CMC Catalogs: Historical Photographs of The Navigator Collection

Published 1/31/2022 12:50 PM CT

CMC Catalogs: Historical Photographs of The Navigator Collection

When the Groff Memorial Library, in Grayville, Ill., recently secured a donation of local history and genealogical materials from S & R Media, LLC, the library director, Kathleen Rister, contacted the Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC) to ask if they would assist in cataloging this donation, now known as The Navigator Collection.

The first two items sent to the CMC were historical photographs. The first photograph was taken May 9, 1927, at The Sexton Manufacturing Company, depicting 109 women and 8 men. The company manufactured men’s underwear, especially for the military, and was formerly located on East Mill Street in Grayville.

The second photograph was taken between April 19 and 20, 1929, in Benton, Ill., and shows that year’s Southern Illinois Editorial Association. The back of the photo is inscribed with “N.B. Seil,” Noland Blair Seil, a prominent editor in Grayville. Seil was part of a family of editors, newspaper owners, and like professionals. Mary Cornell cataloged both items utilizing DCRM(G), or Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Graphics); using OCLC Connexion, OCLC’s Bibliographic Formats and Standards; and with collection specifications from the library’s director. Both photographs will be housed at the Groff Memorial Library.

The Cataloging Maintenance Center catalogs local history and genealogical materials that range from family books and community cookbooks to oral history projects and historical photographs. If you have a collection of local history or genealogical items that you need assistance cataloging, please contact the Cataloging Maintenance Center at for more information and to see if it qualifies for free cataloging.

1927 photograph of 109 women and 8 men of the Sexton Manufacturing Company, Grayville, Ill.

1929 Photograph of the Southern Illinois Editorial Association







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