TRANSCRIPT: IHLS Directors' Chat - August 5, 2021


Directors' Chat
Thursday, August 5, 2021


BILL FROM MT. VERNON:  The question of the day is, to have programs this Fall or not. I have a number lined up, but with the Delta Virus going around I am having second thoughts about the whole thing. Should I drop all programs, or just the probably popular ones (some I know will draw few people). What about I-Cash. It's a program but only a few people at a time would use it. I am really torn about all this.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  That is a great question to start our conversation off with.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Down here in  Carbondale and when I went to the Metro East area earlier this week I found a few restaurants have closed their indoor dining again.

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  I am not going to hold any in-house programming. Children under 12 are not vaxxed,. They will be going to school and passing viruses around (not just Covid) then taking it home to others.  We prefer to be safer than sorry. Especially with the numbers in our county showing a low vax rate. Yet, everyone says they are vaxxed and won't wear a mask.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  @Anna, I wonder how much of that is due to covid numbers and how much of that is due to now being able to find staffing . Maybe both.

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Bill --- What is I-Cash, please?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Amy, I think you're right.  My heart is really breaking for the restaurants---they're trying so hard.  We've done a lot of take out this year!

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  Question on Expanding Digital Inclusion grant...has anyone found tablets for circulating that are CIPA compliant?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Amy good point but our infection rates are rising like crazy and low vax rates.  Even though I am vaccinated I am wearing my mask when I visit boards.  @Shawn those kid viruses and bacteria can be much harder on adults.  Maybe we have all learned to at least wash our hands more often and more thoroughly.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  How many of you are taking a whack at the grants?

BILL FROM MT. VERNON:  The State Treasurer has millions in unclaimed money. I-Cash is a way for people to find money they are owed. They will send someone out to help people claim their money. Try 708-606-7421 as a contact number.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Thanks, Bill!

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:  We are writing for at least two of them and possibly all three.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  We are going to do outdoor programs for as long as we can. Pumpkin painting, etc. They will be socially distanced. With the way the numbers are currently rising, I cannot at this time see us moving to indoor programming when it gets cold. We will most likely go back to Take and Makes.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  We are planning on outdoor programming so far for kids and even that might be deleted.  We have a Coffee Talk group for adults that has been well attended with adults.  I do not know what we will do about that....

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I know we have asked you to complete the non-resident survey and we keep sending out the technology survey. The state requires the non-resident information  and we need everyone to complete the tech survey so we can present an accurate picture of your needs when we advocate for the system and your libraries.

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  Has anyone found a helpful website for Take and Makes?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I feel quilty for putting an additional burden on you but both of these things are very importnat. Please complete both.

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  Is there a way to find out if we have completed the tech survey.?

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Bill ---- Ahhhh, yes.  I utilize the website often.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Diana that is fantastic.

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  @Anna I looked on the IHLS site for non- resident program. We are listed, but it still says 2020. I sent the updated non-resident form back on June 8.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Shawn have you gotten an email  for a second or third time that  has asked you to complete the survey? Some people have gotten these messages in error and I am afraid some people may not have received it at all.  I will try to check and get back to you.'

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  I am going to try to write for all three grants.  But I will say I am extremely frustrated by the timeline for submission and many more things about the grant writing expectations from ISL.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Shawn, what you're seeing on the site is information from last year.  We can't update that information until we get all the submissions.  Hence, the nagging..  Yours is done and it appears you've completed the tech survey.

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  @Ellen-- Thank you :D

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Ellen thanks for clarifying that for Shawn and the rest of us.

Kay Burrous  South Macon:  Have you gotten South Macon!!!

BILL FROM MT. VERNON:  Any word on what they want us to do for the Per Capita this year. I heard (second hand) they want us to go though Serving Our Public again. Is that right?

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  I am planning fall programming, but haven't publicized anything yet for dates etc. Waiting to see how the start of school goes.  Our schools start Aug 17 here

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Bill, that's our understanding. 

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin:  Will the Per Cap be due in March? Maybe we should start reviewing chapters soon. 

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kristina.  I would think there's a distinct possibility that it would be moved back to the pre-covid due date, which was January.

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  @Kristina-- I would love to know for sure if we need to review the whole book. If we start now, I don't have to shove 3-5 chapters at my trustees at one time. They learn nothing because it's too much. Start now and It's one or two at a time.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  We have a really great Members Matter coming on August 19th. The director of the Illinois Institute of  Rural Affairs among other things will talk about their organization and how they can help and partner with libraries.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  The timeline for the grants was really bad. I am busy trying to finish IPLAR and was encouraged to apply for another local grant that I have a much higher chance of getting. I am hoping to have time to at least apply to one of the grants available but that just might not happen.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:   Best of luck to you Michelle.  I agree, it's a very difficult time to get everything done, especially with Covid on the rise again. 

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  School lunches are free for all students in IL again this year, how is this impacting those of you who are working with schools to offer and target students for Cards for Kids?

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Shawn...I so agree re: the chapter reviews!

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Amy, thanks!

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  I'm curious if the Per Cap application will want us to explain what has changed over the year, per the standards.  I have no idea if I'm right, but if so, maybe you could just show the comparisons to your board. Maybe that would speed it up. 

Anna Yackle IHLS:  It may be me, but things seem to be particularly busy right now. I seem to remember this used to be kind of a breathing space with people trying to get in a vacation before school starts and most people being doen with summer reading. But it seems busier than ever.

Gary Naglich Worden PLD:  What filters do you use on your computers in order to be CIPA compliant?  I am not satisfied with SecureIt.

Susan Palmer IHLS:  Just a thought. I was thinking back, way back, to my school years as a student. We would often have study groups or project groups. We would all work on the project together basically. Sharing our input and helping each other. I wonder if with the availability of Zoom, if maybe a group of the libraries who are writing for those quick turnaround grants, might not meet for a couple of hours. Share the questions you have before hand to help maximize the time together. Do a grant study group project. Just a thought. I realize coordinating that with everyone's schedules might be difficult.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Susan I like that idea and would be happy tpsee if we could provide a room if anyone is interested.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Anna, could you send me the technology survey...again? TY

Diana Donahoo_CentraliaRLD:   Question on Expanding Digital Inclusion grant...has anyone found tablets for circulating that are CIPA compliant?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Sure Sharla I will try to make sure you get one.

BILL FROM MT. VERNON:  More COVID questions. Has anybody heard if we can go back to legally Zooming our Board meetings so Zoom participants can vote and be counted for a quorum?

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  Census states on Aug. 16 they will release the demographic statistics from the 2020 Census that is used to redraw districts. Is this also going to be the numbers everyone is waiting for?

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Thank you Anna, just filled out the "Non-Resident Survey" when I hit return it said "Bad Gateway".

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Municipal Minute had something about that.  Municipal Minute. It seems complicated. But with good bylaws and numbers rising it seems like you might be able to still do it.

eunice mcclung:  Eunice @Anna How often are we suppose to do the Monkey survey, I've done one already.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Shawn, oh...and I just used the latest for my IPLAR. Are we going to have to redo our reports?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Eunice.  Your Survey is marked as complete, so you're good to go.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  *screams* what's the 'monkey survey'?

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  lol

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  @Michelle, I wouldn't think so. Especially if they reports are completed before the new numbers are released. I am confused on when they release.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  I assume that your 2010 numbers are fine to use for IPLAR.  If 2020 is anything like 2010, districts will have to count parcels to determine the population.  I still have nightmares about counting those.. haha. But, it takes awhile to do that, and again, if we are required to do that, I doubt you would have the number by the IPLAR deadline.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Eunice, looks like you completed the tech survey so we are good on that score.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  *** I hope I'm wrong and we don't have to do that this time, fingers crossed ***

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  @Amy  wow! You had to figure out your own numbers? I wouldn't know where to begin. Let's hope Census has updated and improved since then lol

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Amy, thanks! I may contact you when we get to the counting parcels part. ;)

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  When you gain or lose property, we had to.  Maybe it was just those libraries, but I know it wasn't just us who had to do that.  Michelle, since you've lost some, you will probably have to do this too

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Agreed Shawn! :-)

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Amy, Yes, having had a big district with weird boarders I too have nightmares about the last census and figuring out population.  I think you may be right  about  it coming into play at a later date. I know there were many questions even about how the data was collected and for how long.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Sharla, maybe try another browser?

eunice mcclung:  Mounds Public Library, thank you Ellen.  What a relief. Lol

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  I thought that our boundaries were determined by our taxing district and that is how the population is figured out.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Amy, thanks for letting me know. Did you happen to come across any resources that explained this to you or did you just have to wallow in the dark on the counting parcels part?

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Ellen, I resubmitted and it went through.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Sharla!  Great!

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Those within our boundaries are known via taxes, you're right. But the census is telling us how many people reside at that location.  It's a pain. 

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Kathleen, you get taxes from the propeerty that is in your district. To figure out the population, especially in rural ares you have to look at parcels and sometimes even the parcels are split.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Michelle, we had a training via Rolling Prairie a million years ago :-P  I'd hate to look back at those notes because I'm hoping that the technology has improved and it won't be such a pain.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  I had no idea.  That should be interesting.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Technology may have improved and it will be easier.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Amy, I am hoping the technology has improved as well!

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Also, I did wallow as well. ha.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  @Amy, poor you! That must have been stressful

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  I learned the library boundaries that way, real quick. ha.  Also, wine.

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD: makes everything better. LOL

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I think last time the State Library organized some sort of training to help interpret the data. I think the Census Bureau offered some training as well.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  I believe you're right

Anna Yackle IHLS:  This is why I like county library systems. Easy to collect data on.;-0

BILL FROM MT. VERNON:  Do they break the numbers down by township? Our district is based on township boundaries.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  You are probably in luck Bill. I think we are pretty well assured that most of us lost population.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  So tricky grants, population declines., covid.... anything positive to share?

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public:  If our population goes down then our Per Capita goes down as well.  When would we see the decrease?

Anna Yackle IHLSPre-covid I remember the extra effort everyone was putting into getting  people to participate in the census.

Debbie Greene:  I have a bit of positive news to share.  Our library received 20 pillows from My Pillow Company for our children's story hour! 

Michelle Sawicki Barclay PLD:  We had our book sale fundraiser and made about $650.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I am not sure when we will start seeing the actual census numbers or its effects but someting you might want to keep in mind when doing budgets and levies.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Thanks Debbie and Michelle! We all need those positive stories.  @Debbie----are the pillows cute?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Debbie are the pillows as good as they claim. I am willing to take an unused one to find  if they have truth in adveretising. Actually this is making me sleepy.

Debbie Greene:  Well I wouldn't exactly call them cute, but they are new and functional!

Debbie Greene:  We may ask the ladies in our local quilting group to make covers for them, and that would help!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  New and Functional is still great!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Michelle that is some good news.  and @Debbie that is really fantastic. How did you get the pillows.

Debbie Greene:  I wrote to them and asked.  Then I sent photos of our story hour, etc. , etc.

Debbie Greene:  And the pillows are nice for sure!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  That s great initiative  debbie

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Well we are getting close to the end. Any one want to add anything before we say goodby?

Debbie Greene:  The people at their headquarters were really prompt.  We received them within a month.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Best of luck with your grants!!  I hope we all are funded!

Shawn-Elwood Library District:  @everyone thank you for some great information and just chatting to relieve some Director stress.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Thanks for joining us, have a great rest of your week.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Here's to a restful weekend for us all!