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Advocate for Your Library!

Advocacy Tools

Library staff often have little time to advocate for their libraries or libraries in general. Yet, our very existence depends on our users finding and expressing value in what we can provide. Below you'll find advocacy tool kits and curated resources for a variety of topics, with additional topics being added as new circumstances arise. Help retain and improve library services, including equal access to information for all, by using these resources with your library staff, patrons, and trustees.


TOOLKIT: Embargoes and Restrictions on Library Access to New E-Titles

Added September 2019

In the last several months, publishers of e-books and e-audiobooks have been changing the way they license content and imposing excessive restrictions on access to new titles. This is on top of the existing trend of library-targeted, time-limited licenses and licensing costs that can be up to six times higher than for an individual. Both the American Library Association and the Illinois Library Association list equal access to information as a core value, and ALA includes equal access to information as a core value of librarianship. While some restrictions are an expected reality, the new licensing models impose restrictions that make it far too difficult to ensure access to information for all. Limited access for libraries means limited access for library patrons, including those who count on our services the most. 



INFOGRAPHIC: Proving Your Public Library's Value to the Local Community

IHLS member public libraries now have a tool will help you share your library’s value at a glance. Use it to communicate the importance of the library to customers, trustees, community leaders, and other stakeholders. It is as easy as plugging in numbers. Or, further customize it with colors, fonts, and text that match your library's branding.