TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - June 18, 2020


Directors' Chat
Thursday, June 18, 2020


  Mahomet John Howard:Heyho everyone

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:Good afternoon, everyone!

  Dawn Rutschke Sherman PLD:Hello!

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:What's on your minds today?

  Mahomet John Howard:Be interested to hear what, if anything, libraries are doing in response to the current nationwide focus on systemic racism.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Curbside is going well - it is a learning curve for everyone.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@John.  It is very much on our system radar.

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:We hosted a panel discussion for teens to discuss race

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:And we created a section on our website that has Anti-Racism resources

  Bernadette - Hayner 2:For those of you who have opened to the public or shortly planning to, do you have time limits a patron can be in the library and how are you monitoring/enforcing this?

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):John - trying to add some resources that have been appearing on a variety of lists to our collection.

  Joan - Germantown:John - agree with Scott.  Perusing lists and trying add more to the collection

  Mahomet John Howard:We have joined a group of libraries in Champaign county to offer a community wide reading group on racism

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Hi Everyone

  Mahomet John Howard:I bought $500 worth of items on Overdrive right away because we could make it available immediately.

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:A part time staff member was exposed to someone in her family who tested positive for covid.  She is quarantined for two weeks.  She worked by herself here at the library, we are not open to the public but will be on Monday.  Our board president said that we will pay her average hours for the quarantine time period.  My question is: if we were open are should we contact the patrons who would have come in contact with her?  Do you foresee what you would do in that situation?

  Shawn-Elwood Library District:Hello

  Erin - Crab Orchard:I just want to clarify - are other quarantining books received in our IHLS delivery before checking in/notifying patrons of an item on hold?

  Joan - Germantown:Question for Annual Report.  Those who are doing storytimes online, how are you counting for passive programming.  Each storytime is 1 program?  How do you count participants, people reached, engagements or is there something else on Facebook I should be checking?

  Mahomet John Howard:Adding to collection as well but that will be slower as publishers were not ready for the spike of demand for these books we have seen and everything is backordered.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:While we can't do programs now, does anyone know someone who does such programs? Presuming we can do such events in the Fall.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@Joan.  YOu can contact Pag Burg at the state library regarding IPLAR's and passive programming.  She's got it all figured out!

  Mahomet John Howard:@Ashley did you get teens out to your panel?  I assume it was hosted online?

  Nichole L. (Millstadt):Hi Erin, Millstadt is quaranting items from IHLS for 7 days after their labeled date.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@ Erin, yes, we are using the same process for IHLS delivery books as we do for the books from our drop box:  wiping down with a Lysol wipe, airdrying overnight, and quarantining for 3-7 days.

  Deb Paxton Carnegie:For to I figure the time we've been closed? We've been doing a no contact pick up since the end of May,  we've been serving the public, but they are not actually coming in.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton): Joan- I already did my IPLAR, I forgot to count my online storytimes thru April. Glad you thought of it

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):Kathleen, I saw that post. Yes, if possible,  I would suggest that - but we really aren't set up for contact tracing as a state, though it may be that some local communities have gotten a head start on it.

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:It was via zoom. Here is the link that has the information:

  Mahomet John Howard:@Erin we will be quarantining bins as they come in since we are doing a 10-day quarantine on everything.

  Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:If you haven't seen it yet, there is a new content collection in cloudLibrary "In the News."

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:Again, Pat Burg will be happy to field those calls.

  Ellen Poit,

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Erin- Staunton is quarantining everything coming in for three days, then checking them in and putting them where they need to go.

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:We're spraying all items from delivery and checked in with Lysol and then quarantining all of the items for 72 hours.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):John, you are absoilutely right about catching the publishers flat-footed. It's going to take more time to get print and even audio resources available.

  Erin - Crab Orchard:Thanks, everyone!

  Mahomet John Howard:I'd like to see us pumping extra funds into eBooks on racism. There are a lot of holds out there and I would like to see us deliver materials as fast as we can while the interest is high. And e-materials are the only practical way to do that

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Cassandra- last week one of my patrons was wanting something like that on ebooks. she was glad I let her know all the new purchases on that topic. Thanks again!

  Jill Schardt - Edwardsville Public Library:@Bernadette - We are encouraging a 30 min walkthrough visit.  We are removing or roping off all seating areas as well except for 4 computer stations we will offer.  Those lab sessions will be limited to 60 min for job search or educational purposes but we are not monitoring what they are doing.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):The bins should come from IHLS with a "last opened" date on them, so that will help with quarrantining efforts

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:@Scott, thank you.  She had been contacted by our local health department and they are calling her each day of the quarantine to see if she or anyone in her family has symptoms.  Can I require that she be tested before coming back to work, legally?

  Bernadette - Hayner 2:Thanks, Jill

  Mahomet John Howard:@Kathleen not sure any of us should be giving legal advice

  Mahomet John Howard:but probably

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):We are still in curbside here till hopefully July 6- I am hoping we will be in Phase 4 by then which means 50 people in the library. In our little town, that should sufficent hopefully

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:Ellen, maybe I've missed this somewhere, but is there a tentative date for turning holds back on?

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:Don't forget we have reopening plan samples on the COVID-19 section of our website.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@Cassandra or Scott, I'll ler them handle Kathleen's question.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):Kathleen, I would think that the IDPH rules would probably address that. Like John says, no legal advice here, bt I know that our campus will be requiring it if it happens to a LLC student or faculty/staff

  Mahomet John Howard:Remember that the 10 person Phase 3 limit is for gatherings.  We are following the guidelines for "non-essential retail" which says you can have 5 person per 1000 sq feet.

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:Scott, none of our delivery bins have had last opened dates on them.  Have yours?

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:Thank you, I will call our local health department.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):The ones I just picked up from my hub did.

  Joan - Germantown:Ellen, thank you!

  Mahomet John Howard:@Kathleen I think ours have

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Yes, our bins have had the last touched dates on them. It helps to know how long we need to quarantine them.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):I thought that was part of the delievery restart plan

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:My tubs have dates on them

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):sorry, my typing is really bad today

  Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:@Kathleen Rister all the tubs we have received have had a piece of tape on the outside with the date written on it.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:I believe we're having some technical difficulties, but my understanding is that the tentative date for turning on holds will be July 1.  Watch for SHARE communications to verify that.

  Susan IHLS:Hi! Yes, there should be tape on the tubs with the date the items inside were last touched by our sorters.

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:My tubs did not have dates either.

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:We just looked at our tubs from this morning again.  They don't have any kind of date on them.

  Susan IHLS:I will reach out to the hub managers to make sure this is happening consistently. The tubs that were on our shelves for ten weeks, will not have a date on them.

  Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public:Mine does't either.

  Susan IHLS:Only because we did not think it was necessary.

  Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public:Susan@Thanks.

  Stephanie Dennis Carmi:We spray and isolate them anyway.

  Susan IHLS:However now (too late) I am re=thinking that thinking for when/if this happens again.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):That may not have been clear to everyone, Susan. Maybe a postit with a checkmark for the long-held items would be helpful?

  Mahomet John Howard:Any word on when we will get guidelines from the Battelle study.  In their initial statement, they said that they were planning to provide guidelines as libraries were reopening, but if the study takes too long we will all have done whatever we are doing without it?  Any word?

  Susan IHLS:Yes @Scott. My apologies.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):No problem. We are all figuring out the little things that we forget to consider the first time

  Susan IHLS:And honestly by now, those bins have circulated through and should be in the libraries. We have done 3 days of delivering...

  Mahomet John Howard:How is it going overall so far SUSAN IHLS?  Any unexpected difficulties?

  Susan IHLS:I will let the managers know though that if we still have some tubs from the 10 week period, to please put they were part of the 10 week period...

  Nichole L. (Millstadt):Question I have no idea how to find the answer to, how do I find out if we are covered by a Surety Bond or an Insurance Policy?

  Susan IHLS:@John, amazingly well! Libraries are happy to see the drivers and believe me, the drivers and sorters are happy to be back.  It is just getting used to a new process which is totally doable.

  Mahomet John Howard:Its been 10 days with open doors for us, and so far no patron has refused to wear a mask and only a few have griped about it.  That is a win as it was our biggest worry. We have been seeing between 100-150 people per day on weekdays which is lower than normal but expected.

  Susan IHLS:I thank all the libraries for being great while dealing with the pressure of opening back up for their communities.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Nichole - if you are municipal, call the city

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@John.  That's a big number!

  Jenna Dauer - Smithton PLD:Non-COVID topic: Has anyone hired a 15 year old on a work permit before? Should I avoid it? In the past we've advertised for 16 years old and up.

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:Nichole, we are a City library and the City Clerk gives us a copy of the insurance every year.  If you are a municipal, ask your City Clerk.

  Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public:And we certainly appreciate you, Susan and the whole delivery team!

  Cassandra Thompson - IHLS:@Kathleen - so sorry I was having technical difficulties. We will resume interlibrary loan holds on July 1.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):I was really shocked when I went to drop off some empty bins and a couple of rotating collection things at IHLS-Champaign. There were 5 tubs of items waiting for me!

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Me too Scott, I came home with three for Staunton. Yay!! it was like Christmas.

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:Thank you Cassandra and Ellen!  Just wondering when to brace for the request manager to be big.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Yes Thanks Susan, Linda and everyone. It has been a long hard road

  Anna IHLS:I noticed there was a discussion on the Directors list about how to handle people who refuse to wear masks, anyone have a good solutions?

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Yes, Brenda, I agree.  The whole process of restarting delivery has been well planned and executed.  Thank you!

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):This will be good practice for the zombie apocalypse... ;-)

  Mahomet John Howard:@Susan and @ Cassandra - re: filling holds when holds restart.  We put outgoing ILL holds in a bin, then, when the bin is full, we mark the date on it and hold it 3 days before putting it out for pickup?

  Nichole L. (Millstadt):We are a village library, but have our own litem line. We take care of all of that information.

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):IPLAR question - is an LED message sign considered capital expense? I think yes.

  Cassandra Thompson - IHLS:@Scott, is that the plan for July?

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Nicole, same here for Staunton. I would call them if you are a city library- they can direct you from there if so

  Mahomet John Howard:Teresa I will be marking it that way - as a capital expense

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@John  thanks!

  Susan IHLS:@Brenda...Thank you! I will let them know.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Omgosh Scott. glad I still have my sense of Humor! LOL

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Zombies might be easier, at least you would normally see or hear them coming.

  Susan IHLS:@Julie....where's the thumbs up button here?!!!!

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):@Cassandra you never know. Maybe October?

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Our police told us they wouldn't arrest them, but they would tell them to leave and "move along".

  Deb Paxton Carnegie:AND...Zombies move SLOW

  Julie Jarman (Staunton)::)

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@Anna - I dread that. I see so many without masks in stores with required signs

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@Bill, are you referring to folks without masks or the zombies?

  Susan IHLS:@John, yes, please. Whenever the last item in the tub is touched, I would start the clock then.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Both

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:Anna, we've just been approaching the mask issue like this, only in politer terms...if you want your library to be open, this is what you have to do.  No complaints yet.

  Deb Paxton Carnegie:There is a huge number of folks in town not wearing masks.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):That is a good strategy, Kathleen.

  Susan IHLS:@Jo, thank you. I am unsure of the etiquette in chat! Miss my thumbs up

  Mahomet John Howard:@Anna re mask refusers.  I have a 5 part script for what we would say to someone in that situation.   Step 5 is for those who barge into the library without a mask and warns them that local law enforcement will be asked to escort them out.  I truly don't expect to tget there.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Plenty don't where masks around here, but I saw almost everyone wearing one in Springfield.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:We were in a zoom meeting this morning in which two participants were in the same office and using the same computer.  They both wore masks and we could hear each of them easily.

  Mahomet John Howard:We put a sign on our door coming in saying 'IIf you don't have a mask, don't worry.  We will provide one."

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Bill- the police told us if we told someone they needed to leave for not wearing a mask, the police could charge them with trespassing. We are going to let everyone know if they cant wear a mask ( or wont) we could still service them thru curbside only either at the front door or at the curb. I hope it will help. We open to the public hopefully in July.

  Mahomet John Howard:Then another at our greeting station saying "masks are required" in a nice way.  I feel the two signs help before they get to an actual librarian.  

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Julie, that was my plan - mask or curbside, your choice

  Cassandra Thompson - IHLS:@John, I like that approach. Clear and polite.

  Mahomet John Howard:I feel if people know you are serious they aren't going to fight.  People don't wear them because businesses let people not wear them

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):We don't know what our situation is going to look like yet. Our doors will be locked when we reopen in July, and mask wearing will be mandatory on campus until we get to level 5.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):John I wanted to have a few mask on hand for just that thing. however one of my board members ( a medical doctor) said he did not feel it was our place to do that. We obviously listen to him right now and follow his lead. He did not expand on why he thought that. ? I think it is a good alternative myself.

  Mahomet John Howard:@Julie I think he is wrong.   We are saying NO to so many things right now, having disposabe masks for people allows us to say "YES you can come in even if you forgot your mask."

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@Scott, I hope that people functioning in that mandatory enviornment will encourage peole to use masks in places where they are not strictly enforced.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):John- exactly.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):Carle Foundation Hospital had put out a call recently for more masks (they had hundreds and hundreds made by volunteers before). I wonder if that would work for public libraries as well?

  Mahomet John Howard:Don;t tell them this, but doctors can be wrong as often as library directors.  And you know we are wrong a lot! :)

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Well I don't think our board member is wrong, just a different view point. I am glad you are doing it. It gives you another option to go.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:I'm sure if libraries put out a call in their communities for masks, they'd receive a generous response.

  Mahomet John Howard:We give out about 5 masks a day,and we paid $.60 for them I think.  $3.00/day is a price i will gladly pay to have my doors open.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I want to clarify- I said Exactly to the comment- people don't wear masks because businesses don't enforce it. Oh geesh, too many different things to discuss today

  Anna IHLS:I like havingthe option to offer a mask . I like the approach to compliance as well.

  Mahomet John Howard:gotcha

  Teresa Pennington (Paris):@John  - where did you get the masks?

  Mahomet John Howard:Amazon.  We have a business account and are on a list of companies considered essential and who get priority.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Our 911 director gave us a box of masks.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):Smart move, John.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:Is that the Amazon COVID supplies priority you are talkting about? @Mahomet John Howard

  Mahomet John Howard:If someone is having a lot of trouble getting masks, we would order them through our Amazon account for you.  I know smaller libraries may not have the same options we do.  But I think  masks are getting easier to get.

  Mahomet John Howard:@jeremy

  Mahomet John Howard:@jeremy yes

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Great move on the price of those masks.  I have bought so many different masks the past week for myself -- my favorite stores are now selling them on line.. :)

  Mahomet John Howard:We buy them in packs of 50 for something like $35.  But it is expensive $169/year to have an Amazon business account.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I am going to check out that Amazon site ASAP

  TWILLA COON:My Board is asking what is all the other libraries doing for stage 4 on opening and hours

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:Interesting.  You defintely have options we do not.  I "talked" to Amazon about that and we didn't qualify for supplies through our business account.  I appreciate you offering to order things off your account for us who cannot :)

  Deb Paxton Carnegie:We get ours on Amazon..they arrived quickly.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):I just wanted to thank the folks who were discussiong computer usage and cleaning his morning. I forwarded the discussion to our IT director, who hadn't been planning for that at all. So it's on the radar now, it's a lot more likely to happen.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:The reduced rate supplies at least.  I can order anything else on amazon.  Just not through their COVID supplies page

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Jeremy - are you open for curbside now or open to the public?

  Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public:I saw masks at Walmart and our health dept. supplied some after I asked.

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:Our board approved the installation of  a UV light system in our HVAC system.  I appreciate their willingness to spend funds that will benefit the staff and the patrons.  Everyone will still be required to wear masks, though.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:We are curbside right now.  Looking at July for public after our Board meeting and I can pass a safety policy.  Our plexiglass isn't up yet either I am ashamed to admit

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@Twilla.  Check out this part of our website to see what other libraries are doing:

  TWILLA COON:Thank you

  Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:@ Twilla we are curbside right now. Mon-Thu 10-6. Starting Monday, June 29 we are opening the building to the public M-F 10-6

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):Kathleen, that's great. Better to use that in the HVAC system and catch air as it passes through there.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:Our building is awful though.  It's small, one way in and out, air doesn't circulate well.  I am nervous about getting people back in.  Plus cases in Cahokia seem to be ticking upward, so that worries me as well

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:Twilla, we will still close early to clean really well, have gatherings of 50 or fewer people for in-library programs, face coverings and social distancing  will be optional.  All of that is with the disclaimer that we can change plans depending on what is going on with the virus overall and in our area and how safe the staff feel.  Our board has been very supportive about us only doing what the staff feel safe with.

  Mahomet John Howard:Question on a totally different subject.   Apparently Governor has asked for flags at half mast on Juneteenth (tomorrow.)  If you have a flagpole, do you do all the multiple half masts and will you do it tomorrow?

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Jeremy- I know, you are in a different situation than we are in Staunton, Macoupin County. I am moving very slow and cautious here too.

  Mahomet John Howard:We don't normally do all the half masts, and are not required by law to do so as a library district.  But I'm thinking we will tomorrow.  We do major ones.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:My Board hasn't been thrilled with me and my approach to safety.  They see everything else moving quickly, and therefore I should be too. 

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):The city controls the flag pole here.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:I had one member try to dissuade me from purchasing and putting up the plexiglass because they believed by July we wouldn't need it because of the virus disappearing....

  Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public:@Jeremy, it's tough when your bd doesn't support you. Mine at the moment says, Do What You Need to Do!

  Cassandra Thompson - IHLS:@Jeremy, that is really scary. I think that is why it is important to take the pulse of your building and community before making decisions.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Jeremy, How I wish that were true. One patron told us over the phone she will be glad when we no longer have to quarantine items come July-- Not so! we will be doing this for the duration

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:I am working on it.  During curbside, we have had plenty of patrons walk up because they see our cars in the parking lot.  Everyone has been very nice when I've explained I am working on trying to restore services safely.  So that has been a relief that they are understanding.  Most of my Board is okay.  But a few are the one's calling me everyday trying to push things along quicker.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):[slaps forehead] Sorry, Jeremy. There are all kinds of opinions out there that take hold. I tell people that I prefer to listern to the ones that have actual science to back them up.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Jeremy- Wow- I just read your comment about your board not supporting you. That is rough. and I know your area has been harder than ours. I don't understand why they feel it will be gone by July?

  Anna IHLS:@Jeremy, I am so sorry to hear you are meeting opposition to safety measures. Anyone have advise that worked for pushyboard members. You have the science behind you.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:When we look back on this, I don't think anyone will ever regret caution.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@Jeremy, anything you can share from the resources on our website regarding what other libraries are doing might be helpful.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):E@Ellen, the problem is that you are being reasonable. The people causing many of the problems are a different story.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Jeremy can you get a list of libraries in your area and the plans they are doing to help back up what you are doing in Cahokia? will this help make those pushy board members see the light?

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:So true Ellen, but certain people out there have been putting out bad advice, and many listen to them.

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:Just this morning on the news they interviewed a woman who went with 13 friends to a bar together to celebrate a birthday.  All fourteen caught the virus that night at the bar.  I guess people just don't think it can happen to them.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:The worst part is they know I am keeping track of the news, tried calling our health department, that I am in chats and see what you all are doing and getting advice from you.  But as soon as something, like their church for example, lets them in, it becomes about getting the library open.

  Mahomet John Howard:Too much politics over science

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:@Ellen.  Thanks, I will do that

  TWILLA COON:Alot of partons come in said it just the flu with a bad cold. And our board is backing us up 100% they care our safety comes first.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@Jeremy, This spreadsheet might be helpful:

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:@Julie.  THanks for that too.  I will work on it.  Belleville News Democrat put out an articles recently outlining libraries and their service offerings.  My President saw it.  Said she felt okay with where we were at, then called me the next day talking about what St. Louis was doing lol

  Mahomet John Howard:At this point, we are not changing anything in response to Phase 4, especially if it happens on June 26th.  I am uncertain what we will do next but most likely we will open more hours but with the same restrictions.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Kathleen I saw that story too.. sad and mad all at the same time. If people see that everything is opening up again, they believe we are safe and they can go back to doing what they did before. Not so.

  Mahomet John Howard:The difficulty with longer hours is asking staff to go so many hours masked.  Right now we have 4 hour shifts in masks, and that is a lot.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I am glad you are on top of it Jeremy even if some others are not.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College): I want to get staff shirts that say "We deal in facts - not wishful thinking" But it would be decidedly unpopular in certain parts of my district.

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:@ John,  Can people work in spaces that would allow social distance and them to unmask for a bit?

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:John, plus the cleaning is extra and you can't  do a thorough cleaning while the library is still being used.  That's why we opted to close early for cleaning.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:@Ellen  Thanks for that link!

  Mahomet John Howard:I am thinking about instituting "mask breaks" every now and then where I relieve an employee for 10 minutes and let them go outside or to an empty room to unmask for a while.

  Mahomet John Howard:@Ellen at this point, only in offices with doors.  And not if they are working with library materials.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):at Lake Land, if you are working in a private office with the door closed, you can unmask. And you can unmask outside as long as you are distanced.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@John, that is a good idea!   Thanks

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Twilla. right now I am very spoiled. with the board I have in place.  They heard my original plan, then heard my revamped plan and said I could do whatever I felt most comfortable with.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:@John  I have been telling my staff if they need a mask break to go outside.  I think when they are there and I am not, those breaks are probably getting extended quite a bit lol, but they have appreciated it.

  Scott Drone-Silvers (Lake Land College):Gotta go to my next meeting. Thanks, everyone!

  Anna IHLS:I think people want it to be over even if it is in actuallity it is not.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Scott, i want that t shirt too.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Kathleen we are going to do that also, and a Senior /At Risk hour for the first hour we are open.

  Anna IHLS:Thank you everyone, we will see you next week. Stay safe and healthy.

  Mahomet John Howard:Lots of stuff here today.  Thanks everyone!

  Peggy MVE:Thank you

  Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:Bill, we have that for the first two hours of each day.  It's been appreciated.

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:Thank you, same to you!

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:Thank you all!  Stay safe!

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I am considering closing thirty mins early once we open in July-- just to give us time to catch up. We shall see, the plans are always subject to change on a whim

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thanks everyone! stay safe

  TWILLA COON:Thank you for all you help

  Ellen Poit, IHLS:Have a lovely weekend.

  Nichole L. (Millstadt):Thank you!