TRANSCRIPT: IHLS Directors' Chat - November 11, 2021


Directors' Chat
November 11, 2021


Christal Beyer:  Hi Everyone. My computer doesn't have a web cam, so my communication with you will be here in chat. Hello to you all from Markham Public Library!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Hello Everyone! It has turned out to be a beautiful day down here in Carbondale. I hope the rain has stopped where you are.

Christal Beyer:  Still overcast and rainy here, but will remain hopeful for sun.

mounds public library:  Hello people sunshine in mounds now.

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  Sunny in Mt. Vernon

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  All good!  We should enjoy it while we can!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  We have a few minutes before the meeting starts. I am sorry I did not have time to find quotes today. I had wonderful visits to Amanda Kendall at Auburn and Sherri Eddings at Blue Ridge and then two board visits at Petersburg and Milford. It was good seeing Carrie and Nita.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Have the leaves changed where you are?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Eunice, how is your building holding up?

mounds public library:  Hi

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Hey Esther, Annabelle says hi. She has been running around like a kitten these past weeks. Must be the change in the weather.

mounds public library:  Hi Ellen our building is holding up very well, I'm happy to report no problems.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  What's going on in your libraries?  Anything fun or interesting to report?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Shandi did not send out the usual reminder. She just sent it so we should have more people joining soon.  Eunice glad your building is OK and that you could join us.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  We're gearing up for Member Day!  It's going to be a good one----just dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  We have added a December Members Matter that will be on Dec. 16. I am halfway through adding it to L2. It should be ready shortly after this meeting ends. It will be Legal Reference; Fact pr Advise?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Bill, what's going on in Mt. Vernon?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Yesterday i went to an all day workshop that Amy Byers had shared information about. It was Dismantling Racism and it was mindblowing, intense and absolutely wonderful. Would you folks be interested in attending such training?

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  Had the big old hundred year plus Oak Tree removed because it was dying

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Bill.  I think I know the tree you're talking about.  It must make your property look very different!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Bill that is very sad. Were they able to harvest any of the wood?

Christal Beyer:  Hi Anna, was this training in person or virtual?

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  We have a couple pieces we are going to use for seating.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  It was virtual but a small group and very interactive, I felt I was able to bond with the other participants and the presenters. It lasted from 9 to 5

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  If you want to see some pictures, you can see them on our Facebook page:

Christal Beyer:  Nice! Any info on cost?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Thanks, Esther.

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  $4,000

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  You're welcome. It was fun to watch the process. The tree was huuuuuuuuuge.

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  Sorry wrong question Christal Beyer:  @Anna do you have any info on cost of workshop?

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  The sun has finally come out!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Christal, it was provided by a group called CrossRoads and I think they have  various scales for size of organization. But we were able to participate for $25 yesterday through a special deal for the Springfield group.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Bobbi, YEA!

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Anna - yes, I would be very interested. We are still working on our EDI plan. It's a very long process.

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  Member day will be recorded, won't it?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  I just got back from the school library conference in Champaign.  It was in person and it was terrific to really SEE people.     They did a great job of following protocols, so it was a good experience all around.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Bill, most of the session will be recorded. The one on the Open Meetings Act, can't be recorded per directive from the Attorney General's Office.

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  That's odd, I wonder why that one?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  They don't want anything in a presentation to be perceived as formal legal advice.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I find with EDI their are so many aspects. I am planning on 3 more EDI program for Members Matter that will be alternated with other topics. I am thinking one of the topics might be Local History Collection: Keep, Digitize, Pass it On, or Toss it

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Anna was right. The day-long systemic racism training yesterday was fantastic. The group was happy to present to librarians across the state.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Some one else had suggested a program on Bed Bugs, Walls Falling , Radiators Blowing! How to Recover

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Amy!  What a great experience for the participants.  The more we can do along those lines, the better for all of us!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Bill, i specifically asked because it will be on the OMA but the presenter said the Attorney General does not record their sessions because they do not want them to be misconstrued as legal advice.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Does anyone have any concerns or problems they would like to bring up for the consideration of the collective wisdom of the group?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Just to clarify.  The recorded sessions for Member Day will only be available to those registered for the event.  Registration will close at the end of the day on November 16th.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  We did a fun program yesterday.  We had over 90 kids participate within the 2 hour program.  It was called, The Floor is Lava.  We let kids move around on several objects and blocks and stuff, where they can't touch the carpet.  But, we also taught them about volcanoes.  We secretly taught them stuff while they were running around.  Win-win.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Did anyone do Veteran's Day programs?

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  Amy, can you do that for adults?! I want to run around!

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Right?  I don't know.. I'm sure my knees wouldn't be a fan of that. 

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Amy that sounds like a lot of fun and I agree with @Monica!

Carol, Ashley Public:  Ashley Public Library had coffee and donuts for Veterans this morning. They enjoyed talking about their service to our country.

Monica Cameron- Shelbyville Public Library:  We'll take some ibuprofen. ;-)

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @ Carol, that is a very nice thing to do. How many veterans came and from which wars?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  I always want to collect everyones stories

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  We are gathering veterans' oral histories as part of the Library of Congress's Veterans Project.

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Anna Let's see, Vietnam; different branches of the military, stationed in many different parts of the world; so interesting.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Amy - that's awesome!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Bobbi, how did you get started with that project and how much time does it involve?

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Anna  Local newspaper  came to take pictures. I mentioned the grant. He will watch the SOS website and  be ready to do an article on our grant award.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Carol, which newspaper was it?  Nashville, Centralia or Mt. Vernon?

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Ellen  Okawville Times.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Carol that is great to get coverage on your grant. Those computers will make a big difference for your community..

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Good for Okawville to still have a paper!

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Anna - we went to an oral history workshop at Marshall Public Library, which is how we heard about the project. We're working with a local veterans' group to find people willing to interview with us. It takes a good week per interview to do everything we need to do.

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Anna  People using the new computers can see a difference in the speed; very nice.

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Ellen  Okawville Times tries to get local information. It is very popular in Washington County.

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Bobbi  That sounds like a great idea!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Bobbi.  I went to the session that Marshall did with our CMC people at ILA and they did a great job!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  While I was out driving and visiting libraries on Monday and Tuesday. I felt like I drove from the south to north and east and west boundaries of ur system. I can not tell you the pleasure just seeing the names of your communities brought me when I saw them and thought of you. Iwish I could have stopped in with each of you.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @Ellen - they really did!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Bobbi that is great. I hate to see history vanishing before people have a shot at capturing it for future generations.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  I have started a M-W-F morning exercise class, like a modern version of Jack LaLanne's tv program, showing youtube chair/standing exercises by a PT that are very good. We're co

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  .

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  oops Callie the calico jumped onto my keyboard!

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  We're focusing on balance and strengthening legs and core this week. Standing on one leg is amazing! The growth experienced in a week!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  What time do you offer the class, Sharla?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Sharla, I need to go to those classes. Do you have a good turn out.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  I had three programs on Monday and two, including a Girl Scout troupe on Wednesday.  We are getting our children back in here via the tutoring classes by a volunteer and the take and makes.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  A couple of months ago I started a bi-weekly program called Wits Workout, which is put out by the Illinois Extansion office.  I have a small group, but they're really enjoying it.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  We've fine tuned our classes for 10-10:45 3x a week. I am feeling results. My bestie is 93 NINETY-THREE and she is happy with the workout.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Sharla, glad your kids are coming back and I admire your busy program schedule.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  I will be starting a watercolor class in December-once a week following one of my favorite youtube artists. We have funds for supplies and hope to get a few of our homeschool tweens and teens in here .

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  So, do we know what has caused all IHLS systems to be down?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Good healthy ways to get folks back in the doors.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  @ Carrie, what is Wits Workout? Exercise for body or mind?

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Carri, I am sure the Wits work out program is popular. If you and Sharla could combine your programs you have enough to be very popular with the senior set. It is so nice to have an active 93 year old partaking in and enjoying your programs.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Sharla - it's for seniors and memory/mind.  One hour sessions, and they're fun games and puzzles.  You get the book and it can be used over and over.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:   With gas prices going ever higher and winter quickly upon us I was hoping to attract our Raymond patrons to stay home this winter and workout at the library.

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS):  Speaking of the Girl Scouts, GSUSA announced new badges for all age levels on "Digital Leadership." It includes media literacy, and may be a great opportunity to offer programming for local troops.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  @Carrie, we just started doing the same thing. We call it Rise and Socialize

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Amy - Love the name!!

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  @ Carrie that sounds great. I admire our extension office here in Montgomery County for their very enthusiastic teachers and programs. I'll call them up and see if we have something like that!

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  I'm also considering starting a program for our seniors making greeting cards once a month, but haven't had time yet to get it moving.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  Yesterday I had sent a note out to see if there was a program already in place to assist people with organizing their important information for those left behind after they pass.  Today I found out that one of my staff members is working through a book on that subject and would like to offer a program in January.  I am so excited as I think it will be so beneficial to members of our community.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Kathleen - I'd love to hear more about that!

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  @ Shandi! I was looking for a reading badge for the Girl Scouts meeting last night and did not see that one! Thank you! The Boy Scouts have a reading badge.

Shandi Greve Penrod (IHLS):  :)

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Speaking of Digital Literacy! Shandi and I heard Dr. Emily Knox talk about the U of I's new certificate program in Media Literacy on Tuesday.  It will be a requirement in all High Schools.  So, if there's a teacher or school librarian in your life, you might want to share this link:  I'm thinking it would be a great certification to have!

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:  @Bobbi, there were some issues this morning at the COLO and its affecting Polaris connections. We are experiencing intermittent outages, with the Polaris staff client most affected. Our IT team is working on it!

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Our book club resumed on Monday after an 18 month hiatus. It was so good having a group again. Our book was The Four Winds and was quite an active discussion, one of our new members and new to Raymond works for Medicare and we are going to get an evening Medicare question session going on next week.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  @ Ellen, thanks I will forward this to my email to distribute to our school employees.

Cassandra Thompson, IHLS:  @Sharla, that is great! Did you know we have a program to reserve book kits, called Kit & Kaboodle?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kathleen and Carrie.  I've seen several books on the topic of documenting what you want at end of life and after.  I don't know that I've seen many programs.

Jackie CAMP:  I love that Kathleen, could she come do it at our library?

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  @ Ellen, that site popped up a 404 error.

Bobbi Perryman - Vespasian Warner PLD:  @ Cassanrda - thanks!

Jackie CAMP:  We did trick or treat at our story book walk, we all dressed up and handed out stuff and we had over 100 people attend

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  If anyone is looking for a good photo scanner, we just got one from our Friends.  It's a little pricey, but it scans and corrects both sides in 3 seconds.  It will be a huge help to those wanting to digitize their family photos.  Our prior director came in and scanned 1,000 photos in 4 hours.  A company in town was going to charge her around $700 dollars to do the same thing.

IHLS Admin:  Sharla, let's try it again:

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  Hello? Have a good weekend Carol, Ashley Public:  Enjoyed today's chat!

IHLS Admin 2:  @Amy.  Worth Every Penny!

IHLS Admin 2:  Our next chat will be on December 2nd!  Boy, the year has flown!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  @ Carrie & Jackie  She is still working through how she is going to present the program as there are many ways to go about it.  I can update you when she has nailed down her approach.

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Kathleen - thank you!  That would be wonderful!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Amy I have tons of family photos, that would be a godsend for someone like me with 5 moving boxes full of photos.  I might have to schedule a visit. Do you offer any programs on how to organize your digital photos and archives? Can you scan objects?

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  We are having a scan day in January to help people with their photos (and we plan on keeping digital copies of the chatham historical ones). 

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  We can take photos of objects better than using the scanner

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Come on over and camp out with the scanner Anna!

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Kathleen, Carrie and Jackie some law firms, estate planners and nursing homes will offer free sessions on planning for when you are gone. You just make it clear they are not promoting their services and that it will just be informational. They can have their cards and brochures on a table for people to pickup if they are interested.

IHLS Admin 2:  It's a little past two.  Hope to "see" you all at Member Day next week!

Carrie Russell - Maroa Public:  @Anna - I was just looking at other resources, too.  :-)

Anna Yackle IHLS:  @Amy, your scanner and I might have a long term relationship. I also need to find some one to help me translate handwritten German script from the 1890's to the 1920's.  I can read mst of it and I know wome of the trick's but still some of it is beyond me.

Anna Yackle IHLS:  Thanks for joining us. Have a great weekend.

Sharla ~  Doyle Public Library:  Thank you all, lots of important info gained today!

Sharla Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Good luck anna!  I can't help ya there.  Have great afternoons all