Before we end today, have you looked at the virtual conference that the Association of Rural and Small libraries is offering?  The registration is very reasonable.  Here's the link:

Sandy West - RLC: @anna - Campus opens up on 8/17.  Sorry stepped away to have admin tell where to start weeding.  

Anna IHLS: Thank you for candidly sharing your needs. WE will talk and see what we can do to help.

Denise Karns Norris City Library: Thank you everyone.  Have a great day!

Michelle Barclay Public Library: Ellen, thank you for the link!

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Great idea John- we sure would love to hear what everyone is doing about this. Our board touched on it briefly last week but I would love some extra guidance too

Julie Jarman (Staunton): Thanks Everyone!

Shari / Hope Welty:  Have a great weekend, I am going camping this weekend !!

Kami - Germantown 2: Thanks for all the helpful information.  "See" y'all next time.

Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library District: @Mahomet John H.  - I just emailed you some recent information

Sandy West - RLC: So just the brief admin visit, I get the sense that only students will be able to access the LRC.  I am unsure how to keep the public from entereing the the builiding.  More and more questions just keeping my mind spinning.  

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS: I also received some information about student loans and the public service loan forgiveness program. It seems like those on the public service loan forgivenss track will still receive credit towards their payments with a qualified employer, even if they aren't making payments during the pandemic. I'm not an expert on student loans, so please contact your servicer for more information!

Anna IHLS: I am going to have to leave now. thanks to all of you. We will talk next week but don't hesitate to reach out.

Michelle Barclay Public Library: Thank you! Always find these chats helpful!

Mahomet John H: @Sandy if you ever need to talk to someone between chats, I am happy to take a call.

TWILLA COON: Thank you for all the information you are giving and have a grat day

TWILLA COON: great day

p: Thank you

Ellen Popit, IHLS: Happy weekend to everyone!


Karla: @Ellen--Singage doesn't work here. I often joke that people who come into a library don't read.

Karla: Bye!

Annette: Chats.  This way.