TRANSCRIPT: IHLS Directors' Chat - November 4, 2021


Directors' Chat
Thursday, November 4, 2021


Anna IHLS Admin:  Good afternoon everyone!

mounds library/eunice mcclung:  Good afternoon folks

Anna IHLS Admin:  Nice to hear from you Eunice, how are things in Mounds?

Anna IHLS Admin:  Seems like we are well and truly into fall now, edging our way to winter.

mounds library/eunice mcclung:  things are getting better, thanks for asking.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  It's beautiful here in Carbondale!

Anna IHLS Admin:  Kristina it is nice that you have joined us as well. What is happening in DuQuoin?

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin:  Our circ numbers just hit normal for the first time in a year and a half.  Things are getting better.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  That's great news!

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  Good afternoon!

Anna IHLS Admin:  That is great news. What about everyone else, do you feel you are turning another corner?

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  Our numbers are rapidly climbing here in Paxton! Programming is increasing. We have little to no issues with folks masking up to come in!!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  You get a lot of credit for that, Deb.

Anna IHLS Admin:  Deb that is fantastic.

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  Yes, we are very pleased!!! It has been quite a journey as we all well know!!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  Because we are not planning indoor programming our numbers are a little low in October.  We had outdoor programming through September.  I think it will be a slow winter.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kathleen B.  I think a lot of that might have to do with the regular flu season.

Anna IHLS Admin:  One of the things I have observed is how different each community is. They have about 96% in common but then there are the things that make them different. Many libraries are still struggling with getting people in.

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  We are putting together family reading night take home backpacks, and we are planning a December open house. Preschool story time is going very well.

Sharla Riley~ Doyle Public Library:  We've been busy everyday for the past two weeks. Deliveries are as speedy as Before Covid (BC).

Carol, Ashley Public:  Any special plans/programs for Veterans' Day?

Anna IHLS Admin:  Good to hear about delivery.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  I think our regular patrons are mostly back but programming sure bolstered our stats.

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  I'm also offering a "Books on Wheels" delivery!

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Carol, tell us about what you have planned

Carol, Ashley Public:  Coffee and Donuts, 9 a.m., Speaker to be determined

Sharla Riley~ Doyle Public Library:  @Deb-what are in your 'take home backpacks' ?

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Carol, that sounds like fun. I am sure the veterans will appreciate having special recognition.

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  @Sharla..a books to read together, a couple of bags of microwave popcorn, a library pencil, a couple of drink cups, a bookmark. Not sure what else! Still working on it!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Anyone else doing something similar to Deb @ Paxton.  I know that a number of our libraries do Binge Boxes and include goodies.

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Anna   The veterans enjoy visiting with each other for a couple hours, telling about their service, where they went, what they did and saw.

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Deb, I am sure those are very popular, I want one just from your description. What are you planning for the open house?

Kami Komm - Germantown:  In preparation for Family Reading Night we have a Read the Rainbow challenge.  Just read books with a color in the title for each color in the rainbow.   Those who participate can get a little prize of their choosing.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  That's fun, Kami

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  Hey everyone. I'm doing some purging of old file, going back 3 directors... Can any tell me how long you have to keep files related to an Illinois State Library Construction Grant? also How long do I need to keep OCLC contract documents if we no longer participate?

Anna IHLS Admin:  Kami, that is very creative. Love that idea.

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  @Anna..just starting to plan, but we have a harpist, and will decorate the library for the holidays. We'll serve coffee/cider and cookies. The City has an event planned and the local pharmacy will help send folks our way!

Sharla Riley~ Doyle Public Library:  Oh, how nice! I am so far behind merchandising materials for our library- you are great motivation!

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Carol, too bad you can't record some of those memories for local history and future generations.

Anna IHLS Admin:  Darcy, I would contact the state's Records Retention Office. I will send you a link after the meeting. They will tell you all about how to handle all of your records and when and how to dispose of them.

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  @Anna thank YOU!

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  @Anna..would you please send me that link as well? We were just discussing this at last night's board meeting!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Has anyone started working on the grants recently awarded by the State Library?

Sharla Riley~ Doyle Public Library:  @Ellen, could you name these grants for me, please?

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  I'm looking for a grant to upgrade technology

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Anna   That's a good idea!

Sharla Riley~ Doyle Public Library:  @ Deb, so am I.

Anna IHLS Admin:  Here is a link to the Local R

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Sharla, they were the grants the State Library recently awards with funding from the American Recovery Act.  Bouncing Back from the Pandemic; Expanding Digital Inclusion, On the Road To Recovery. 

Carol, Ashley Public:  The ARPA grant Ashley Public Library received is replacing computers that are 11 years old!!! Some of the new ones were installed this week.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Carol, that's exciting!

Anna IHLS Admin:  Sorry finger slipped and posted too soon . Here is a link to the Records retention Manual.  and here is the Quick Guide :

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  @Ellen I have hired an Emplyment Specialist and we just put out the promo materials yesterday for our Office Hours to help people with resumes, cover letters, etc.  We meet with our HR contractor next week to plan some group programs.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  @Ellen - We have had our new patron and staff computers and firewall installed.  I bought the portable air purifier and extra filters.  I need to purchase a couple of outdoor ceiling fans and a shade sail for our new outdoor programming area.  I am so very thankful our library has been awarded the grant.

Sherry Waldrep - Allerton PL:  re: records retention - I just went through the process of meeting with a Records Archivist.  We are getting a new Records List as our last one was dated 1984.  Creating the list of items to dispose of was fairly easy.  I already have my approval now need to find time to through the boxes and pull out what needs to be shredded Carol, Ashley Public:  @Ellen  Our little budget could never afford what that grant did for us. The dyson air purifer has arrived and working well.

Teresa (Paris):  @Darcy - I was told to retain for 7 years BUT go through construction stuff carefully. I'm still referring to information from that grant and about the construction.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Kathleen.  A shade sail is a great idea!

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  @ Ellen is there a list anywhere of all the libraries that were awarded funds?

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Kathleen   Congratulations!!!

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  @teresa, thank you

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Carrie.  I haven't seen one yet.

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  @Carol how many square feet does the air purifier work for?

Carol, Ashley Public:  Sorry, I'm at home, and I don't remember. Seems like it is a Dyson HP09.

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Darcy and Deb it appears the Record Retention Representative  for both of you in your part of the state is Cheri Cameron 217-282-3001

Deb Mason Paxton Carnegie:  @Anna..thank you!

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  Thank you!  It was a lovely surprise that we were awarded the grant.  It was my first "big" grant that I was awarded.  I need to apply for the Live and Learn Grant to help with flooring replacement and interior paint.  The carpet is about 20 years old and the paint is as well.

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  @Kathleen is that the Illinois Humanities Covid grant or a different one?

Anna IHLS Admin:  Congratulations to the grant winners.  Carrie that is a fantastic service for your community.

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Darcy  We have a small library and thought an air purifier would help, even during flu season.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  It was the ARPA grant - Transforming Spaces

Danielle Beasley - Communications Coordinator:  Speaking of grants, there is also an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Science Kits for Public Libraries grant now available to apply for through January 17. Find more info on our grants page and check to see what other grants are currently available:

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Deb and Darcy you are both welcome. I think I am sensitive to records retention because I worked in a government documents library and there were timelines for everything in the collection. Many things had to be kept in perpetuity.

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  @Anna I may need a grant for storage LOL!

Teresa (Paris):  Did anyone else attend ARSL's TRAIN webinar on making a building book in August? It's going to be a great resource about the library for the director that will follow me.

Kathleen Bennett - Catlin Public Library Dist.:  @ Danielle - I looked at that grant to see if I was in the correct "region" Southern Illinois is divided up into three regions so I would check the area first.  There is an email address to a contact someone who can confirm your eligibility.

Sharla Riley~ Doyle Public Library:  @ Ellen, okay, thought there was something new to get onto!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Sharla---not currently from the State Library.

Danielle Beasley - Communications Coordinator:  Yes, that's correct Kathleen, thank you for pointing that out! Public Libraries would need to be in IEEE Region 4. More details can be found on the Science Kits for Public Libraries website as well:

Anna IHLS Admin:  Darcy, I know. Usually the timeline for materials for public libraries is more reasonable. As you go through the old stuff be sure to wear your mask and try to do it in a room with good ventilation. Many records have dust and mold  in varying  amounts. Not the best thign to breath in.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  VERY good point, Anna!

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin:  Thank you for the science kit mention.  That's pretty neat.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  What's coming up for all of you in the next few weeks?

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  Vacation and then Book Sale in November

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Vacation that is very well deserved, I'm sure!

Anna IHLS Admin:  Darcy are you taking the vacationin anticipation of the dook sale?

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Jo, I am sorry I did not have time for posting quotes today, Maybe next time.

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  I am going to a college reunion! But I will need it before the book sale!!!!! SO MANY books have been dropped off since we canceled ini October...

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Ellen, I ordered new computers with our On the Road to Recovery grant.  They should be installed late next week or the week after.  We are so excited!  We are also replacing 11-year-old computers (and a few 14-year-old ones.)

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  They get pretty raggedy at 11 years old, don't they? 

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna, That's okay.  I will have something to look forward to.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Ellen - plus they can't handle Windows 10.

Anna IHLS Admin:  @JO, Carol in Ashley also replaced 5 of her 11 year-old computers. So happy you are able to do that.

Teresa (Paris):  Starting to order new public computers with grant money! Also a new microfilm reader that doesn't have to have a Windows XP computer.

Sharla Riley~ Doyle Public Library:  Any differences from last year noted with our Per Capita report for those who've been working on it?

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  One of the things I wrote for in the grant was for a tablet to take to the stacks to work on item records.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind and a hand scanner to use in the stacks?

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  We are also looking forward to a replacement for our cracked radiator.  It is being shipped from Ontario.  In the meantime, we are using several space heaters (with stringent rules about only using under supervision!)  So very thankful for sunny days!  The sun coming in the windows makes it warmer.

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Jo The dyson air purifier makes one that works as a heater, too.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Carol, thank you for that idea.  I will check into it.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  Hopefully, we will have heat in two weeks.

Anna IHLS Admin:  Speaking of the Per Capita, how many of you have been able to find out your new census numbers. The state library said if you are a municipal library the county clerk could tell you. If you are a district the Illinois State Library will be releasing a link to an online service that will give you your numbers sometime in November.  (Remember dates are always subject to change.)

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Jo  I tried to order from dyson, but they are based in UK and don't recognize our tax exempt status. You would have to pay tax, then request a refund. I ordered from Best Buy. They honored our tax exemp status.

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Jo, I am sure you are constantly worrying about the rest of your radiators. I hope the damage to the books and walls, floors etc. turned out to be minimal.

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  My Per Capita is ready to go, except for those census numbers Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Carol, thank you!

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Jo   Welcome!

Kami Komm - Germantown:  Waiting on Census numbers then my Percapita will be done.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Anna, yes!  I will worry about that every time I walk in the building from now on.  Will I walk into a flood?

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Kathleen, We just asked Troy and he said that anything that will run LEAP.  As long as the scanner will talk to the tablet---that should work.  A Chrome book will NOT work.

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Bill and Kami, any problems (besides for census numbers) in completing it this year?

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  No it is pretty much the same as last year's

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Thank you, Ellen!  I'll get with Troy because I don't have any experience in what kind of scanner we'll need.

Kami Komm - Germantown:  @ Anna - nothing major jumped out at me.  I learned from last year that I needed a way to track visitors to programs etc.  I think I have a decent system worked out.  :-)

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  Does anyone participate in e-rate? Does anyone have a good resourse for understanding the program?

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  Mt Vernon does eRate. USAC offers some webinars on the process. You can find it here:

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  @Esther, thank you!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Thanks, Esther. 

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Really dumb question here.....we are a city library.  So Anna --- are we municipal or district?

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  You're welcome! I've been doing the eRate paperwork for 16+ yrs and it still baffles me. I use the USAC help page a lot.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  Esther, you deserve some kind of award for that.

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin:  @Esther-Preach!

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  I miss the days that Troy Brown would get us all in a room together and walk us through the process. Maybe that is something the system could look into as a service to help libraries.

Carrie Winkelmann - Petersburg PL:  For those of you waiting on census numbers, Jake Magnuson at ISL looked up mine for me.  My local clerk and city people had no idea.

Esther Curry--CE Brehm Memorial PLD:  @Kristina--Amen! ;)

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  Municipal or district numbers fro Magnuson

Anna IHLS Admin:  Darcy, Donna Schaal <> Argenta- Oreana will talk to anyone about this and she does do this as a side business too if you want to go that route.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  @Angie - you should be municipal

Kathleen Rister - Groff Memorial:  Thanks for the tip about Jake, Carrie!

Anna IHLS Admin:  Thanks you Carrie for sharing that I forgot.

Anna IHLS Admin:  Angie you are a city.

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  @Anna Donna Schaal does E-Rate as a side business?

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  Carrie are you a municipal or district library?

Angie -- Trenton Public:  Yes, Anna, we are a city library.

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  @Darcy.  There is also a gentleman in the Metro East Area that has helped libraries with their e-rate.  I can get that information from Troy.

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  Our County Clerk had no idea what our census count was, but the City office did.  We actually went up in numbers!  :-)

Carol B.:  My dumb question for theday...We are a District library. Can a person that owns property in my district but actually lives outside of district in another town be on my library board. My board members are telling me know but I think they are wrong??? Help!

Ellen Popit/IHLS:  That's great, Jo!

Carol, Ashley Public:  @Ellen  Maybe Steve Futrell's erate service?

Anna IHLS Admin:  I believe it is someone else for District but if you talk to anyone at the state library they should be able to direct you to the right person. I Believe Jake  JMagnuson@ILSOS.GOV is doing the information for Municipal Libraries.

Teresa (Paris):  Carol, I know that a trustee has to reside in the service area for municipal libraries. Probably the same for district.

Carol B.:  Even though they own property in your district?

Anna IHLS Admin:  @Carol B. if you telling me which library you are at I will do some digging and e-mail you what I find out.

Carol B.:  Daugherty PLD-Sorry

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:  Per the law: (d) A person is not eligible to serve as a library trustee unless he or she is a qualified elector of the library district and has resided in the library district at least one year at the time he or she files nomination papers or a declaration of intent to become a write-in candidate or is presented for appointment.

Amy Byers - Chatham APLD:;data=04%7C01%7C%7C682515eb0a6348267c4208d99fc634d2%7Cad3877b36b3b4c2c878f78e3a8da1075%7C0%7C1%7C637716496336269652%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C3000&amp;sdata=bOZi2UkbR0ln%2B4prPqAwoiz3UjbqVJ0SsfmdB5XpZrI%3D&amp;reserved=0

Anna IHLS Admin:  OH Carol, Sorry! I should have known especially since you like to cause troouble.

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  I called and he siad while they have the numbers for municipal libraries they don't have for district libraries yet.

Carol B.:  Sounds right Amy. I was doing some wishful thinking :(

Bill from Mt. Vernon:  That is Jake Magnuson

Carol B.:  Carol T. Brockmeyer - Anna LOL

Anna IHLS Admin:  Oh Amy you overachiever. You beat me to it.  Thanks

Anna IHLS Admin:  Well gang, it is that time and we have to bring this meeting to a close. Thanks for joining and hope to see you all next week.

Carol B.:  Thank you

Jo Keillor - Greenville Public Library:  Thank you. 

Darcy Wallace Watseka Public Library:  Thanks Everyone

Sharla Riley~ Doyle Public Library:  Thank you