TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - June 4, 2020


Directors' Chat
Thursday, June 4, 2020


  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Hi, everyone!  Hope the day is going well.

  Teresa (Paris):Met with library staff this morning - in person - at library. We start curbside service Monday. Now if I can just pull summer reading together and finish the IPLAR!

  Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:Hi Ellen. Working on our budget today. So far so good. :)

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):Our second day of curbside pickup and it is going fairly well.

  Shari Hope Welty:We have been doing curbside for the last 3 weeks. It has been a lot slower than I thought it would.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Shari, do you think your patrons are a bit hesitant?

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Started Curbside Monday. Steady but no rush

  Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public Library:First week of curbside, and it is also slower than I thougt it would be.

  Shari Hope Welty:Our patrons just want to come inside to look for a book and talk to us

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@shari, That's pretty sweet!

  Shari Hope Welty:Has anyone started letting limited patrons in library yet.

  Shari Hope Welty:We also are trying to put something together for summer reading.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Pam, how is it going with limited patrons in West Frankfort?

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):I don't plan on letting the public in the building until Phase 4.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I think that Effingham and Clinton (Vespasian Warner) are both open to the public on a limited basis, as is O'Fallon.

  Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:@Shari just started curbside at Centralia. Next step will be picking up orders inside and computer use, both by appointment only. Hopefully will be able to start this level after July 4

  Anna-IHLS:I know a few libraries have been letting limited numbers of people in to their buildings. Some are limiting it to just their lobbies others have been blocking aisles and having staff retrieve, etc.

  Teresa (Paris):Our health dept recommended that we don't rush our phases so I see curbside going till the end of month at least.

  Kristen McCormack(Palestine Public Library):We opened Monday with limited patrons.  It has went well for us.  It hasn't been as busy as I thought it would be.

  Anna-IHLS:@Teresa, I think that is an excellent approach it is easier to maintain then having to retreat or take back services

  Anna-IHLS:What have you all been hearing from your users?

  Pam - West Frankfort Public:At first we had several in each day but it has really been slow lately with only  about 10 people per day. It may be because of limited use of computers and we haven't had many computer users.

  Shari Hope Welty:Our patrons that have used curbside are really glad to have it.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Pam, are patrons comfortable with social distancing, etc.?

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):My patrons are happy to have the curbside.  A couple of them have asked if we intend on adding this service on a permanent basis.  I suspect some of my patrons are still being very cautious in getting out.

  Shari Hope Welty:We are going to still offer curbside even when we open with limited partons inside.

  Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:We have decided to keep curbside as an option even after we are open.

  Anna-IHLS:I have worked at and been a patron of libraries that had drive-up windows. It is easy to get used to but I still would go in for my periodic browsing. I don't think people will not want the usual but they will want more services.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I hate to open this can of worms, but I hope that you've had a chance to look at the information on the Open Meetings Act legislation that is about to be signed by the governor.  We e-mailed that to membership yesterday and it's on our website.

  Pam - West Frankfort Public:We haven

  Shari Hope Welty:I have not read it yet

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:We have, and it is doable

  Pam - West Frankfort Public:We haven't had any problems at all with patrons following all the rules.

  Julia, IHLS:Senate Bill 2125 and Required Steps for Virtual Meetings:

  Teresa (Paris):I have and passed it on to the board president. Our regular June meeting is Monday

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Julia.  Thanks!  @ Pam, that's good to hear!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I think this is the first time since the middle of March that we've had a pause in the conversation during one of these chats!  That's probably a very good thing!

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):I'm not sure about everyone else but I'm exhausted.  I'm hoping to decompress this weekend.

  Teresa (Paris):I don't know about everyone else, but I'm worn out.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Bobbi Perryman was very eloquent about that during our Members Matter Meeting last week and encouraged people to be good to themselves and take a break.

  Shari Hope Welty:I have ready for the library to get back to a little more normal

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):I worry about what "normal" may be.

  Anna-IHLS:I start to feel optimistic and eneregetic and thn something else comes up. I would love to have a celebration with all of you  to just honor the fact we made it.

  Teresa (Paris):I actually liked working from home but it's been so intense. No time to stop and breathe.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Teresa, we just have to remind ourselves to step away from the computer.

  Tracey Johnson:I'm agreeing with Lisa Winters...what is "normal" going to be?

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):I suspect when I do open to the public I will modify my hours temporarily.  Has anyone else done this?  Normally we are open 63 hours per week.  I think that's too much for my staff right now.

  Anna-IHLS:@Lisa and Tracey what exactly do you mean by that. What are your nagging fears?

  Shari Hope Welty:I have talked to my board about temporarily changing hours when we first open back up., My board in not in favor of that

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):I fear my patrons will want to go back to the way things were prior to COVID19 right away.  My approach is slow by steady.  We may not offer large programming until much later.  Will I continue to isolate and sanitize my items?  For how long?

  Joan - Germantown:I will ask our board at our meeting next week if we can close an hour earlier each day (WHEN WE OPEN THE BUILDING AGAIN TO THE PUBLIC) for cleaning.  Right now we are in curbside mode and it is not too busy

  Pam - West Frankfort Public:My board is approving pay increases on Monday and I was wondering if I could get some information from some of other directors.  I will be asking for a substantial raise because I think I'm on the very low end of the scale and also the library can afford the increase. Our yearly revenue is $180,000, we have 4 employees and population of 8182. I have been the director here for 16 years. If anyone with a similar size library wouldn't mind to share your salary and the number of years you have been a director I would greatly appreciate it.

  Tracey Johnson:One concern I have is how to meet the needs of students (I

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:If anyone would like to share that information with Pam, you can sent her a private chat.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:....just in case you don't want to share that information broadly.

  Teresa (Paris):@Pam Email me Your library and service area sound close to mine.

  Tracey Johnson:oops.....students who know they need something but are not sure how to tell us what they need, and who really benefit from the personal communication.

  Joan - Germantown:Question on the virtual meetings bill.  We've been using free version of Zoom and don't see a way to record.  Does anyone else know if you have to get the paid version in order to have a recording feature?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Joan, let me ask someone from IT.

  Anna-IHLS:Lisa and Tracey I undersatand where you are coming from. The student situation is a tough one. I think it will develop more fully over the summer. Lisa slow and steady seems more than reasonable

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Joan.  Sorry, Troy said it has to be the paid verson to get the recording feature.

  Anna-IHLS:IN light of what Phil says about having to record electronic meetings the Zoom question is pretty relevant.

  Joan - Germantown:ok, Ellen, thanks for checking!

  Lisa - Stinson:You can get a reduced rate for Zoom on TechSoup. We like it as a staff so much tat we are keeping it to continue meeting weeklly since it may be quite some time before we can all be together in person.

  Lisa - Stinson:*that

  Joan - Germantown:We're hoping to meet in person this month and spread out, but for future, can you just purchase it by the month? or is there a contract?

  Anna-IHLS:Lisa thanks for sharing that. TechSoup always has some interesting offers

  Teresa (Paris):I'm paying for Zoom by the month, about $15.

  Lisa - Stinson:It's monthly as far as I can tell.

  Tracey Johnson:We have weekly staff meetings with Zoom and also can meet with students (Shawnee College) over Zoom. We use paid version for the extra features and it's working well for us.

  Joan - Germantown:Thanks!

  Lisa - Stinson:Ours is only $11

  Shari Hope Welty:When is anyone starting anything for summer reading

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Troy just verified that monthly is available, but the annual fee is a little lower.

  Anna-IHLS:Tracey how is the Zoom with your students working for you?

  Lisa - Stinson:We start ours June 17th, it's going to be so different. It makes us all sad.

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):We started our independent summer reading program in mid May.  Then we started offering virtual programs in late May.  The independent reading is going great. 

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Tammy Grah, how is your online programming going?

  Shari Hope Welty:Our summer reading will  also be alot different. we also are sad it has to change

  Teresa (Paris):Our summer reading is entirely online with links to activities, etc. Sharing a Facebook Live series from UI Extension with Marshall. two virtual programs from Douglas Hart Nature Center. But I have pull together some kind of organized list so people know what's coming.

  Anna-IHLS:when you have offered online programming have you had people from ouy

  Anna-IHLS:tside of your area attend.

  Pam - West Frankfort Public:Teresa - just sent you an email with all my information. Thanks

  Anna-IHLS:Sorry about that. I haveattended some of Erins events and have also been attending non-library things all over the country.

  Lisa Winters (Allerton Pub.lic Library District):The first online craft program we offered we had many patrons from outside our area.  We had supply packet pickups and had to ask that only patrons in our area sign up.  We had to limit to about 40 craft packets.

  Tammy - Chester Public:@Ellen, Very well!  We decided to only have online presentations that allow a recording of the program to be shared for at least a few days after the Zoom.  We had Chef Bananas last week (70+ watched live and about 30 watched recording) and Mad Science this week (50+ watched live online and have not checked how many watched yet). 

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Tammy, only Chester patrons or have you had others access the videos?

  Tammy - Chester Public:@Ellen, all are welcome!  

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Very cool!

  Anna-IHLS:Tammy I am going to have to check out what you are offering.

  Tammy - Chester Public:@Anna -

  Tracey Johnson:Anna: the Zoom with students has gone very well. Our Instructional Technology Specialist has "open office hours" via Zoom every morning. Students also have the option of contacting us by email or telephone if they need help with Zoom.

  Anna-IHLS:@Tammy thanks!

  Tammy - Chester Public:@Anna -  oops! One to many ts in events!

  Julia, IHLS:We hope everyone saw the Plan and Guidelines for Resuming IHLS Delivery Service:

  Johnnie Halstead:RWL is doing curbside, we had maybe 10 the first day on May 29 but it has slacked off now. Does anyone know if your password is the same on SHARE Training Portal as your Polaris log in. I can't seem to get in that way and don't remember any other password. I'm not at work.

  Anna-IHLS:@Tracey that sounds like a great use of the technology. Is your college also offering online courses through Zoom or some other format?

  Teresa (Paris):Delivery guidelines was one of the things we talked about at our staff meeting

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Johnnie.  We can have Dena Porter contact you with that answer.  Can you check your e-mail from home?

  Johnnie Halstead:yes i can

  Shari Hope Welty:My staff and I talked about delivery guidelines

  Tracey Johnson:@Anna, we are not offering courses through Zoom but we have had online courses for several years. We now use a program called Moodle. It handles all of our onlne courses and has a messaging system. Zoom has been more for trouble shooting, special meetings, or just conversations about different topics.. The more ways we can reach out, the better!

  Anna-IHLS:If you have questions, I see Susan is in the meeting

  Susan IHLS:I just wanted to say thank you to all. The plans we made and shared are honestly, fluid and flexible. It is like I shared with my staff, please speak up if something doesn't work. We will shift to something that does. Or at least try to. We have had a positive response from libraries coming into the hubs and exchanging items as well as for those libraries who exchange locations needed to be adjusted. Thank you.

  Anna-IHLS:Tracey , I am familiar wiht Moodle, just trying to figure out how robust Zoom can be and how it might be used.  K

  Susan IHLS:OH, and I almost forgot. The drivers/sorters are chomping at the bit to get back. We are getting our buildings/vans in order right now.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Johnnie, I sent Dena your question and I'm sure you'll hear from her this afternoon.

  Shari Hope Welty:If we need to change where our delivery tubs need to be picked up from, who do we need to call.

  Anna-IHLS:I know DU is using Google classrooms. I am just thinking about if anyone wanted to do resume writing presentations with patrons,or similar things how Zoom might be used. It would be nice to have a document sharing component. I know ZOOM can share documents.

  Johnnie Halstead:Thank you Ellen, since you told me who to ask I emailed her too. Thank you.

  Tracey Johnson:Anna, I just messaged our Zoom administrator and will try to get some more specifics for you. Would you like to talk with him? My own experience is limited.

  Susan IHLS:@Shari, your hub manager or you can use the help desk ticketing system for delivery (not the SHARE one)... Your hub manager is Linda Kates out of the Champaign office. Her email is and you can reach her by phone at 618-656-3216 extension 705

  Shari Hope Welty:thank you.

  Anna-IHLS:@Tracey if you can share their email  with me off chat that would be great. I can always talk to our guys bt I enjoy hearing what other people know too. Slmetimes you make discoeries,

  Johnnie Halstead:@ Susan, so we can call you and make arrangements to bring what books we have in tubs at the library to you at Carbondale. What number should we call or should we email?

  Julia, IHLS:IHLS Delivery Help:

  Tracey Johnson:Anna, good questions. I am forwarding them ;) then I am going to go do some learning myself. Yes, I'll share email off-chat.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:I can put a plug in here for the public libaries to complete their non-resident fee surveys.  It's that time of year!  ere's the link: 

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Johnnie.  I just sent you Troy's response via e-mail.

  Susan IHLS:Hi Johnnie!  yes, please call Linda Petty at 618-656-3216 ext. 412 or even better, call Casey at ext. 603 since she will be the one physically in the Carbondale office. Thank you!

  Susan IHLS:or email or

  Anna-IHLS:Johnnie, I just saw CAsey and she was saying she wanted more people to come to Carbondale.

  Johnnie Halstead:@ Anna, OK TY

  Tracey Johnson:Anna, Shawnee College had 47 instructors, both full-time and adjunct, sign up to use Zoom for classes. I think many instructors were using Zoom to record lectures.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Anything else for the good of the order?  Remember the decision was made during MOnday's chat to move to weekly chats that will be held on Thursday/s at 1:00 p.m..  So our next chat will be on Thursday, the 11th.

  Anna-IHLS:@Tracey thank you. I am interested in how our libraries might use ZOOM with their public.

  Twilla Coon-Mount Carmel Public Library:Thank you I hope everyone has a good day

  Tracey Johnson:Anna, from March 20 to June 4, SCC had 100 registered Zoom users. There had been 1401 meetings, for a total of 464866 meeting minutes and 9647 participants.

  Tracey Johnson:I have heard of libraries using Zoom for story hour.

  Anna-IHLS:Tracey. I will continue this with you next week.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:See you all next Thursday!

  Anna-IHLS:Bye eveyone.

  Tracey Johnson:Anna, or email

  Johnnie Halstead:Thank You ALL!!