Library Closings

It is important for each library to understand that Days Closed does not always equal No Delivery, therefore we have created two separate forms for libraries to fill out annually.

No Delivery Days Form

This is for our Delivery Team. This form allows your delivery hub to know which days you DO NOT want them to deliver to your building; saving the system staff and vehicle costs. For example: Delivery runs on Veteran’s Day and President’s Day when most of you are closed. Even though we have access to most public libraries (key or alarm code) many still do not want us to deliver on those holidays. Additionally, schools sometimes have special meeting days when they are open; but do not want delivery.

Note: If you have already filled out the Library Closings Form for this calendar year you do not need to fill it out again, but we do ask that you take the time to fill out the No Delivery Days form.

SHARE Library Closings Form

This form notifies SHARE staff to change settings in Polaris so your closed days are not counted against your patrons for return dates and late fee assessments.