TRANSCRIPT: COVID-19 Directors' Chat - May 11, 2020


Directors' Chat
Monday, May 11, 2020


  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Good afternoon, everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:What's on your minds today?

  Teresa (Paris):A few days ago I realized that I have a final report due Friday for an NNLM grant we received in the fall!

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Not Covid but are there goping to be any webinar for the Sexual Harrassment training?

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Going not goping

  Tracy Mt. Olive Publc Library:Youth programs is what is on my mind today.  SO much for our younger children, but what about our youth.  ive been thinking a lot about this

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Teresa, we're all losing track of time!

  Tracy Mt. Olive Publc Library:Bill, the training is online, you just have our staff take it.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:What site?

  Tracy Mt. Olive Publc Library:Let me look Bill...

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Thanks

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@tracy, Admitting a bias, have you thought about online book clubs for some of the Illinois Readers Choice awards or Read for a Lifetime?

  Anna - IHLS:Do you all know about the Trustee event on Thursday and the HR  Source training on MOnday?

  Shelley  (Hillsboro Public Library):Summer Reading Program. We are planning on having activities in July, but I'm still concerned about the number of children together. We are thinking of splitting it up into different days. Example: K-1 on Wednesday, 2-3 Thursday, 4-6 Friday, etc.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@ Bill

  Shelley  (Hillsboro Public Library):Missing my people and staff too

  Nancy Genteman, Highland CUSD#5:I am a school district with many books checked out by seniors.  The district is helping with getting them returned.  When will Polaris become usable so we can track down the books and the students?  Or do I contact IHLS about turning it back on.  The rest of the high school students will be returning their textbooks, etc. next week.

  Tracy Mt. Olive Publc Library:NO, I have not, did not know this exited, but I definately will check it out now!

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Shelley, we will not be doing in-person programs this summer.

  Shelley  (Hillsboro Public Library):@Tracy Mt. Olive.   We do a DIY (Do It Yourself) Crafts and Arts Program for grades 4-8 and it's very popular!

  Tracy Mt. Olive Publc Library:Bill can you send me our email address?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Tracy, I"ll send you those links.

  Shelley  (Hillsboro Public Library):@Diana. The board didnt' want me to cancel our in-person programs. So I have to be creative...

  Tracy Mt. Olive Publc Library:Thank you Ellen!

  Bill from Mt.

  Anna - IHLS:Thisis the second link for the program On Making Meetings work that I recommend you and your trustees attend

  Teresa (Paris):We are going the mostly online route - only me & a very part-time staffer this summer - we already knew that it was going to be difficult. May have some handout activities

  Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:@Nancy, Polaris is still running, you just can’t place holds from another library. Dena will be able to help you get reports. Email her at

  Teresa (Paris):Doing summer reading not at library as a whole!

  Joan - Germantown:My clerk came in and tried to log in to Polaris, but got an error about the password for her account had expired.  Has anyone encountered this or know how to get in and update it?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:As an FYI, the Illinois Library Association released this statement last Friday and it's worth taking a look at:

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:my board wasnt a packet pick up type reading program, however, how to get kids into the library to get books to read??

  Diana Brawley Sussman:I just read this article, which does a better job of analyzing risks than anthing else I've read so far:

  Julia, IHLS:State of Illinois Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Program:

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Thanks, Diana!

  Don, Philo:@JoanpGermantown.  I had that happen to one staff member , just had them create a new password.

  Sandi Klein:Ellen, maybe this has been discussed previously, but when are they anticipating the inter-library to open.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Sandi, Susan Palmer has a working group studying that, but it certainly won't be right away.  Anna is part of that and she may have more information to add.

  Anna - IHLS:Crab Orchard has started their Summer Reading Program early and have had two online preformers so far. I have attended one of the programs and enjoyed it.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:I must be missing something. That site shows what the training requires, but doesn't link to a webinar (the ones I find on their site about upcoming webinars specifically say that they don't count for Sexual Harrassment training purposes)

  Don, Philo:@Tracy Mt. Olive.  We are planning online programs, no in person for June or July.

  Teresa (Paris):@Bill No webinar - just powerpoint

  Tracy Mt.  Olive, IL:This is a very random question, and one for wayyyy in the distnce, but do any of you have live music  events?

  Susan IHLS:Our group met on Friday. We had a good conversation and there will be a document coming out within this week addressing where we think the libraries/delivery will be. I think initially the goal will be to return the items that are currently in our hubs back to the libraries. There will be libraries all having different degrees of being "open".

  Julia, IHLS:On the site I shared, look under: Download the Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:So reviewing the powerpoint with all staff is good enough?

  Teresa (Paris):Looks that way

  Sandi Klein:ok thank you Ellen and Susan

  Shelley  (Hillsboro Public Library):Just read the link that Ellen sent out. Did anyone try applying for FEMA money? Just wondering what that's about and just how eligble libraries are for that.

  Tracy Mt.  Olive, IL:Don, My childs Librarian is set on having regular SRP in July....  Getting her on board for for virtual venues has been exhasting.  Im going to step in and do virtual stroy time thi month.  Having such a smal;l staff can be hard.  We are a team of 3!

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:I just had my staff go through the slides for the sexual harrassment training - that does not qualify as "training'?

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:One HUGE concern of our local Public Health Department are materials being circulated around the system. They suggest that procedure for far into the future. They may not O.K. our opening on any level if we accept materials from out of the area.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Tracy Yes, we have done a variety of music events.

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:We are kicking off our SRP next Friday. Mainly a virtual program but we will provide Bingo activity sheets and craft take-&-make bags.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:We are doiung SRP for teens and adults this year, not just kids

  Tracy Mt.  Olive, IL:AFter the slides theres a certificate at the end.

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:My typing is terrible today. We have about 3 or 4 concerts at the library per year

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:Same here Bill - our SRp is all ages to encourage families completing activities together and reading together as a family

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I haven't even asked about ILL with my health department yet, but I think they would also be wary of allowing it.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Tracy, we have cancelled all programs including children's programs until August right now, we are still doing on line story time, and we are doing a mailing of items every other week to our two children's groups- one is a storytime group and one is a YABC group

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are doing virtual SRC for pre-K-adult. Participants will pick up "discovery kits" each week that will have activities  based on a theme.

  Anna - IHLS:@Deb you are not alone in your fears and yes that stage will have to wait until we can be sure it is safe.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Bobbi and Deb, that's really good information for us to have!

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:We are currently planning a very similar SRP as Ashley.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We're not planning any in-person programming for the summer.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:Just letting you know what they told me!

  Alyson -  Marshall:Marshall Public Library has been coined "essential" by our City and has been given the "green light" by our health department - we are officially Curbside, for a week now.

  Keith Housewright,:For those of you that have Risk Management through your insurance or through your municipality, those organizations are a great resource for Sexual Harrassment Training, etc.    In fact, we have used ours and piggybacked with the  city of Carlyle with training and the Sexual Harrassment training was first rate.  Check with your carrier or municipality.

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:Those of who that have boards that are persisitent on having in person programming - what is their reasoning?

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Ellen - before we closed, the DeWitt-Piatt Bi-County health dept was having us clean all ILL items wiht hot, ospay water.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Trqacy, we are adding a nice note telling our groups how much we miss them and we hope to see them soon= It hopefully will lift all of us up some.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:*soapy

  Lora - Ogden Rose:I am in contact with a performer about outdoor concerts this summer.

  Susan IHLS:@Deb...that was part of the discussion we had. We want to get as many items as we can that are currently in the system back to the owning library. That will increase the number of a library's own items available locally. Which should in turn help with those libraries starting to do curbside service. The library has control over their items then. ILL, unfortunately, may be down the road.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Deb- I agree, and I worry also about contamination.

  Don, Philo:Tracy, I understand

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Thanks keith

  Susan IHLS:We will do initially two exchanges with RAILS so any item up north returns south and any of their items then are back up north.

  Keith Housewright,:You are welcome, I meant to identify as Case-Halstead in Carlyle if anyone wants to know.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:@Susan..I understand. I just don't want our Public Health Dept. to state that we cannot open if we accept materials from other areas.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:@ Bill, and others doing the Sexual Harrassment Powerpoint, I read (perhaps in the training itself) that we are to document staff participation. I asked staff to complete the certificate at the end and email it to me. I am creating a powerpoint with one certificate per slide to document their completion.

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:We are having the SRP participants pick up packets with 3 weeks of materials so they will not need to come weekly for packets.  If they need to get more books, then we will be curbside for awhile, starting in June.

  Susan IHLS:From what the CDC has said, quarantine the items for 72 hours (they said 24 hours once as well for paper items) the virus will not be viable. The items in our hubs have essentially been quarantined since March 17.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Has everyone looked at the Governor's Restore Illinois plan? It bans gatherings larger than 10 people until we are at phase 4. Getting to stage 4 this summer sounds pretty impossible.

  Angie --Trenton Public:Some libraries have had their book returns closed.  When they do open them up, many of the items will be from other libraries.  When delivery does start back up, ILL should be a few weeks from starting initially so that we all can "catch up" on just returning the current onslaught of returned items.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@ Diana, I agree. 

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Most of my staff has already completed that paricular Sex Har training on line- they were feverish for something to do while they SIP. It is a great time to complete that requirement

  Susan IHLS:@Deb...I am in agreement with you. I think as we get closer to the Governor's order being up, there will be communication out. There may be libraries who do not want the items back into their library. Totally will work with each library best that we are able.

  Tracy Mt.  Olive, IL:Someone left me a message at the LIbrabry about Books cards, but our machine must be on the fritts, because I couldnt understand the name or hear the number!  Im sorry to whover that was!!

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:I just openend the book drop, and am isolating then sanitizing materials to be re-shelved before any opening

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@ Deb, I think that's what many libraries are doing.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Diana- I saw that. I am constantly reading over those phases. ten or under and I assume that is counting our library staff inside our buildings as well.

  Keith Housewright,:I know that Stage 3 probably wont happen soon, I suppose I wonder if anyone is holding out hope that we could perhaps crowd the SRP entertainment acts into the last 3 or 4 weeks of Summer, bujt go ahead and start the program the first of June as planned?   Thoughts?

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Julie, based on a discusssion that I had this morning, I believe that you are right.

  Alyson -  Marshall:We are a small, low COVID risk library and are quarentining items for 72 hours, is it feasible for larger libraries to do the same with delivered items?

  Keith Housewright,:I know if it went up to 50 that we might have to schedule acts 2 times in the same day to cover our crowd, or something like that.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We started opening our drop for certain hours last week. We are also quarenting them for 72 hours and wiping them all down with hot, soapy water before checkin

  Susan IHLS:@Angie I envision the items from the hubs being delivered, however, I do not see delivery starting back up as we know it for a long time. I think we need to be flexible as time goes on, and figure out what is the safe/responsible way to "re-open" delivery.

  Don, Philo:Tracy, that was me.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thanks Ellen- I guess we will all be counting heads then-

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@ Susan, I agree. We have no cases currently in our county and I would be concered about items coming from other areas with more cases.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:I was trying to interpret those Restore IL phases.  Are most libraries planning on doing contactless services until Phase 3?

  Tracy Mt.  Olive, IL:Sorry DON!!!   Thanks for letting me know.

  Susan IHLS:@Bobbi...yes

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Susan ( and other  IHLS staff), thank you for researching and doing the safe thing.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:My Board President is particularly interested in what you all are doing as far as opening plans

  Tracy Mt.  Olive, IL:How is everyone going to deal with the num be of people allowed in the LIbrabry at a certain time?

  Susan IHLS:Thank you all. I honestly say this all the time...IHLS member libraries and IHLS staff work sooooo well together. I am thankful.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are doing curbside right now. Once we open our building again, we will have limited computer access, touchless checkout, and no seating areas or meeting room use for awhile.

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:my board wants a curbside first, however, we are still considered non-essential. I don't want to go above the Gov. orders. WHAT TO DO???

  Angie --Trenton Public:@Susan IHLS --- Yes, I completely agree.  I was assuming (oops, you know what that means) that when our items are delivered, perhaps a pick up of at least the current boxed items could be exchanged.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):great question Jeremy- I am not sure yet what we will do in Staunton. I am waiting to see the next EO-- I plan to have a very soft very slow reopening as of right now once the next phase is announced

  Teresa (Paris):@Julie  Same here

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:I have a plan on paper that does things pretty slow as well Julie

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are also offering curbside notary and curbside printing, since those are services that aren't offered anywhere else in town.

  Keith Housewright,:Tracy, I thought once we can open we would open a shorter number of hours each day so that we can have more staff here at the same time and rotate a staff monitoring the door to count patrons, then a sfaff member monirtoring computers spread out in the library, etc.    Perhaps even a 3rd staff member that could eventually handle copies, etc.

  Sandi Klein:My board is strictly adhering to the Governor's restore Illinois guidelines so opening to the public is not happening for a while.  Curbside possibly in June and just 2 days a week.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Our board has agreed, no reopening till the Gov. gives the ok-

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I don't anticipate our bulding being open for quite a while and right now I am limiting the number of staff in the building at a time.

  Keith Housewright,:Yes, we here in Carlyle at Case-Halstead are in the same boat, no reopening until at least June 1, depending on Gov orders.

  Alyson -  Marshall:@ Deb if your City states you are an essential branch of government than you are not breaking the Govenor's order.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:That's how my board is viewing it Sandi.  Very strict right now.  My BP is afraid this will extend beyond May and we won't even have curbside in June

  Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie Library:@Alyson..the City has not stated that we are essential :(

  Twilla Coon (IHLS Mount Carmel):My board agrees we are not opening until the Governor's order

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Our attorney has said that the governor is allowing local governments to decide for themselves what is essentail service and what isn't. Since we're a district, we have more leeway.

  Alyson -  Marshall:Well darn!  Of oourse, every city has different COVID numbers that's why working with the local health dept  is key.  Once we got the okay from our health dpt we approached the City about making us "essential"

  Sandi Klein:We ,also, are concerned that we may not be able to offer curbside in June. SRP has been cancelled and my presenters have contacted me to cancel.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton): i am really hoping for June but I better prepare myself mentally if it is extended...

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:Same here

  Anna - IHLS:Everything we have heard fro the state library and ILA says that the interpretation of how the governors guidelines are open to local interpretation. Do any of you worry about your municipalities taking your budgeted money and using for other departments in the city?

  Teresa (Paris):@Alyson - any further word from our DHNC programs - if so, email me.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):anna - that thought never crossed my mind till you just mentioned it.. LOL,, oh gosh.

  Alyson -  Marshall:@ Teresa - will do!

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:To follow up on what Anna siad, this is what we know about libraries and "essential services":  On April 6, the governor's office released guidance for libraries, giving their answer as to whether or not libraries are essential. They state: "As most libraries are a function of government, Executive Order 10, as extended by Executive Order 18, leaves it up to each governmental body to determine what governmental functions are essential. Libraries should confirm with their municipality whether they are required to close. Libraries that remain open should practice safe social distancing or limit interactions with the public. For more guidance, please contact DCEO at 1-800-252-2923 or" Illinois DCEO released an Update to its Essential Businesses & Operations FAQs 3 days later.

  Tracy Mt.  Olive, IL:I know Julie, its just now hitting our area....  Im hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst as well....  would anyone be willing to email me their phased reopening plan?

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:I want to strongely discourage NOT doing any type of program. School administrators are worried about the regression of skills over the summer and possible into the fall. Paper packets, online storytimes, etc. is better than not offering anything at all. That is why we are starting our SRP early and extending it an extra week.

  Nichole L. (Millstadt):Our city and the library don't have the best communications. For the most part, we are left to our own devices. They have not even cared that we have been closed, simply understanding. Do you think we should get approval to reopen for curbside? Or   can we decide on our own?

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:I am still learning the ropes of being part of a district library.  Can our money be reallocated like that?

  Anna - IHLS:@Ellen thank you for clarifying.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Nicole.  Certainly check with your department of health and let the city know what you're doing.  It wouldn't hurt to check in with them.

  Lora - Ogden Rose:We usually have our SRP in July, and conflicts with families being on vacation seems to affect our numbers quite a lot. I wonder if it will be even worse now if the state "opens" and everyone runs around to see family/get away?

  Nichole L. (Millstadt):Thanks @Ellen. I'm still waiting to hear from the county. Oddly enough every other city in the county has had cases except for us.

  Sandi Klein:I have not heard of any conversation regarding "taking our money"  I think "they" know better.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Jeremy - No, your money is your money.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Ashley, someone on here a few weeks ago suggested they were doing a backpack program this summer- the kids would come and pick up materials, etc, I really liked that idea!

  Angie --Trenton Public:Our city administrators, our library board and myself met early on and our library was deemed essential.  We have never fully closed to the public, but we have VERY limited services and VERY limited hours.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:@Bobbi - Thanks.  I figured since we appropriated for it that it was.  But cannot be too certain.  I'd rather check :)

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:We are following guidence from our health department for everyhting. Before we even consider opening our building, we will talke to them first.

  Ramona - Lebanon:I am totally new at SRP.  Would someone please share a SRP family kit with me, so I can see what ofne even looks like?

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:The SRP presentors that we had scheduled have agreed to video their presentations and we are going to post them the week that they were going to be at our library so we did not cancel any of the presenters.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@ Ramona - What's your email?

  Ramona -

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):I wanted to share an excerpt from an article I read. I think it describes one of libraries' strengths, is something may libraries are doing, and could be an inspiration for other libraries: "At the time, the company could have looked at its situation and turned immediately cost cutting and personnel reduction. Instead it found new growth and ways to retain and grow headcount. Similarly, in the current crisis, companies may find it’s a time to find those new areas of demand for fulfilling its purpose." ARTICLE: Lead Your Team Into a Post-Pandemic World by Hubert Joly, Harvard Business Review

  Anna - IHLS:The City of Moline furloughed all of their Library workers and said they were going to use the money they saved elsewhere in the cities budget. Just wondering what other cities might be trying this with municipa libraries.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I'll ask my children's librarian to reach out to you

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:Exactly Julie! Make it as convenient for the family as possible. This week, we have teamed up with the elementary school to hand out packets. They have end of school/summer papers to pass out and I will be passing out our SRP packets.

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:We will also be teaming up with mobile foodbanks to not only assist with census, unemployment, translation services, but also to promote SRP.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Ashley - that's great! We've also been working with the schools to pass out weekly activity booklets and library info with school meals. That's been going very well.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:I have heard of city libraries furloughing employees.  Have any districts done such yet?

  Alyson -  Marshall:How is everyone safely handling SRP craft packets or give aways?  Are you assembling and then isolating 72 hours prior to distribution?

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):Also, there are some phased reopening plans from across the country listed at

  Ramona - Lebanon:Thank you Bobbi!!!!!  I have no cildren's librarian.  I am it!

  Kristina-Du Quoin:@Anna-we just get our property taxes.  It would not open any money for them.

  Anna - IHLS:I love all of the community partners Ashley, Bobbi and others are pulling in to help the community.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thanks Shandi- I will check that out later-

  Keith Housewright,:@Jeremy  take a look at Il Statutes 75 ILCS 16/35 that deal with Levy and taxes in support of district libraries.    Your money is your money but with a District I would check the the District attorney first.

  celeste - urbana free:The Urbana Library Board is, as a govt body, declaring library services essential tonight. resolution OKed by city attorney going on website today.

  Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:@ Jeremy So far we haven't furloughed anyone. I am worried about what we'll do under the new budget year.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Celeste, what does that  mean for public services at Urbana?

  Keith Housewright,:The LIBRARY District's attorney, NOT the local district attorney! ;-)

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Alyson, our craft kits are covered in individual plastic wrap- I will leave a note in the envelope encouraging them to sanitize before and after-

  celeste - urbana free:looking at curbside this Friday. no date for reopening.

  celeste - urbana free:but repopening will definitely be phased.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Celeste, thanks!

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:@Keith - Thank you for that.  I will definitely look at this.  And we usually call Phil with issues, so I will have to ask him

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Our curbdie started last week and it's been going really well so far. Patrons have been so excited and appreciative.

  Keith Housewright,:Phil is our guy too, great advice

  Lora - Ogden Rose:@Bobbie. I am in a similar situation as Ramona. I would be interested in family pack information as well.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:@Diana, I was asking about that because my Board really wants to furlough the staff right now.  I've held them off, but given the uncertainty of tax monies and state grants (which accounts for almost all of our money), I don't know.  We don't have much behind in Working Cash either.  It's tough

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Lora: I'm asking my children's librarian to put something together. We're doing seperate bags for kids and for adults.

  celeste - urbana free:Has anyone heard about a decrease in PPRT? We were told to budget 30% less than FY20, based on info from the the IL Municipal League.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):My children's librarian and I talked on Zoom on Friday- we are consdiering  waiting til the Gov says it is safe for schools to reopen before doing any more on site programs. Right now, both of us are very leery of any type of large group. I have now heard of cases where children are now actually becoming ill whereas we all thought they were nealry immuned before..

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:I agree. We're not doing any in-person programming for some time.

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:What is PPRT?

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Celeste, my city warned me that PPRT would be lower, but gave no specifics.

  Kristina-Du Quoin:@Celeste that is an amazing/scary question.  Thanks for asking it.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Jeremy, you'll want to look into how that could affect your unemployment rates. Do you pay via reimbursement, or via tax? If via reimbursement, your costs could go way up. If via tax, your rate could go up. I joined HR Source so I could ask them questions about this stuff.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I do not mean to spread doom and gloom but the Gov of NY the other day reportred they are finding that at last, some kids are becoming ill from covid.. so we are being overly cautious

  Anna - IHLS:@Celeste that is very useful information. Do you have any documentation at how the League arrived at the 30%

  Keith Housewright,:Anna, I hate to see that about the City of Moline, I know times are tough but goodness folks....anyway, I am hoping for curbside by June 1 these cities need to know that the only place is many of these towns to make copies or to send a fax, or to get on a computer is at the library.   Copies or faxes or computers might not seem that important but when trying to get legal documents sent out or trying to get on a computer to apply for unemployment or look for a job, these are LIFE-Critical things and should not be overlooked

  Ramona - Lebanon:Including myself, all of my staff but one are in the vulnerable population.  We are staying closed and reopening in stages, but not doing curb-side for quite a while yet.  My board votes on my Re-Opening in Stages draft policy tomorrow night. After it gets passed, I can share it.

  Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:@Jeremy we do have working cash right now which is very fortunate. I worry about all the purchases I'm going to have to make for safety reasons...plexiglas barriers, extra cleaning supplies, masks, etc. That will have to go in my budget so will have to come out of somewhere else. :(

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Keith - we found alternate places in town to do fax and copies, but not printing or notary, so we're offering curbside. In fact, I just did a curbside notary. I agree that these are very essential services.

  Shelley  (Hillsboro Public Library):@Nichole. Are you a public library district or a city library

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Can I ask about curbside? does this mean you will call everyone on your holds lists, to come pick up their items, have them call when they arrive and you bring it out in a mask,, or will you also fullfill personal requests, etc??

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:DIana, I will admit I do not know the answer to the unemployment question, but I definitely need to find out before they decide something that could be hugely detrimental.  I will look at this HR Source!  Thank you for that. 

  Nichole L. (Millstadt):@Shelley we're a public library.

  Anna - IHLS:Are people advertising the app that allows people to send prints to a library's printer from their home to be picked up later?

  Lora - Ogden Rose:I also would like to know what PPRT is.

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@Kathleen, PPRT stands for Personal Property Replacement Tax.  Only districts that collected personal property taxes for the 1977 tax year (1976 for Cook County) are eligible to receive a share of the money. Districts created after 1977 do not receive replacement tax money since they did not experience a loss in revenue.

  celeste - urbana free:@anna, no, I don't.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Julie - we have set pick-up times and patrons have to make an appointment.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Julie - patrons can order items online or by phone

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:@Diana Donahoo - That is something we are trying to sort out as well.  We didn't budget originally for any of the PPE supplies, plexiglass, etc.  Who would have known this was coming?

  Diana Brawley Sussman:These are the financial risks I'm imagining: Current fiscal year: Property taxes will be delayed, and possibly short due to people being unable to pay; we receive personal property replacement tax (a corporate tax from the state), as corporations aren't making much money, I expect that revenue to go way down; state grants (per capita, project next generation) could possibly  be reevaluated, and then reduced, or not distributed (though that is purely speculation and I've seen no announcement regarding that at all). Next FY: It would certainly be hard to justify even a small levy increase, which will make it difficult for us to pay minimum wage increases.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Our whole procedure is here:

  Teresa (Paris):@Anna Do you mean if we have such a program like PrinterOn? Or is there something out there I don't know about?

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Personal Prpoerty Replacement Tax. Sometime in the mists of time (the 1960s) Illinois taxed personal property (whatever that was) then they stopped. This money is suppose to make up that lost tax money.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Anna- no, we do not either, we are a small town. The hardware store and the groc store are sitll offering printing services so == our buidling is technically closed though I have done a few porch dorp offs to those who reached out.

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Celeste, thanks for the 30% decrease figure on replacement tax. That's helpful.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:@Anna- we have just started offering printing today. It's someting we weren't able to find elsewhere in town.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):*drop offs.. typing,, its Monday!

  Anna - IHLS:@Teresa that may be it. I haven't used it in a while but it is nice for pick up themn you can deliver the prints curbside and either collect payment or just put the amount on their account in the catalog.

  Michelle Sawicki Barclay Public Library:Yes, thank you Celeste. I had not heard anything about that before today

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Any thoughts on whether homebound delivery would be wise or foolish this summer? If you're doing it, are you including or excluding nursing homes?

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):BE ON THE LOOKOUT: IHLS will be sending out a survey to public libraries today regarding everyone's plans. We hope public library directors will take it, as it will provide useful information to the State Library, to IHLS, and to other public libraries. Look for that later today. Schools and universities, we know it's out of your hands, but you may find the results useful, too. Results will be shared online and in the newsletter following the survey closing.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thanks Bobbi! I will re read this all at the end of the chat.. I am curious how to implement it in Staunton

  Teresa (Paris):@Anna I looked into that a few years ago -- way way beyond our budget

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:You're welcome!

  Keith Housewright,:Bobbi, that is very nice of you to have put that out, I appreciate it

  Louis Shaw - Carrier Mills-Stonefort PL 2:Library districts that were municipal libraries in 1977 and converted later should receive a portion of the municcipality's CPPRT based on their 1977 property tax.

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:You're welcome!

  Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS Edwardsville):One more thing from me today: There a webinar/demo on marketing automation and Patron Point's marketing automation platform on May 26. You can find details at I've attended this webinar/demo before, and if you're not  too familiar with the  concept then you'll probably  get a good bit out of it in ttrms of what's possible.

  Ashley - Caseyville PLD:Thank you Shandi!!

  Shelley  (Hillsboro Public Library):@Nichole. If you are a public library then you are separate from the city and your board can deem for themselves if they are essential or not. Sounds like another library did this somewhere.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):I have to tell you all- that my husband is making plexiglass barriers for our library circ desks. What a nice thing to do!

  Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:Thank you for the explanantion. I am getting replacement tax checks but I was told that it came for a different reason.

  Julia, IHLS:May 14 - Everything Library Trustees Need-to-Know COVID-19 Webinar:

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Our board president made some plexiglass barriers for us from plexiglass he had in his basement.  They are in place now.

  Nichole L. (Millstadt):@Shelley, thank you for the information! I heard back from our county health that as long as we reach phase three, we should be fine to go ahead as planned. Fingers crossed.

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Don't forget that we won't "chat" on Thursday because of the webinar at 2:00 p.m. that Anna mentioned earlier:  Everything that Trustees Need to Know:  Covid 19.  Here's the link again:   Please consider participating and share this information broadly with your trustees.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Jo- that is a great story too! safety is the number one thing on my agenda-

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:@ Julie - YES!

  Debby (Nokomis Public):@ Julie that is great! Does he want to do more? Maybe as a side job?

  Bill from Mt. Vernon:Everyone stay safe

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Ellen, that webinar is for trustees, but are you thinking library directors will benefit from it as well?

  Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:Thank you, everyone!

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Debby- lol.. I will ask him but he is farming and also working at AB- I was glad to get him for this- and only because it rained this week. My dad was the next go to person on the list !

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:@Diana, yes, I believe directors would benefit as well.

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):AB is Anhauser Busch-

  Diana Brawley Sussman:Thanks, Ellen!

  Twilla Coon (IHLS Mount Carmel):thank you

  Jo - Greenville Public Library:Once again, great information.  Thank you all for sharing.

  Jeremy - Cahokia PLD:Thanks everyone!

  Julie Jarman (Staunton):Thank you all- the times goes so quickly but I do learn alot- "see" you all next Monday hopefully

  Ellen Popit/IHLS:Have a good week!


  Debby (Nokomis Public):@ Julie I am happyyou got him to do yours! I have been looking. I know how it is with guys having jobs, farming, and no free time!

  Susan IHLS:mobile late....sorry

  Debby (Nokomis Public):Thank you everyone!

  Keith Housewright,:Adios Amigos!

  Lora - Ogden Rose:TTFN!

  eunice mcclung:Be safe everyone