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Please carefully read the Policy for Public Comment for the Illinois Heartland Library System board meetings. Thank You!

In response to the escalating concerns about public safety and the coronavirus (COVID-19), and to protect the health of the public, IHLS Board of Directors meetings are currently conducted virtually via Zoom.


Policy for Public Comment

At each regular and special open meeting, the members of the public and library employees may comment on or ask question of the Board, subject to reasonable constraints.
The individuals appearing before the Board are expected to follow these guidelines:

  1. Those wishing to make a public comment need to appear at an Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) hub, and should identify themselves at the beginning of each meeting as attendees at each location are recognized and indicate that they would like to speak during the public comment section of the agenda. They will be asked to identify themselves when called at that point in the agenda.  
  2. Comments will be limited to 5 minutes or less for a total of 30 minutes per meeting. If more than six people wish to speak, the 30 minutes allowed will be divided equally among all the speakers. The board secretary will monitor the allotted time. If needed, that time can be extended at the discretion of the board.
  3. Each speaker must maintain civility and shall not disrupt the meeting by using obscene or threatening language. Any person who does so, or who poses a threat to public safety, will be removed from the meeting and the IHLS hub.
  4. An immediate response from the Board is not required.

This policy was adopted by the Illinois Heartland Library System Board as the Public Comment Policy on April 28, 2020.


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Board Meeting Public Comment Form
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