Unidentified Items

This page lists items that are at one of the IHLS hubs and have no barcodes or other identifying information.

If one of the items below belongs to your library, please contact lostbooks@illinoisheartland.org

If you don't see your item listed here you may also check with RAILS Lost & Found.

Abbott, Tony : The Postcard : book
Bardugo, Leigh : Six of Crows : Hardcover book
Beah, Ishmael : A long way gone : Paperback book
Bishop,Chris : The Encyclopedia of 20th Century Air Warfare : Hard cover book
Chesterton, G.K. : The Innocense of Father Brown, volume 2 : booklet that accompanies CD
Dewberry, Donna : Decorative Murals : book
Enelow, W. S. and Kursmark, L. M. : Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work : Softcover Book
Jones, Patrick : Chasing tail lights : Paperback book
Stribley, Miriam : The Calligraphy Source Book : book
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